Review of Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional: An efficient computer optimization utility

Are you looking for an efficient and simple way to improve the overall performance of your computer without any trouble? Then, may be the new Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional from Avanquest can make it possible for you. Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional is one of the popular and powerful optimization utility, which features a lot of impressive tools that can help running your computer at its maximum performance.

We all know the fact that as we install more applications, as we let our computer hard drive fill up with heavier and bulkier documents, eventually the performance of the operating system starts wearing out. A slow, glitchy and overburdened computer may even lead to business loss if your business mainly depends on computer. In these situations, most of the people simply format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system in order to retrieve the performance of the system. However, reinstalling the operating system and all those supporting applications, obviously, its gonna ruin your entire day. To get rid of these awful situations, every user must make sure that you got an efficient optimization tool you can trust. When it comes to optimizing your computer, Fix-It utilities 15 Professional from Avanquest might be the one you could put your trust in.
Fix-It Utilities Pro
Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional is an efficient optimization utility which features a lot of optimization tools to help your computer run without any sluggishness. It repairs your PC's registry, checks hard disk errors, optimize softwares you don't want to run at start up, helps you shred files and makes sure those can't be recovered ever, diagnoses hardware issues, etc. Above all, it comes with a lot of additional features that you can't find in most optimization tools. Let's find out what new features it can offer as an Optimization utility.

Interface and Features of Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional

Fix-It Utilities come with an easy-to-use interface, where all tools are categorized into three main categories and are housed within three different category tabs such as Optimize, Security, Fix & Maintain. Additionally, there is an Overview tab available clicking on which provides you a quick overview of system information such as current disk space, available memory, running programs, etc. All of the tools are conveniently placed under the appropriate categories so that you can do certain action immediately, while helping you find them easily. Under the tabs, tools are very detailed themselves. I would like to remind you that you may require in-depth knowledge to use them properly and safely.
Fix-It Utilities Pro 15
Looking into its features, it comes with a lot of useful optimization tools including Registry Defrag, Registry Fixer, Memory Optimizer, Program Optimizer, Startup Commander, PC Analyzer, Windows Optimizer, Internet Speed Optimizer, Registry Cleaner and Disk Defrag. All tools included here are self-explanatory and additionally there is a small description given under each tool which helps you know about its functionalities. However, here I would like to talk about some of them which might come handy in many occasions. Here they are:

Memory Optimizer: The more System memory your computer computer has, faster the applications run. Here, this tool monitors all applications and processes that are using your computer's system memory and looks for the held RAM that can be freed from applications which are not doing anything.

Internet Optimizer: Most of the users still browse Internet with low speed Internet connections. But with this tool you can attain maximum available Internet speed. Here, it tweaks your browser settings and Internet connection configuration and makes sure you get best possible Internet connectivity and effortless web browsing.

Startup Manager: You might have noticed sometimes your system may take more time to boot up as you install more applications in it. That's because most of applications automatically get configured to run when operating system starts up. With this tool, you can go through the list of startup applications and disable unwanted startup applications in order to improve your system's boot-up time.

Program Optimizer: With this tool you can optimize and accelerate your favorite and often used applications so that you get much better application launch time, while improving the overall system performance. It also lets you know any available software updates.

Windows Optimizer: The Windows optimizer tool lets you customize the appearance and behavior of the Windows settings while reducing the usage of system resources and improving the overall performance. With this tool, you get the option to personalize 13 different window settings such as Windows Effects & Appearance, Windows Explorer, Windows Desktop, Start Menu and so on.

Apart from usual optimization tools, considering the overall stability and performance of the system, developer of this application also included a protection feature. It provides protection against dangerous Internet threats such as Viruses, Trojans, Spywares and Malwares. It can also detect Keyloggers which try to gain access to your personal details such as your credit card details, account numbers, etc. Only thing you can't find here is Firewall functionality. You can't expect the protection level provided by dedicated Internet Security suites but this software but whatever is already provided does boost the charm of this application.

Finally, there is an efficient file shredder included with it. Normally data remains in your hard drive even if you delete it from the Recycle bin, this means it is recoverable until it gets overwritten. With the help of an efficient file recovery software you can still recover those deleted data. Using this File Shredder you can get rid of it permanently from computer hard drive. Here, shredder uses many effective methods to overwrite the deleted data and makes sure all traces of data are gone from disk.


Fix-It Utilities 15 Professional is a solid optimization program that helps you to keep your computer running at its maximum performance. Its user interface and availability of powerful optimization tools is good enough to impress both newbies and power users. All tools are conveniently placed within its user interface in such a manner that a user can enable or disable the particular feature with a single click. When it comes to improving the overall system performance, it finds and fixes issues quickly and helps you walk through each every issue in a detailed manner. Overall, I would like to say that this is a highly recommended computer optimization utility for those who are troubled with the poor system performance and searching for simple way to improve the system performance.


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