Facts you should know about Windows 10

Microsoft has recently launched the technical preview of Windows 10. Here are some facts that you should know about it like pricing and release date of Windows 10, what is new in Windows 10 and whether to go for Windows 10 or not.

Window 10, the new name for Windows 9 beta, is nowadays among the most trending topics in the world of technology. Even though only technical preview has been launched, yet the search bars are mostly used to search for the all new Windows 10. This treat from Microsoft is going to hit the markets officially in 2015 and the wait for its release is going to be among the most awaited softies from Microsoft.

However, after using the technical preview of Windows 10 and the information received till date is not enough to decide whether it is going to be a milestone, whether one can blindly get it on his device and likewise answers to many more questions are yet to be explored.

After doing a long research on such a great car (Windows 10), I am here to help to get the maximum of its features and to decide whether to go for it or not. So without wasting our time let's get started which some questions that might be throbbing in your head unanswered...

Will the User Interface (UI) be same or one needs to learn it as a beginner?

It's quite clear from the preview that Windows 10 UI resembles Windows 7 to a great extent but comparing it to 7 would be the work of a fool! Windows 10 has been created in such a way that a trained professional should get the same feeling as a beginner after using it.

It has also been enabled for the touch devices like Windows 8 and hence will run almost on all Windows enabled device like tablet, smartphone, phablet, laptop, and PC etc. So, for beginners, it's just a beginning and for professionals it was never an ending.

Why Microsoft gave it the name Windows 10, not Windows 9 as announced before?

Well! This question is on everyone's tongue tip and the creators also answered it well. They told people to wait for its complete release and after using the new Windows 10 let's see what name you will assign it, Windows 10 or Windows 20. OMG! It means we are going to have a real blast!

What's new in Windows 10?

I might say, "Buddy! It's all new". I mean everything in it has been given a new finish. Everything has been made attractive. Click on Start button and you will be greeted with the all new design, a mixture of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 UI.

Another feature included is the Mission control, that's you can zoom in and out to see the open apps on your device just like the smartphones and OS X and enables you to open, close, minimize or maximize it.

Some other features like navigating between different desktop displays or screens on the bottom of the screen just about the taskbar are also included in the all new Windows 10.

For which fields Windows 10 is specified?

Windows 10 can used for personal interests, business trends, hospitality, education and many more relative fields. In short, it is a complete package for today's complete world of technology.

For personal interests, it can be used for entertainment, office work, school assignment and many other chores. For business unit, Microsoft has promised to give it a much smoother run than the earlier versions. It has been preloaded with a lot of business apps and the best one among them is the MDM which can be used to manage other devices like smartphone phones, PC's, tablets on a go.

The other fields i.e. education, hospitality etc will also be benefited like by the simplicity of features like connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Can one create an ad hoc network (Wi-Fi access point) in Windows 10?

Creating an ad-hoc network was a difficult task in the previous version (Windows 8). One needed to remember a long process to activate this option via command prompt but now the Microsoft has fixed the bug in Windows 10 and we can easily create an ad-hoc network access point to give other users access to your device or to use it for multiplayer gaming purpose.

What is going to be the final pricing of Windows 10 and when it will be released?

The Windows 10 release is not yet officially confirmed. However, sources say that it will come to the market in early 2015 as a New Year gift from Microsoft. The estimated price of Windows 10 is also yet to be announced officially as the engineers are still working to fix the bugs in the technical preview and to launch Windows 10 fully in a go without any fault.


In these last set of word, I might say that Windows 10 is really going to be a blast from Microsoft and it will surely change the modern era of technology and take it to new heights. One must really go for this car after it runs on the roads passing every test drive of the experts. And really it's going to entertain all of us in every field to its full stretch with no hands spread to repay any favor.

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