Interview of popular blogger Amar Ilindra of GeekDashboard

Today, we bring to you another inspirational interview of a popular blogger from India Mr.Amar Ilindra. Read ahead to know his ideas and opinion on various topics. Also learn some tips and tricks for blogging.

You are a famous blogger. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers as a part of formality?
Hello everyone, this is Amar Ilindra from doing computer science engineering from my native Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, India. Apart from blogging, I love doing graphic designing and programming. I am currently trying my luck at Java and PHP. In short I'm cool and calm guy with lots of love on pet dogs.

Amar Ilindra

When did you start your first blog? What made you start it?
My entry in to blogging is accidental and it happened long back on 2010 (not sure about year). I started my first blog at when I'm doing my 11th grade and it forced me to start this GeekDashboard.

How many blogs and websites do you currently operate?
Currently I'm concentrating only on this one blog. Along with GeekDashboard, I work rarely at my personal blog and building my portfolio for fun sake at VoidAdd is a fun site, where I used to make some fun tools to test my ability at programming.

Can you please give our readers a brief idea about how much revenue you make online every month from GeekDashboard and other online ventures?
Revenue from GeekDashbaord is really good. I can't disclose the exact numbers, but I can say, it is helping me to pay all bills and be independent. I never monetized my other sites. So, currently I am earning only from GeekDashboard.

Are you a full time blogger or a part time blogger?
A part time blogger with an idea of changing to full time blogger after my education. If everything goes fine, you may see another full time blogger from India by the end of 2015.

What made you start a blog in this niche?
I like playing with computers and gadgets from my childhood. It helped me to grow interest at technology and finally made me a geek. This is the reason I choose tech niche and joined computer science.

Do you manage the content of your blog yourself or you hire any content writers/freelancers?
From last few months, I'm managing content with writers as I'm concentrating at learning programming.

Which methods do you use to monetize your blog? Which is the best in your opinion?
I'm using Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing to generate revenue from GeekDashboard. Product review service is another source of income for me. According to me, if a blog has decent organic traffic, Google Adsense is best way to monetize.

Micro niche site is a buzzword these days in the blogosphere. Do you own any micro niche sites? What tips would you give to our readers who plan to start micro niche sites?
I never tried micro niche site. These micro niche sites and event based sites depend on spamming. It is never a good habit to spam the internet and it won't make you a professional blogger. If you are serious at micro niche sites, I suggest you to develop a habit of white hat SEO and avoid spamming.

It is extremely difficult for new bloggers to get Adsense account approved. In your opinion, what would be the best alternative to Adsense?
You can try which pays decent amount. I tried it a year ago and got good results.

Which are the blogs and websites that you follow regularly?
I regularly follow Digital Inspiration, Mashable, TNW and other tech sites.

Can you share some apps which you use on a daily basis?
I'm using LongTailPro for generating keywords and I use Adsense and Analytics apps on my Android device. I use Brackets and notepad++ for coding and Wamp for testing plugins and themes offline.

What is your daily schedule to manage your online blogs? How many hours do you spend daily online?
I work around 5-6 hours a day on my blog after my college timings. I usually work during nights and early in the morning.

Do you have any role models or mentors? If yes, please tell something about them.
Everyone has their own talent and I personally like Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration, a true blogger from India.

What do you think about the future of blogging? Do you think it will continue to be a profitable business in the long run?
Yeah! No doubt. If parents start supporting their children, we can see huge growth in blogging and lot of new entrepreneurs.

Many recent graduates think of blogging as a method to get rich overnight and take it up as a career without any experience. As a result they fail miserably. What would be your advice to them?
Not everyone who starts a blog will see success, it takes time; sometimes years too. One should not think, blogging is not a one day task, it need good patience and knowledge. Think twice and take suggestions from fellow bloggers and parents before making blogging as a full time job. It is always better to work as a part time blogger for a year or two to know the depth of blogging.

What are your future plans? Are you planning to start any new blogs or online ventures?
I have an idea of taking GeekDashboard to next level and starting a venture later which provide services related to web development.

Would like to give any advice to our readers who are planning to start their own blog/website?
For new fellow bloggers who have an idea of managing a blog, I suggest them to keep their patience and avoid spamming. Nothing comes for free in this world, it is always better to invest on mandatory things like hosting, themes etc rather depending on free services.
Wishing good luck for all bloggers.

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Guest Author: sai charan Reddy Pam22 Nov 2014

Hi Tony sir,

I am really happy to see you Amar . I Know Amar personally as we are of same town. Whenever I have a trouble, He helps me to get out of that. I personally admire him :)

All the best Amar and Thanks for sharing Tony sir. :)

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