Keyboard shortcuts to shutdown, lock or restart Windows 10

Are you looking for the keyboard shortcuts to shutdown, lock or restart Windows 10? Find out the complete list of all keyboard shortcuts related to shutdown and restart your Windows.

Windows 10 is not radically different from the predecessors. In fact, this new release was an attempt to go back to the Windows 7 based UI themes due to the poor reception for the Windows 8 user interface.

Most of the keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7 and Windows 8 will continue to work for Windows 10 as well. Here is a list of important keyboard shortcuts to shutdown or restart your Windows quickly.

You can use the shortcut "ALT + F4" to launch the Shutdown dialog box. But in order to use this shortcut, you need to be on the desktop first. To minimize all windows and go to the desktop, you can use the shortcut "Ctrl + D" shortcut.

So, to launch the shutdown dialog box on Windows 10, you will need to use 2 combinations of keyword shortcuts:

Winkey + D - to go to the desktop

ALT + F4 - to launch the shutdown dialog box.

These keyword combinations are not changed from the previous versions of Windows.

The shutdown dialog box gives the following options:

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Choose an appropriate task from the pull down menu using your keyword or mouse and click the "Ok" button to proceed. You can use the keyboard shortcut "Win + L" to lock the computer.

Shutdown or Restart using the Start Menu

Shutdown Windows 10

The Windows 10 Start Menu includes a shortcut to access the "Shutdown" and "Restart" options. However, the Lock, Logout, Switch User, Sleep and Hybernate options are not included in this shortcut.

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Guest Author: Akhil03 Dec 2014

It's not Ctrl+D, it's Winkey+D.

Guest Author: Wal-Ter22 Nov 2015

The display monitor isn't working. How do I shut down Windows 10 from the keyboard? Do I have to turn the power off?

Guest Author: Akhil29 Nov 2015

It's Winkey+D, not Ctrl+D, please correct it.

Guest Author: Greg Thompson02 Dec 2017

The title of the article says it's going to cover locking the PC also, but I don't see any mention of that. Between that and the error noted by Akhil, I think you need to do some more checking on your stuff before posting.

Guest Author: Laura03 Mar 2018

I have a blind friend who asked a group of friends how to shut down his Windows 10 computer without a mouse. We were all stumped. He is blind. With all of our knowledge, we tried, but all of our answers required him to visually see something on his screen. So we came up empty outside of telling him to hit the power button, and listen for it to power down. His hearing isn't that great either, but he thinks he heard it.

Does anyone have a different answer for this quandry? We'd really appreciate the help.

Guest Author: Mark Avery18 Jun 2018

Laura, to shut down a Windows 10 computer from the keyboard, the Alt+F4 keystroke from the desktop (Winkey+D) brings up the shut down dialog. It should default to Shut Down, but if your blind friend has a screen reader, then he will be able to tell what menu option is selected. However, to do it without any ability to hear what's on the screen, Winkey+R brings up the Run dialog, then type 'shutdown /s'[Enter]. To restart, use 'shutdown /r'[Enter]. A full list of options is available if you type just 'shutdown'[Enter] or 'shutdown /?'[Enter] from a command line.

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