How to make tatkal booking easier and faster?

In this article, I will discuss all the problems we face while booking a tatkal train ticket on IRCTC, their remedies and some myths. Also I will explain how to use 'Magic Autofill', a simple online tool to book tatkal tickets easily.

Festival season has already started in India with major festivals like Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and Sankranthi coming in the next few months. Students, employees and people living away from their parents and family eagerly wait for this season. They will be happy because they are going to meet their loved ones and spend some sufficient time with them. But most of them forgot booking tickets for their journey, may be because of their busy life or some daily tensions. So, those people who don't get tickets before rely on Tatkal booking. Most of the people in India want to travel in trains rather than buses or other modes of travel. They feel it is safer, quicker and even cheaper. Instead of spending thousands to get a seat in a bus, they can get a whole berth for a few hundreds. In this article, I will try to make your Tatkal booking much easier than before.

So, Where is the Problem?

Here I will discuss some of the common problems while booking Tatkal tickets, their remedies and also some myths regarding ticket booking.


Many of you already know that general booking starts at 8 in the morning for the trains that start exact two months later and Tatkal booking starts at 10 in the morning just one day before the train actually starts. In the later case, it doesn't mean that booking starts exactly one day before your journey starts.


Just before the day booking starts gather all the details regarding when the train starts and when you are planning to board the train. But if the train departs from your boarding station one day after it begins its journey from its originating station, then Tatkal reservation will open 2 days in advance for your journey. For example, the Tatkal ticket from Secunderabad Juntion to Bangalore City Junction in Bangalore Rajdani(22694) express opens 2 day in advance because the train departs from Secunderabad on 2nd day of its journey! Same is the case with general booking, it changes from 60 to 61 days.


By now you might be knowing that, we cannot book more than 2 tickets during Tatkal booking at a time. So, a lot of people resort to using different accounts in different tabs in the same browser so that they may book more than 2 tickets in that short time interval. Instead both of your accounts will be logged off because IRCTC allows only one account to be opened in a browser while booking tickets.


You can use different accounts in different browsers at a time while booking tickets. But you cannot use same account in different browsers at a time because IRCTC doesn't allow you to open more than one instance of the same account from an IP address. You can even use incognito mode of your browser to login with two different accounts from the same browser. To open incognito mode in Chrome user Ctrl+Shift+N and Ctrl+Shift+P for most other browsers.


Most people run a lot of programs like music player, YouTube videos, torrent downloads, download managers while booking tickets. This makes your chances of getting a ticket very less.


Close all your applications or at least pause them for a while at the time of booking tickets. This is because there are times making to the landing page is believed to be sheer luck. 90% of the traffic to the IRCTC website happens only in the first 15 minutes. So, you should use full bandwidth of your internet plan to increase your chances of getting a confirmed ticket.


Many people try to login after few minutes the booking starts. By that time already millions of people started their transactions in IRCTC and you will get very less chances of booking a ticket. This happens because IRCTC servers cannot hold a lot of transactions at a time.


You should login to the website at least 10 minutes before the booking and should refresh the page for every few seconds(at least after every 2 minutes) to make your session alive. You can even get some browser refresh plug-ins available for free on the internet. Don't forget to synchronize irctc time with your system time. Make sure you have all the necessary details like name, age, ID card details, Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking details before the booking starts. Don't forgot to click the find button exactly at 10 AM when the booking starts.


1. Once you enter payment process, your ticket is mostly confirmed.


Although you entered into payment module your ticket is not yet confirmed. So, don't get relaxed and fill all your payment details quickly and then submit it.

2. Once your payment is in processing phase, the booking is success and you can get a confirmed ticket.


Even at the processing stage, you don't have 100% chances of getting a confirmed ticket. You may get a waiting list after transaction is done. Full amount will be refunded to your account in a few days in this case.

3. If we use some browser plug-ins or tools for booking tickets, our tickets will be confirmed.


Sometimes even after using browser plug-ins or tools while booking tickets, you ticket may not be confirmed. They may not work at that time. So better test them before you use them. Don't trust any tool blindly because they may not work at the needed hour.

'Magic Autofill':

Now it's the time to understand how this simple tool works and helps in booking your tatkal tickets easier in less time.


1. Go to
2. Click on 'Reservation Form' button. You can even watch a working demo by clicking the other button.
3. Fill all the necessary mandatory details for your ticket. You should fill food column only for some special trains or premium trains. You don't need ID card details for general booking.
4. Don't forget to fill your mobile number else you don't get message.
5. Then click 'I am feeling Lucky' button.
Magic Autofill Form
6. Then tool will generate a 'Magic Autofill' button. Just drag that button to the bookmarks toolbar.
Magic Autofill Bookmark
7. Now, Login to the website 10 minutes before the booking starts. Refresh it every 2 minutes for not making your session expire.
8. Click on the Find button exactly when the booking starts.
9. Choose the train and coach class(Sleeper, 3AC, 2AC etc..).
10. Click on 'Book Now' link when it displays number of seats available.
11. Now, it is the time for the tool to show its magic. Click on the 'Magic Autofill' bookmark in the bookmarks toolbar. It will fill all the details in the passenger form. Don't click the button until passenger form appears.
12. Check once all the details were properly filled, then click 'Next' button to proceed.
13. Then choose your payment gateway, fill details and then submit it. Be quick at this stage. Don't refresh the page while processing is going on.


Tatkal ticket booking is always a tedious job. If you follow the above said tips, your chances of getting a confirmed ticket increases drastically. Simple tips like "You should not click Back button while booking a tatkal ticket" sometimes help you a lot.

You might be wondering why this guy has written a whole thesis on booking a tatkal ticket. Because my ticket is in waiting list even though I booked on the same day when general booking started. May be because of festival season.

Happy Dussehra folks!!


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