How to protect your Cloud account

Recent hacking of celebrity accounts has raised questions on online server data security. Practice simple methods to secure your account and keep your data safe.

Cloud storage was in the news last week - for all the wrong reasons. The hacking of celebrity cloud accounts made headlines across the globe, and while some scavenged online sources to catch a glimpse of bare photographs of celebs, most were left pondering how safe is the digital world. The celebrity account hacking goes to prove that cloud storage is not as safe as it has been perceived.

So, how do you secure your cloud data?

Online services protect digital content using encryption. While the algorithms used are not entirely hack-proof, they aren't that easy to hack into either. As a matter of fact, the probability of hackers breaching online security because of an account holder's negligence is higher than the prospect of them breaking algorithms – if your online account is hacked it's most likely because of your carelessness.

Most of us, for instance, have one password for all our accounts since it is easier to remember a single code-word than a whole host of them. But, consider a situation where a hacker decodes your password and accesses one of your accounts – he will soon gain access in to all your other accounts as well. So, the first step in protecting data you've stored in online servers is to create strong passwords, and a separate one for every login.

5 steps to create a strong password

  1. Think of a long password of more than 8 characters
  2. Avoid easy to decipher passwords such as birthdays, anniversaries, names of spouse/girlfriend/children/pets etc.
  3. Create a password that looks like a profanity in a cartoon strip – let it be a mix of special characters, digits and upper and lower case alphabets – the more of these you can get into the password, the better a secret-code it will make.
  4. Recalling gibberish requires special skills – and since your password may just be that, you'll need to devise a way to remember it. Use a phrase instead and sprinkle figures and special characters in between. Example: 2#Be*Fr%an&k!
  5. A good trick is to use mix of words from different languages. For instance – tu#chill%kar4, or i&am*mast9.

How do you remember multiple passwords

If you have multiple online accounts with a unique password for each of them your biggest challenge would be to remember them all. Take it from me this is not going to be easy. Even if you devise a trick to remember the passwords, associating them with your various accounts will be the tricky bit. The simplest option would be to opt for a single password; but like I said you'd be risking the security of all your accounts. You can instead use password managers like PassPack, LastPass and KeePass that will bank all your passwords in an encrypted format allowing only you to have access to them. You will need to create a master password for this, and it better be one strong password that is impossible to break in.

Set up two-step authentication

Strong passwords is one way of keeping your accounts safe; however, to be safer try a two-step authentication process. Believe me it is worth the trouble if you really want to stop hackers from doing what they do best!

Most online services allow you to activate a two-step authentication procedure for added security. Look for it in the password and security settings in your accounts. This is easy to set-up - when you activate it you receive a one-time password on you registered mobile number or email address, which allows log-in permission to you alone.

With the two-step authentication in place you are immediately alerted if there is a break-in attempt on your account; allowing you to change password settings on your account.

Article by Juana
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