Best 5 Backupper Software for Mac

Mac systems are systems of trust but even these have times when their hard drives just give up and crash, making some or large amount of your data unrecoverable. Here we present you with some of the best backup software for Mac systems which can not only protect your data but also your OS and all your settings and installed applications.

Through all these years, every computer has a record of failure at some or other point of time. It was either a drive or the entire system that succumbed to some malfunctioning. At that juncture, apart from the hazard of its not working, what worries us most is losing our data. Fortunately now there are plenty of back- up solutions available in the market, a timely usage of which can save you from the inconvenience. These backup software are developed according to the operating systems, so if you are a Mac user, you can check out these cool software packages which automatically takes the back up while you are busy with other work.

Time Machine

Time Machine, including OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and with the later versions, is one of the most favourite backup apps for the Mac users around the world. Time Machine works as OS X's migration assistant, which makes it all easy for shifting data to a new Mac as well as taking backups. Easy to set up and use, it doesn't require your constant attention. Once it is set up, you can leave the Time Machine to take care of the rest, and it will do it automatically.


CrashPlan is an off-site backup application that primarily uses the cloud for storage. There's a free version of CrashPlan that creates its own local cloud. You can choose any Mac, Linux or Windows computer on your network as the destination. For CrashPlan this computer will be used as the backup device for all the other computers. Even the remote computers can be backed up which aren't included in your local network. This makes it an easy process to create an off-site backup without depending on the cloud to save your data. The free version of CrashPlan includes fully incremental backups and file encryption. CrashPlan runs automatic backups on regular schedule, and it also has the ability to back up any external drives that are attached to your Mac.


As a backup application SuperDuper follows the traditional approach towards the back up system that features full and incremental backup. Besides it also creates bootable clones of start-up drives. This is a feature that Time Machine lacks and SuperDuper has picked up quite well. The core features of creating clones and backups are free. But to avail the additional features, one has to go for the paid version. You can get a range of advanced features there, like setting up schedules to make your backups automated, User scripts, Smart Updates, and Clone creations. Now you can create your own backup schedule and make the SuperDuper do its job, while you can be busy otherwise.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is a much earlier version of Mac cloning software. It has been one of the most demanded software among the Mac user community. Carbon Copy Cloner is well known for having features like creating bootable clones, taking full and incremental backups, performing scheduled tasks and giving back up support to all networks that your Mac shares on its desktop.

Get Backup

Get Backup is from BeLight Software which is available in free and pro versions. While the pro version includes many advanced features and enhancements the free version contains all the basic features like creating full and versioned backups, synchronizing and excluding files and folders as well as creating bootable clones of the startup drives.

Though Get Backup app is available in both the Mac App Store and the BeLight Software's web site, The Mac App Store version of it doesn't have the cloning capabilities.

Wrap Up

These backupper software for Mac are really cool and smart which are beneficial for all the users who generate a lot of data and need to save them on regular basis. While some of them are free, others do charge for the advanced features, but they are worth spending as you save your time and the digital properties without any hassle.

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