Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 review and features

Read the review of the Install Monitor from Mireusoft and know how this program can help you reduce the bloating size of your system memory and registry. See its pros and cons and take an informed decision whether to buy this software or not.

Pros: Easy interface, fast performance and the ability to deliver on what it promises.
Cons: No phone support is available, might be little difficult to use for non-tech users.
Ratings: 8.5 out of 10

Everybody who has used a computer even for a year knows this that your system tends to slow down with each passing day. The more the softwares you install, the slower it tends to get. However, even when you try to lighten up the system by removing the rarely used softwares, you still do not find much difference in the performance. Do you want to know the reason why? Then read on -

When you uninstall a software using the Windows Uninstaller in the Control Panel, the software is not completely removed from the system. The folders created in the Program Files of your OS drive stay there along with some more remnants of the software. The registry entries of the software are also not thoroughly removed. As an end result, with time as you keep on installing and uninstalling softwares, your registry bloats up and your system has to go through multiple registry entries which are useless now. This decreases your system performance and the left over files from uninstalled software also eat away your OS drive memory.
This is where softwares likes Mirekusoft Installer Monitor come to your system's rescue. Mirekusoft Installer Monitor is just not a replacement of the Windows Uninstaller, it is a utility that handles the tasks of managing and removing these softwares much better. The reason I say that it manages the softwares is because it has more features than just being an uninstaller but those we will discuss later.

Features of Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0

Program Tree
Tree structure
When you take on the task to lighten up your system by removing extra softwares, you must have encountered programs which you don't remember ever installing in your PC. No, these are not necessarily malwares or anything that will harm your computer, actually far from it. Many of these like Microsoft .NET framework are programs that are needed by your primary softwares to run. A few more examples of such programs are SQL Server, Java and Microsoft Visual C++.

You would have felt confused whether to remove these programs or not. To answer the question, you should not remove these programs because these form the backend processes for your primary programs and removing these will make your primary programs unstable or non-working. However, if you have some way to know if there are some dependent programs then you can make the right choice whether to remove these programs or not. Mireksoft Installer Monitor has a feature called Program Tree which is probably an unique and extremely useful feature for an uninstaller. This shows you the hierarchy levels of programs with their dependents and dependencies. This way when you are uninstalling a program you can remove the whole hierarchy. However, be careful because a single program can also have multiple dependents. For example, Microsoft Visual C++ and Microsoft .NET are utilized by a lot of programs so it will never be a good idea to remove those.

It also shows you the registry entries for the particular program so that you can clear out those too while uninstalling.

Program Process Viewer
Task Manager
This is a Task Manager from Mireusoft integrated with the Install Monitor. It does the same task as the Windows Task Manager - shows you the active processes and allows you to kill them. There is just one difference here that you have all the active applications listed here, both the foreground and background processes in one window. The CPU and memory details are also given but the more detailed information can't be seen here unlike as in Windows Task Manager.

Program Scanner
This feature scans your whole program list to populate whatever information it shows you while using other features. You should use it when you first install this software and after that only then when you fail to find some software listed in its list when it is actually existing on the system.

Find Window
If you are not able to find a program in the list of Mirekusoft Install Monitor then this feature can help you. Launch the program you want to search in the Monitor's list and click on the Find Window icon. A small Window will open giving you some instructions. Following those instructions you will be able to locate the software in the Mirekusoft's list.

Startup Monitor
Startup manager
Start monitor loads up the list of the all the programs that are started automatically when your OS boots up. You should know that the time your Windows takes to boot up is directly equal to the normal booting time + the time taken by each such software to start up. This means more the programs your system loads at booting time, more is the delay in loading of your Start screen.

Disk Defragmenter and Disk Clean
These can be considered as add-ons in this software. Disk Defragmenter repairs a fragmented disk which you can also do by the inbuilt Defragmenter of your Windows and the other is Disk Cleanen which can completely clean any of your hard drives by removing the data from it.

Interface and Performance

The interface is well organized with no cluttering. If you know what each icon caption means, you will not have any difficulty in using this software. As for performance, it is a click and done system with no lag at all in most of its processes. You get as fast performance as is possible with your system configuration.


Mirekusoft Install Monitor 2.0 is compatible with all Windows versions after Windows XP service pack 2.


It is a premium software available for 30 days trial period. After that you can choose to buy it or not. Also, if you like you can also use the outdated version Mirekusoft Install Monitor, which is a free to use version from personal and home use. You get no support in this version.

Wrap up

Mirekusoft Install Monitor has been developed keeping in focus slightly technical users. Even non-tech related users can use it but they might not be able to utilize its full potential. As far as performance and its efficiency is concerned, there can be no arguments that you will be hard pressed to find a software that can take care of program uninstallation and system performance like Mirekusoft can do.


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