Top tips and tricks to play FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Are you playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape, the world's most popular farming game? Help yourself out with these tips and tricks to play FarmVille 2: Country Escape game. Also know about the gameplay, requirments and advantages of this FarmVille 2 game.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape logo ZyngaFarmVille 2, the world's most popular farming game is now available for Android smartphone owners too. Until now, this Facebook game developed by Znyga was confined to desktops and iOS devices only. The name of the game has got switched to "FarmVille 2: Country Escape" and it can now be played online on Facebook and offline as everyone wanted it as that as well.

Advantages of playing FarmVille 2 on a smartphone

As the game is available one every smartphone especially Android ones, there are a lot of advantages of playing FarmVille 2 on them.

1. Getting notified every time: The crucial time has gone when you had to wait for the game to load to get new notifications. Now you need not to worry about anything as even you leave the game, you will get real-time notifications about what's going on your farm.

2. No need to be online: As mentioned in the very beginning there is no need to stay connected to Facebook while playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape game. You can play it and keep your work saved offline.

3. Fair working tricks: Offline mobile games can be tricked easily and FarmVille 2 is now not an exception.


FarmVille 2 can be called as the 3D edition of FarmVille game. Although the game is not available for Android, there are some requirements like having higher OS version or so, without which one can't experience the game on his or her phone.

For Android smartphones, the game can run efficiently on Android 4.0 or up. So do check whether your smartphone meets all the requirements, before installing.

You can download FarmVille 2: Country Escape game for Android through the link below:


Farming in FarmVille 2 is really fun. You can seed plots, water and harvest them. You can even use fertilizer bags to speed them up. You can have cows, goats, chickens and many more animals on your farm and provide them their respective feed so that they can give you milk (cow milk and goat milk) and eggs respectively. You can sell the outcome to get coins or use them to make plenty of dishes, cakes and lots of other things.

You can explore the adjacent lands by unlocking and buying them with coins. Get keys often while buying a land. You can do much more things like fishing, mining and explore many hidden lucky boxes while leveling forward.

You can do co-op jobs with your friends, sell your goods with them and help them get fertilizer for their crops and much more. But this feature needs Facebook connection.
Remember the more you level up, the more you unlock adjacent lands, buildings, animals, crops and decorations.

Tips to play FarmVille 2: Country Escape

1. Gather and save keys. Don't use them in silly work like speeding up the wheat crop that gets ready in 30 seconds or speeding up flour that gets reading in 15 seconds. Instead use the keys to upgrade barn space.

2. Do sell the goods at the farm market to get coins and XPs. Note that the XPs are all that you need to level up.

3. Collect reward from daily spins, daily. You can see a colorful giant wheel while swiping to the left of the farm. Tap on it, spin the wheel and wait for the reward!

4. Connect the app to Facebook and get free keys on first time. Remember, save the keys!

5. Be busy in Grandma's Glade every 15 minutes and earn lots of XPs every time.

6. Do co-op jobs with your friends and level up quickly.

7. If you decide to make an in-app purchase, do purchase keys before anything else.

FarmVille 2 tricks and cheats

No offline game is free of cheats. Even online games have been tricked by the hackers and hacking tools.

You can cheat as well as trick FarmVille 2: Country Escape on your smartphone.

Tricking in FV 2: Country Escape

Online games are linked to web server time and offline games are linked to your mobile time. So it is too easy to trick FarmVille 2 by changing the time of your smartphone. Below is the step by step guide to trick FarmVille 2: Country Escape game by changing time with proper example:

1. Suppose you started to manufacture a shovel at your tool shed in the game. It takes nearly about 8 hours to complete, so minimize your game by pressing the "Home" button.

2. Go to Setting > [options depend upon the smartphone you are using.] > Date and Time setting.

3. Uncheck the "Automatic Time Updating" option if present and change the time 8 hours ahead.

4. You're shove is ready!

I don't call this deed as a cheat because it is a trick. Remember you need to fix the time back to normal if you're using your dad's smartphone.

Cheating in FV 2: Country Escape

The best way to cheat FarmVille 2: Country Escape game on a PC is having a hacking tool especially Cheat Engine.

For smartphones, there are a lot of hacked FarmVille 2: Country Escape .apk files available on web which feature unlimited keys, coins and all stages leveled up.

You can search for such hacked .apk of the game anytime you want! One search link is below:

Resetting and conclusion

FarmVille 2: Country Escape provides you a resetting option by which you can reset the game to the beginning. The option is available in the settings tab of the game.

Zynga has taken a good step as it ensures a nonstop farming fun on tip of the fingers.

If you have experienced the game or have some more to add to the resource, please leave your feedback below.

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