Review of SpyShelter Stop-Logger: An efficient way to defend keyloggers

Are you looking for an ultimate protection tool to defend your system against malicious keyloggers which try to steal your personal details? Then SpyShelter Stop-Logger might be the ultimate anti-keylogger software you looking for. It provides complete protection from all types of dangerous threats, even from most sophisticated keylogger. Read this article to find out what features it can offer.

Keyloggers are one of the harmful types of Malware. It is an extremely harmful threat because it completely stays in the background of the computer and is extremely difficult to spot unless your security suite carries its signature. With the help of this threat, without your knowing, a dangerous hacker can keep track of every action you do with a keyboard. In most cases, these keyloggers are purposefully created to find out someone's personal data, which includes login details, business information, credit card numbers and even bank details without you knowing how easily you sharing it all up with a completely stranger who can ruin your career or personal life. Unfortunately, these malwares aren't designed to make any type of issues on your computer, so you'll not find any change in performance or anything unusual. In the meantime though, all of your personal data is being collected remotely without your knowledge. Sometimes Anti-virus and Internet Security suites are not good enough to find these harmful threats. Here comes the necessity of a powerful anti-keylogger program. In this article, I would like to introduce you a powerful anti-keylogger program named Spyshelter, which might help keep you from these kinds of Internet threats.

SpyShelter Stop-Logger is an efficient anti-keylogger program which can shield you from dangerous malwares that may steal your important data. This application always monitor the weak areas of operating system and provides ultimate protection from vast range harmful threats, even from the most dangerous and advanced keyloggers. Currently, this application is available in two editions, one is free and other one is premium edition. SpyShelter Free comes with features such as Anti-keylogger, Anti-clipboard capture, Anti Screen capture as well as System protection. Still, if you think free edition is not good enough then you may go for the premium edition that provides you ultimate protection from keyloggers. Spyshelter premium provides you additional features such as Anti spy network, Anti-sound recorder and Anti-webcam logger, plus you get the technical support and support fort for the 64-bit systems as well.
SpyShelter Stop-Logger
Talking about its compatibility, currently it supports all Windows Operating system, including 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. However, some functionalities may vary between the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the software. Installation file of the software is approximately 50MB, and it needs less system memory to work fine. Since the encryption driver used in this software is application independent, it works well with all software and browsers. As we all know majority of security suites slow down your computer, but its fast algorithm processing doesn't kick back the performance of your computer, making it ideal even for old computers with less system resource. Unfortunately, SpyShelter is yet not available for Mac OS. Before you purchase the premium edition of this application, I would like to remind you - SpyShelter is not intended to replace any Internet Security suite. First of all you must make sure its Free edition works effectively with current Internet Security Suite you using. Now, let's find out its more features in detail.

Features of SpyShelter Stop-Logger

SpyShelter Stop-Logger is a fast, effective and easy to use anti-keylogger program that protects your personal data and your computer system from various potential threats. It uses many different effective methods to keep track of screen capture, clipboard capture, keyboard hooks and other system activities. Whenever the application identifies a potential threat, which may possibly steal your data, it'll block the action and let you know to take the appropriate action so that you can allow or block that particular activity by knowing the nature of it. Since many applications are using the capture methods for genuine activities, including screenshot capturing and hotkeys, there is an additional option available to keep a white/black list that helps to avoid unnecessary prompts from disturbing you.

The application comes with a keystroke encryptor that will provide you with extra layer of protection, and makes sure that whatever you type on your computer's keyboard remains safe and secure from dangerous hackers who try to steal your personal information. Since whatever you type on keyboard is encrypted, hacker will not be able to read them even if a keylogger successfully managed to leak data from your computer. Of course, this is an important functionality you would expect from an anti-keylogger software. However, this feature works only on 64-bit based systems, it means you have to go for premium edition to access this feature since 64-bit support is only available in premium edition of SpyShelter.

SpyShelter program monitors your system and lets you know if something tries to start up installed programs, modifies your system's registry, access RAM or hard disk, etc. It can protect your privacy from hackers who would try to seize control of webcams attached to your computer, even though it is not turned on. It can also detect and block if anything tries to record your private VoIP conversations. Since majority of private and sensitive data could be found on clipboard because of cutting, copying and pasting data, the program also make sure that no one is stealing data from the clipboard as well. As an additional security feature, developers also included a network spy module in order to protect your system during HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP, SSL and FTP interactions.


SpyShelter Stop-Logger is a powerful anti-keylogger program, which offers a wide range of protection modules that can protect your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, bank details and private conversations. It can identify the malicious keylogger code as well as dangerous keylogger application, and gives you control over suspicious activity. When it comes to the customization of protection level, it is really flexible. For majority users, this application is good enough to deal with basic infestation. Though, you may need to use some top-notch tools in order to handle more advanced infestation. Conclusively, I would like to say, this is the one anti-keylogger program you could trust and is an excellent add-on security package with your other security suites.

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