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In this article we interview one of the most famous bloggers and affiliate marketer from India, Mr.Anil Agarwal who runs a very popular blog Read this interview to know more about him, his ideas and opinions and much more.

Hi Anil. First of all thanks for the interview. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi everyone. Thanks so much Shravan for having me on your blog. My name is Anil Agarwal, a Delhi based blogger and I blog at where I mainly write about about blogging tips and making money online for newbies.

Anil Agarwal of BloggersPassion

How many blogs do your operate currently? Please share the details.

I've several blogs but my main focus is only on where I've been working for a long time now.

When did you start blogging and what motivated you to start your own blog?

I've been blogging from 2006 and making money was the initial boost for me to start a blog. Initially I started doing blogging on But later I figured out WordPress is the best blogging platform to make money online and affiliate marketing is one of the finest ways to make passive income. Making money and helping others are now motivating me to keep blogging.

What were the biggest obstacles which you faced while making yourself successful in the blogosphere?

Getting more blog exposure is the major obstacle any blogger would face when he is just started, it was the same problem for me too. The key here to run a successful blog is to be persistent. Wait for few months, don't stop creating quality content and building readers and you will be fine.

What are your other interests apart from blogging?

I love travelling and spending time with friends. I recently gone to Goa to spend fun time with my friends and I also frequently attend blogger's meet ups to meet other bloggers in person to foster relationships.

How do you manage your blogs/ online business. Can you throw some light on your daily schedule?

As of now, I'm working on BloggersPassion to make a top class Indian blog, and I outsource few things to others to keep my blog up to date. I usually work around 3 to 4 hours every day on managing my blog.

How do you stay updated about the latest news and technology updates? Which are the apps/softwares which you use for this purpose on a regular basis?

I read other top blogs in my niche and I also keep engaged with all my blogging peers to know what's going on. I also use social media sites to gather latest information about blogging and different monetization models.

What are the main sources of your income? What channels do you use to monetize your blog?

I mainly earn income by selling affiliate products from my blog. Apart from affiliate marketing, I also make money by reviewing few products, I've also tried Google AdSense, and now stopped using to give a better user experience.

Google Adsense has become very strict in granting approvals for newcomers. In your opinion, which is the best alternative for Adsense in India?

As I said above, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You don't have to generate thousands of hits to your websites to make decent income from affiliate marketing. Just focus on readership, promote quality products and make your readers aware of what you are selling, you are good to go!

Which sites/ bloggers do you follow on a regular basis?

I read Harsh Agarwal's ShoutMeLoud, Neil Patel's QuicksProut Blog, Amit's and few other Internet marketing related sites like JohnChow, etc.

Lately, many bloggers are turning to niche blogging as a method to increase their income. Have you tried it yourself? How was your experience?

I've not tried niche blogging yet. I can only tell my opinion after trying it. As far as I know, niche blogging is a great way to boost your online income.

These days micro niche sites with very good content are performing much better than authority sites especially in terms of revenue. Would you suggest bloggers to create multiple micro niche sites and make money or stick to just one authority site?

I strongly feel one should never create too many blogs at once. Firstly, focus on creating one good blog, build readership and then think about building other blogs.

Any advice or tips for people whose sites are affected due to recent Penguin/Panda updates?

I've written a detailed guide on surviving from Google Panda update and it covers almost everything to make your website normal after getting hit by Panda. It's a must read for anyone who has hit by Panda.

How do you socialize? Which are the online communities where you are most active on?

I spend most of my time on socializing with people to build relationships. I regularly use Facebook and Twitter to share the best news and connect with my readers.

What would be your advice to people especially youngsters who have just started blogging?

Here are few tips for people who want to start a blog or thinking to make blogging their profession.

• Don't start a blog without having a long term plan.
• Stop focusing on AdSense. Focus on readers, you will earn a lot more.
• Build a network around your blogs and you will be amazed with the results after a year.
• Create an email list and offer something for your readers.
• Learn SEO basics and don't forget to optimize your blog posts.
• Make sure to invest money on getting a custom domain, good web host, and custom design.

Any tips and tricks for fellow bloggers to improve their productivity while working online?

If you are a blogger, you will have many online distractions. If used right, online can be a big boost to increase your brand awareness and income. If not, you will end up your productive time. I suggest few simple tips to get rid of online distractions, here are they:

• Don't open email first thing in the morning
• Don't use Facebook and twitter too much. Spend your time on social media only to connect with others.
• Turn off all the notifications while working
• Use distraction free tools like Pomodoro to work efficiently.

Thanks a lot Anil for spending your valuable time in answering all the interview question. The Techulator team wishes you all the best for all your future ventures.