Windows 10: a simple wish list of features

Is there something special you would wish for in Windows 10 OS? This article is my own simple wish list, from the point of view of somebody with little technical knowledge and prefers something really, really simple!

Microsoft has launched the preview of its latest OS, Windows 10. I decided not to bother checking out the preview since I am not a tech savvy person at all and the only thing I would likely achieve is to get my head spinning! Instead, I made a mental list of features I would love to have and not have, a wish list so to say. Before I tell you my wish list, though, I must share my personal experience with what went before, namely the Windows 8 OS.

Previous Windows OS

Each time I bought a new computer, I had to ensure that it does not have any old Windows Operating System. Up to Windows 7, everything was fine. Things were easy to understand and use.

Then came Windows 8 - an absolute horror for a non-techie like me. The first thing I saw on booting up my laptop was these large rectangular pieces on the screen. They looked like a collage of various art pieces. Pretty and interesting to look at, sure, but how and where exactly was I supposed to start my work? It was not just puzzling but downright annoying not to see the very simple Start button where I could start and end whatever it is I wished to do on my laptop.

Then I recalled what the guy at the store had told me – that I had to point my cursor to the right side of the screen and what is known as the Charms Menu would pop up. Why on earth it was called "Charms Menu" was really incomprehensible, considering it had no charm whatsoever. It was extremely tricky to get it to appear on the screen, with some extra careful finger movement on the mouse pad area. Even if I went slightly off, the menu would vanish. It was downright silly to have this really annoying game of hide and seek! It literally took me weeks to get the hang of it. Speaking of hanging...just when I had got used to Windows 8, a message popped up on my screen to get an update to Windows 8.1. That created a further horrid experience – the laptop just hung and had to be turned off, given a pause and get it going again.

On the positive side, there were two features I really liked and would like to see in the Windows 10 OS. So read on to know what they are in my wish list...

My Wishlist for Windows 10

Wish #1: After that ghastly experience with Windows 8, I absolutely don't want to see any artistic frames on my screen. When I boot up my laptop, I want to see the good old Desktop.

Wish #2: Most important, I want a large and bold Start button where it always was – in the bottom left hand corner of the task bar at the bottom of the screen. I absolutely do not want any absurd secretive menu or equally bizarre James Bond type secret stuff hidden away to be accessed only via furtive finger movements.

Wish #3: It would be nice to have a Search tool on the desktop for me to quickly find some feature or app of Windows 10 OS, let's say the Paint feature or an MS-Office Tool like Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Wish #4: It would be simply wonderful to have an anti-virus software as part of the Windows 10 OS! It could be offered free for the first 1 year at least.

Wish #5: In case of any update to the existing Windows 10 OS, the update should occur automatically on shutting off instead of some message popping up in the midst of work, instructing me to update right away or else...

Wish #6: Above all, the best thing would be to have Windows 10 for free! Who doesn't love freebies?! Naturally, I would also expect easy download and installation procedures and not some lengthy, endless process with a lot of 'Next', 'Next' and more 'Next' going on ad infinitum. Keep it simple MS – please, pretty please!

Wish #7: There are 2 features I really liked about the previous Windows OS and hope it will be there in Windows 10 too:
  1. The Snipping Tool: This was an extremely useful utility tool, I must say. Since we are not allowed to use HTML tags to place a table in an article in sites like Techulator, I used the Snipping Tool. I created a table in a Word doc or in an Excel sheet and used the rectangular snipping tool to select the table and save the image captured in that rectangle as a JPEG image. Voila! I had a neat table in my article!

  2. Pin a tool to the Task Bar: A desktop can get way too cluttered with too many folders and important docs that just have to be there for quick opening to work on. So the 'Pin to Task Bar' tool was good to make use of when I needed a Word doc or PPT or Excel Sheet and even the aforementioned Snipping Tool. This eliminated the need to create a shortcut to all of them on to my desktop and make it even more cluttered. I simply pinned all these to the Task Bar at the bottom of my screen (see image below) and could hit them any time I needed, which was really very often. Cool feature, that!

Windows Snipping Tool
[Image taken by author of Task Bar using Snipping Tool]


I am really hoping that Windows 10 is (a) not some cluttered affair where I have to spend more time figuring how things work than getting my work done and (b) totally, with no terms and conditions attached, absolutely free to download and use for everyone all over the world. No harm in dreaming is there?!

Article by Vandana
Vandana is a freelance content writer with over 15 years experience in this field. As Managing Editor of reputed education portal, she has plenty of responsibilities but nevertheless finds time to indulge in her favourite past-time, namely writing! Hence she has her own blogs to follow her writing passion while here at she writes mainly about gadgets, smart devices and apps.

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