Review of SPAMfighter Pro: An effective solution to defend Spam e-mails

Are you looking for an efficient application to guard your email program from malicious spam messages, if so, then SPAMfighter might be solution you are looking for. SPAMfighter is one of the popular and efficient spam block and filter software that can be used for both home and business purposes. It comes with some unique features that you can't find in other spam filter software. Let's find out what new features it can offer to get rid of Spam e-mails.

We all know e-mail is one of the easiest and low expensive communication tool now available, and it is used for both professional and personal purposes. Of course, now a days everyone owns at least one email address for messaging needs. Because email is a very cheap communication medium, a large number of people use email to advertise products and that results in drowning of your Inbox with spam messages. These spam messages are really annoying and sometimes the can be potentially dangerous. It may contain harmful attachments, malicious scripts, harmful viruses or trojans, which can steal your personal data or even damage your computer. Of course, spam messages have turned into a constant nuisance, and cleaning out this mess will waste your valuable time. Because of so many spambots operating throughout the globe, it's becoming really difficult to track a spam email. The only way to keep your inbox from these annoying spam messages is to take advantage of a better spam blockers and filters. Considering this need of Internet users, many efficient spam filters are being developed. If you are an email user, and want to block all spam messages from entering into your Inbox, then SPAMfighter may be the right choice for you.

SPAMfighter Pro is one of the popular spam blocker and filter software that is used across the globe by both professional and personal people. This program is developed by SPAMfighter Inc, a popular Denmark based security software developer. The company has partnered up with Microsoft to develop most efficient and secure anti-spam filter. However, this security software currently works only with Microsoft products such as Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. The software uses a considerably sophisticated algorithm to filter out junk mails from genuine one. Using this tool is an effective and user friendly way to keep the junk mails away from the Inbox. However, in order for this software to work, you must make sure that you getting e-mail messages via POP3. It means you can't use webmail services such as Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail with this. In spite of this, you can access these webmail accounts via any email clients, which comes with POP3 support. Maybe the developer will integrate the missing features in its future versions.

Interface and features of SPAMfighter Pro

Setting up SPAMfighter Pro is pretty straightforward. Here all you have to do is download the application from its official website and install it. This application comes with very simple and streamlined user interface, which means you don't need to worry with incomprehensible terms and complex configuration windows. This application runs quietly in background and you won't even notice that application is actually there. Unlike most other security programs, it does not reduce the performance of your system. That means you donyt usually come across the user interface and in case you do, you won't have to worry about configuring SPAMfighter because of its very user friendly interface.
SPAMfighter Pro
Talking about its interface, there is an overview screen that provides a lot of useful and exciting information and there is even a quick tips area on this window with some with very efficient and helpful tips for spam prevention. By getting access to the clients section you can personalize the application's behavior within the supported email program if you are interested. Just like any other application, it also has a settings tab, where you can easily update the program, configure language settings, etc. Finally, there is a well-designed plug-in toolbar, which is really easy to navigate and use, integrated in its user interface. With the help of this integrated toolbar you can easily report phishing attacks, report spam and other harmful emails in real time. For the reason that community is global, all further emails from email sender will be blocked once certain number of spam reports have been made.

One of the main features of SPAMfighter Pro is its advanced community based spam filtering. Usually, personal information is under great risk when exposed to spam, especially via attachments in an email that usually contain Keyloggers. The community based spam filtering is a great add-on, which can effectively filter phishing, worms and viruses, along with other filtering systems. In this application, the incoming emails are automatically evaluated. If it spots a spam message from a known spammer, then that message will be immediately sent to spam folder from Inbox for the further review so that you can determine whether it is really spam or not. Here the accuracy of spam detection is mainly based on the engagement of the community. As I already mentioned, here you can also report spam via spam defence tool that has been offered. By using the spam report feature, you are not just removing it from your Inbox, but you are blocking it from entering the email accounts of all users of SPAMfighter. Each and every time you restrict a spam message from a spammer, the community gains from this, because that spam messages will be automatically be blocked for the rest of the community. That means more you block, more trouble from spammers.

SPAMfighter Pro is also capable to filter out spam messages from all of the email accounts on your system, rather than just an email account. As an additional spam filtering method, the application also has the usual Blacklist and Whitelist feature to filter emails from specific spender or spam messages. Sometimes even important email messages may end up on spam folder, but including trusted contacts on white list makes sure that you often receive important messages you expect, without having to bother about those dangerous emails sneaking past. Furthermore, it is also capable to filter out e-mails written in specific languages, so that you won't get frustrated with messages in any unknown language.


SPAMfighter Pro is efficient and powerful spam filter software, which comes with a lot of unique features that you can't find in other similar products. It can efficiently guard against unwanted junk messages, phishing and identity theft that build up in your inbox. The filtering features used in this software also save your time while protecting your system from phishing attacks and dangerous spam messages. Talking about its efficiency, it delivers remarkably high success rate in filtering spam messages. It also performs well on your system, just like most other security programs it does not slow down the performance of your computer. This application is free for home users, but you need to pay if you are going to use this application for the business purpose. The application also offers an extensive FAQ section and online support forum on its official website, and its Pro version offers premium support via email and phone as well. Conclusively, I would like to say, for both home users and business users SPAMfighter Pro is an effective solution to defend spam or junk emails.

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