Windows 10 Technical Preview Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Windows 10 Technical Preview. See what is bugging most of the users of the Windows 10 preview version and get the solution to these and your issues too by this article.

Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview on October 10, 2014 and it has already crossed 1 million number of users. These users are divided in desktops, laptops, VMs and tablet users with unsurprisingly, desktop users holding the lion's share of around 40%. In this article I am fielding the most common questions that have been raised by Windows 10 users across the world wide net.

Why Windows 10 and not Windows 9

This is one of the questions which Microsoft has not answered clearly and I don't expect that it would any time soon. Just like they shelved the 'Metro' name of the Windows 8 app interface, Windows 9 too seems to be lost as a forgotten entity.

We can only speculate the reason behind it which can be anything related to branding of the product. Windows 10 does sound like a 'complete' product rather than 'Windows 9'.

Or it could be because of technical reasons like the older versions of Windows hard coded with name Windows 95, 98... This might have created a problem with Windows version identification.

Or, another reason I can guess is that this might be to avoid the number game with consumers where consumers start playing the waiting game with their waiting just getting longer for that 'perfect' product.

How to download Windows 10

The most simple yet the most commonly searched term on search engines. You just need to go to the Windows 10 download page, sign up for the Windows Insider Program using your Microsoft account and download the ISO.

Available methods to install

You can burn the ISO in a DVD or make a bootable USB drive. You can install the build in a VM, PC or a tablet. You don't need a key to install this preview version but in case you do need it for some purpose you can get the key from the download page.

Latest build of Windows 10

The last build update happened on October 21, 2014. The build version is 9860. After installation of the Windows 10 Technical Preview from the ISO you can go to PC Settings > Update and recovery > Preview builds. The latest build update requires 2.58 GB of space on your hard drive. You can see the build version in the watermark on the lower right corner of your screen.

Is Windows 10 logging your every move?

In a Friday afternoon article, The Inquirer, a publisher famous for its scintillating but unverified stories published an article saying that Microsoft Windows 10 agreement allows it to use keyloggers on your system. The exact text used is "has permission to watch your every move". If you read this a few times you see how it clearly avoids any legal action by saying that the privacy policy "allows" Microsoft to log your activities but it is not saying that it does so. So in effect, I highly doubt if there is any keylogger really installed by Microsoft in Windows 10 which will steal your passwords. Microsoft does not only has the smartest minds on the planet and if there was actually any keylogger in the OS then by now some security expert would surely have published his/her findings regarding this.

However, it is not that Microsoft is not collecting ANY data of your usage. In fact for that matter, there is almost no widely used OS which does not collect non-identifying data from its users. Such data is used for improvement and future feature development purposes by all OS development companies. And as Windows 10 is a technical preview, it is obvious that they will collect much more data from user computers but such data will only be anonymous data which will contain none of your personal or financial information.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Snapping Window - WIN + LEFT/RIGHT

Go to desktop - Ctrl + D

Shutdown and Close app/software - Alt + F4

Switch between Tabs - Alt + Tab

Task View - WIN + Tab

Create New Virtual Desktop - WIN + Ctrl + D

Close Current Virtual Desktop - WIN + Ctrl + F4

Switch Virtual Desktop - WIN + Ctrl + LEFT/RIGHT

More expected features in Windows 10

Considering that this is a preview build, it is not at all an ideal set up to get the exact idea of all the features that will make their way in Windows 10 final release. There are a few features/codes which are already present on Windows 10 but there corresponding GUI is not present like the Next Generation Credentials which I think will be used for the two step verification that Microsoft executives talked about during the Windows 10 Preview build release. The Metro interface of Internet Explorer 10 is also present in the preview build but it has been suppressed and you will have to download a script which can re-enable that feature. Similarly, there are many such hollow shells present on the Preview build which are not actually being used now and might or might not make it to the final release.

If you too are facing some problems with Windows 10 Technical Preview then you can ask your doubt through the comment section and I will try my best to answer your question.

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