Avast! Free Antivirus 2015 (Avast 10) review

Avast is one of the best Antivirus programs and the version 10 has got even better. Read this article to know about the all new features of Avast 10, some FAQ's, it's compatibility with Windows 10 Technical Preview and an overall review.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 screenshotThere always remains a threat of your PC getting infected and you often avoid using external media storage devices like pen-drives, hard disks, CD's etc or sometimes you even do not browse some authentic websites due to such fear of infection by malware to your PC. Now, it's time to shed off your fear because the all new Avast 10 Free Antivirus program is here to protect any of your devices. This program is loaded with a lot of features and experts have given it a 5 star security rating. It means it will protect your device from every possible threat whether it may be from the internet or from the external media. The features included are described below one by one to help you to fully understand the specifications and specialties of Avast 2015 Antivirus program.

Features of Avast! Free Antivirus 2015


One can also download the browser add-on and enhance the security of his/her device in the fields of cookies, cache, tracking etc. And let me tell you the security is really amazing!

Speed and power of malware detection

Whenever you insert any infected removable media device like pendrive etc, the malware is targeted under the duration of 1 minute which clearly indicates that it takes very less time to detect the infection than the previous versions. In an interview with 'Mashable', the Avast software association talked about the speed of file scanning and revealed that the scanning of text files has been made 10 times faster and the scanning of .exe files has been made 2 times faster than the previous versions. Also, the boot scan has been made almost 5 times faster and more efficient than the earlier versions. Moreover, it uses less RAM space and CPU power to enable the device work faster for other running tasks.

Action on infection

Many a times we see that an antivirus program deletes an important file (infected) without confirming with the user whether he would like to repair the file or move it to quarantine. Such cases sometimes result in the malfunctioning of the device as the file can be a boot file or any other vital OS file. This is really irritating and it becomes the reason we opt for keeping our devices without an antivirus program.

But this time Avast has kept in consideration this feature too i.e. it first notifies the user about what to do with the infected file. Mostly it repairs the files which have got infected but in case of severity of the threat it moves the files to the chests from where they can be restored back if necessary. This is just a WOW feature.

What is extra in the premium version of Avast 10 (2015 Antivirus)?

To my knowledge there is not a big difference experienced by a user after going for the Premium package. However, the scanning features and speed gets doubled which cannot be a reason to pay the premium. Moreover, in premium pack, you can manage the program online from anywhere in the globe which also is not required by common users.

What is included in Avast! Free Antivirus 2015?

Avast 10 has a lot of new features described below one by one.

Avast Smart Scan

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 Smart Scan screenshot
This is really an amazing feature made available by Avast software association in the all new Avast 10. This scan enables a user to check his device completely under one minute duration and remove all the possible threat to the quarantine. Smart Scan enables a user to scan his/her device in a go. For a smartphone, it takes less than 30 seconds to complete and for a notebook PC, it completes in about a minute because of more files and data.

After the scan is completed, if any virus is detected, a 'Resolve All' button appears in the menu and clicking on it will remove all the infected malware detected on your device.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 Browser Cleanup screenshot

Browser clean up

This feature is also very helpful. It can be used to clear any sort of data on your device browsers without opening them. The data includes history, cache, cookies, tracked IP's and other website preference. It also checks the security level of the browser and helps to make it more secure to avoid any infection to be transmitted on your device.

You can add or remove plugins, add-ons or any other browser extension. Hence, it is really great for time saving and multitasking under one roof.

Home Network security

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 Home Network Security screenshot
Creating a secure Local Area Network connection is not an easy task and problems like your connection getting stolen or some one breaking you network ISSD etc are known to occur. But, the one and only Avast 10 will not let it happen at any cost. Home Network security feature is there for you. Just set it up for once and afterwards whenever you create any kind of local area home network, Avast does the arrangements for every possible security for your connection.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 SecureLine VPN screenshot

Secureline VPN

The Virtual Port Network is often used by people without any security as they are unaware of the fact that it is regarded as the best means of transport for virtual infections to a device. Avast this time has put out a great effort in building such a secure VPN connectivity feature. This will really help the user to create secureline connections blocking every possible virus and malware which can harm one healthy device.

Thus, Avast 10 provide a full-time security to your device without leaving any chance for the viruses to attack your device through any source.

The other features from the previous versions include Statistics, Account, Settings and Tools.

Statistics help you to track the real-time data i.e. it is the record book of the Avast Antivirus program. It keeps the record of all the events i.e. number of scans done, number of updates, number of malware blocked and much more.

In Account tab, you can manage you Avast account online to help you to keep the record safe in the cloud storage i.e. if you once go for premium and sometimes uninstall this program of switch the device, you can use your personal account to avail the premium pack on other device without repaying for it.

The Settings tab contains many other sub tabs. it is mainly use for upgradation, registration, troubleshooting and activating protection features.

Tools tab contains some of the features which need to be downloaded from the internet like Firewall, Sandbox and Safezone. It also consists of the feature like 'AccessAnywhere' and 'Rescue disk' which are really of great use especially for cloud storage.

Where to download Avast 2015 Free Antivirus program?

This software is available for almost every device with Windows and Android OS (above v4.0). Here are some download links for the all new Avast 10 Antivirus program:

Download Avast 10 for PC/Laptop
Download Avast Antivirus for Android

Whether Avast! Free Antivirus 2015 is compatible with Windows 10 or not?

Obviously yes! It is fully compatible with Windows 10. There are no issues regarding the compatibility of the two. The above link can be used to download Avast 10 for Windows 10 and below is the proof of its smooth run on Windows 10 OS (technical preview).

Avast 2015 on Windows 10

What about the updates of the Avast virus definitions?

They are automatically updated. One need not to worry about the latest updates of the virus definitions of Avast. But one thing I must quote here is that the first update takes long time and thereafter whenever you connect to the internet, the updates are downloaded within minutes automatically with least internet data usage.


This was all about the best 2015 security module. The features included are really worth to be tried and believe me, once you opt for it, you will never switch to any other antivirus program ever.

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