3 most popular apps for selfies

This article provides information on the features of three popular apps for smartphones for selfie fans. These are Frontback, Selfie Studio and FaceSnap.

Now that selfies have become all the rage, well known smartphone manufacturers are competing to capture the selfie smartphone market! That's not all there is to this lucrative market, though. Those creative experts who can make some fabulous apps to help selfies indulge in their passion are making great business too. Let's have a look at three of these popular apps.

Frontback app

Ever wanted to make optimal use of both front and rear cameras on your smartphone? The Frontback app is just for you! This award-winning free app can help you take a selfie with the front camera, capture what you missed out on with the rear camera, and join the dual images to create a fab selfie. Wow!

Frontback app logo

Keep in mind that the app requires iOS 7.0 or later for it to be compatible with your smartphone. The app has been optimised for iPhone 5 and is compatible with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

How to use the app

A few swipes and taps are all you need to utilize this wonderful app. Check these:
  • Use the swipe touch in a horizontal manner for switching between the two cameras (front and rear)
  • Use the swipe touch in a vertical manner to flip the panes which are at the top and the bottom.
  • Once you shoot the selife, you can make a horizontal swipe to flip backwards text.
  • Want to re-take a particular selfie? Simply tap the photo you took to re-take it.

Smart Features of the app

To make maximum use of the Frontback app, make sure you know its unique features:
  • You can place a short caption with each selfie with an @ or a # hash tag. However, the caption is optional and you can have selfies without captions too as per your wish.
  • You can share the selfie through any social networking site or even via your email.
  • You can give your own reaction to a selfie sent to you using the Frontback React feature. The mode of reaction could be a photo or a video of 5 seconds. You can add a location to it as well.
  • Even the reaction, like the selfie itself, can be created with the front or the rear camera of your smartphone.

Latest updates as of October 2014:
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Size: 24.4 MB
  • Bug Fixes

User Feedback: While a majority of users of the Frontback app find it an easy, fun to use app, there have been annoyed people who do object to having to open an account to use the app. Some have also found that options for picture brightness are limited.

Check it out at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.checkthis.frontback&hl=en

Selfie Studio app

As the name implies, this free app is a scaled down version of an actual studio. The front screen is used as a flash while the backlight of that screen is optimally utilized to add a unique colour or special effect. You can use the various tools of the app to edit the selfie you shoot.

Selfie Studio app

Smart features of the app

  • You can use any colour and brightness level for the flashlight. The colour mix option is also available.

  • You can maximize the effects of the flashlight with the various features that are incorporated in the app, namely:
    • Silent Shoot
    • Timer
    • Auto Reverse
    • Volume Key Shutter

Additionally, you can share your selfies on popular social networking sites.

User feedback: The downside of this app is that unless your device has a front-facing camera, it cannot be used at all. So don't waste time installing it if you don't have the front-facing camera on your smartphone! A major issue reported by some users is that the Selfie Studio app tends to crash. Further, it seems that the preview image is not quite in sync with the final image and even tends to have a bad grainy texture when you enlarge the image on your computer. In response to this problem, the company has stated that the Selfie Studio app makes optimal use of the smartphone's brightness levels which results in exposure to the maximum brightness level while taking the shot. Subsequently, you are likely to see a darker image than when shooting when the smartphone's screen returns to its normal levels of brightness.

Available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.selfie.studio&hl=en

FaceSnap app

An indication of what this app does lies in its name itself. That is, it can snap faces, including your own, thanks to its face recognition feature. What this implies is that a hands-free selfie can be taken. What's more, you no longer have to get into a bother about the good/bad light conditions. The app has got an analytical brain to do it for you, whether you are using the front or the rear camera of your device.

Note that FaceSnap works to its optimal level on an iPhone 4s or higher.

FaceSnap app

Smart features of this app

  • As mentioned earlier, the app recognizes faces. This it does with a pan and tilt movement. The faces are tracked on being installed with what is called the Motrr robotic motion platform. However, you can make use of the Face Snap app even without this platform.

  • An extra-intelligent app, Face Snap dumps a blurry image, thus ensuring your get the best selfies

  • Don't want any morose looking faces in your selfie? Not a problem! If you have an Apple iPhone 4 device (or higher), the FaceSnap ensures you capture happy faces.

  • The app lets you take a quick preview as soon as you shoot the selfie so you can either delete it or export it to your media library.

  • There are 3 flash mode options – on mode, off mode and an auto mode

Once you're done and are excited with the result, share your selfies with all and sundry via email, Air Drop or a social networking page.

Check out the demo video to understand how to use FaceSnap at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUmVgeWpAq0

Latest updates as of May 2014:
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 8.72 MB
  • Languages: English and German
  • Galileo Compatibility: It is compatible with Galileo Bluetooth and Galileo 30-pin compatibility
  • It requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is optimized for iPhone 5
  • Bugs have been fixed for improved performance

User Feedback: Not many users of this app have given feedback, but those who have used it early on had complained of it crashing. Perhaps the updated version with fixed bugs has dealt with this problem.

Available at: http://motrr.com/app/facesnap-852527579

So what are you waiting for? Start using some of these cool apps for capturing better selifies!

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