Steps to mute Google Chrome tabs automatically using "Mute Inactive Tabs" or "MuteTab"

Want to know the tricks to mute multiple Google Chrome tabs at once? Have you checked out the features of MuteTab Google Chrome extension or features of Mute Inactive Tabs Chrome extension? Please read further to know how you can select the Chrome tabs you want to mute. This article will provide you tips to silent all Google Chrome tabs automatically.

According to me, one of the recent most searched query related to Google Chrome browser would easily have been How to mute multiple tabs in Google Chrome to avoid any audio being played accidentally?

It is normal for any person browsing the internet regularly to open multiple tabs at once. Now, when you open several tabs at once, you might check one or two tabs and get involved in some work. Alternatively, you might be peacefully reading some blog or news article and suddenly some audio plays up that might be irritating or disturbing to you. I have been in this situation several times and often wondered about the solution for this problem before giving up! I was happy when Chrome came up with the volume indicator (or audio indicator) to identify which tab / tabs are currently playing the audio. It was a good cure to the problem of sudden audio play in any Chrome tab. However, as "Prevention is better than cure", I was just hoping for some preventive measures being made available by Google Chrome. My wish has indeed come true in the form of "Mute Inactive Tabs" Chrome extension as well as "MuteTab". In this article, I shall discuss ways by which we can use these extensions to mute multiple background Chrome tabs at once and work peacefully on your PC or laptop!

Tips for using Mute Inactive Tabs Google Chrome Extension

  • Visit the Chrome webstore at: Download Mute Inactive Tabs Extension

  • Mute Inactive Tabs Google Chrome Extension

  • Click on the "FREE" button as seen in above screenshot to download the extension for your system's Chrome browser.

  • You will get another pop-up asking you to confirm the new extension by stating "Add Mute Inactive Tabs".

  • You simply have to press the "Add" option in the pop-up.

  • That's it! The extension will get added to your Google Chrome browser in few seconds and you will get a success message for the same.

  • The extension will be visible as a muted audio icon on the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser. Now, you can browse through multiple tabs without worrying about that sudden moment when music or some video starts playing in one of the opened tabs.

  • In case you do not want to mute background tabs of your Chrome browser, you can click on the extension icon and it would get disabled.

Tips for using MuteTab Chrome Extension

  • Visit the Google Chrome store at: Download MuteTab Google Chrome Extension

  • MuteTab Google Chrome Extension

  • Following the same process like earlier by clicking on "FREE", you will be able to download the extension on your navigation bar.

  • However, this doesn't mute the background tabs automatically. You can click on the icon to get a list of all your tabs and then select to mute them all or only selected tabs.

When you do a comparison of "Mute Inactive Tabs" and "MuteTab" options, you would find that the first one is a much better extension. Disadvantages of "MuteTab" include:

-Inability to handle pop-up window audio as well as some other audio types.

-Making videos and games unplayable in a tab that is muted.

-It may get cumbersome to navigate through a large drop-down list of tabs to mute in case you plan to mute selected tabs only.

Please share your opinions below and any other tips for using these extensions in a better way to mute Google Chrome tabs. I personally prefer the first extension (Mute Inactive Tabs) because of its ease of use and fulfilling the purpose in one click. If you want to mute all tabs, keep the extension activated and if you don't, then, just click on the icon to disable the tab mute functionality. Does it get any simpler than this?

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