Comparing the differences between Google Android TV and Apple TV

Want to compare features of Google Android TV and Apple TV? Are you confused whether to purchase a Google Android TV or Apple TV? Apart from the Google Android TV price, what are the other differences between Google's Chromecast powered Android TV and Apple TV? Kindly read further to know the detailed comparison of Android TV specifications with Apple TV specifications.

Apple introduced Apple TV in 2007 and it was a massive introduction to their amazing lineup. It seemed to be the easiest shift from the proprietary iTunes library to television. There have been lots of refinements over the years and it is a complete service now. Seeing the positive trend, Google too has entered the space in the form of Android TV with the Android L software update, which has great anticipation all over the world. So, what is expected in the Android TV review and how will it feature up against the Apple product? Let's find out if Android TV is better than Apple TV.

Apple TV was always created with the idea to transfer content from your iTunes library to your Mac or television, so all of this would be data purchased from the iTunes store. It was never limited to music or images that were transferred as iTunes banked heavily on movies and television shows too. The Apple TV just connects your TV and your local wireless network, you can stream content via AirPlay and is not really dependable on iTunes. You can stream content from your iOS device and with the help of an application like BBC iPlayer, you can stream content directly to your TV. Of course, the same streaming comes to play when you look at gaming on the Apple TV just that you need to keep a check on the speed of your connectivity. In comparison, the Android TV also has a similar set-top box feature where you can stream YouTube videos or online streaming for that matter. It is almost identical on that feature front. It has a HDMI dongle called Chromecast, which connects TV and streams the content from different services through your network connection. Yes, in case you picked it up, it is almost the same as Apple's AirPlay.

Comparing Android TV apps

When you look at the app front, Apple TV is restricted to a few built-in apps that are popular like Netflix, Sky News, Sky Sports and even YouTube – no connectivity linked with the App store here, so you have to make do with the existing apps only. Yes, it is a shortcoming here. On the other hand, this is where Android TV scores. They have a host of applications made for the Android TV, so you have plenty of options here. Since it is a part of the Android L update, there are many developers looking at building on apps and features for this device, so expected a crowded marketplace soon.

Comparing Android TV's remote control and voice interface

Android TV will have a remote control too, just like the Apple TV. It can be used to navigate through the interface and will help users to keep control all the time. They can input texts from the remote whenever required and it is a key advantage, keeping in mind the voice interfaces that can be used to input texts. Apple on the other hand has the remote, but it does not support voice interaction. Yes, the hugely successful Siri is not available on the Apple TV. A big difference when compared to any other Apple device.

While considering the Apple TV review, there are a few standouts from the Apple barn, especially when you look at the ease of streaming movies and videos onto your television set. Few key TV functionalities are missing in terms of control features (where Android TV scores). The biggest difference however is the fact that there are no applications, or an app market on the Apple TV when compared to the availability of apps on Android TV. This has to be one of the most significant differences present between the two. Google's Android TV is accompanied by Google's knowledge graph to provide context-based information for your favorite TV programs. Also, there is an increased focus laid on making Google Play games compatible with this TV. Google has just managed to stay a step ahead of Apple with regards to their Android TV. But if you are addicted to an iPhone or iPad and still want to connect with Andriod TV you can always mirror your iPhone on Andriod TV. Only time will tell if Android TV manages to garner public attention or fades away like its counterpart from Apple!

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