Review of RoboForm Everywhere: The best password management software

Are you looking for an efficient password management software that makes your online time more convenient and safe at the same time? Then RoboForm Everywhere might be the thing you are looking for. RoboForm Everywhere is a commercial password management software that comes with a lot of useful tools and ensures your data is protected from dangerous Internet threats.

We all know that these days digital security plays a vital role and authentication is necessary for pretty much every web service you might use. But still, managing login details these days is very cumbersome especially if you have multiple login details. In most occasions, most of us write them all down on a piece of paper or use same login details for each and every account, neither of which is safe. At the same time, some among us are well aware about the risk to use the same username and password for all accounts they own since it would be a lot easier for someone to hack into those accounts. Due to this, we prefer to use long and unique login details for every account we have, and eventually it becomes hard to remember all those. Web browsers do come with basic password managers, which store the login details for the user but it'll be only available in that browser. In case you have to use a different device or browser, then you need to find a better way to transfer all that data to it. Here comes the use of an efficient password manager, which automatically logs you into your favorite websites with authentication required, while keeping your login details encrypted.
RoboForm Everywhere
RoboForm Everywhere is a commercial password manager which enables trouble-free password and login management. It has been developed by Siber Systems. This utility is currently available in 30 languages and it is a handy tool when it comes to encrypting and storing login details efficiently, creating tough passwords, automating login process, auto form filling, etc. This application works well with all major web browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. Since this program stores passwords and other data in encrypted form, users don't need to worry about data getting stolen and of course, a master password is necessary in order to view the stored data. The application also includes a cloud-based service, which enables users to access saved passwords and other login details across multiple computers.

RoboForm Everywhere costs $9.95 per year and requires one license per account. With Everywhere license you can use either RoboForm2go or RoboForm Pro Desktop, also giving you the option to sync data to the cloud. Once you purchase this license, it'll last until the company releases next major upgrade. However, you can still continue using the same old version without any additional charge.

Features of RoboForm Everywhere

RoboForm Everywhere comes with a lot of useful tools which help you to create or securely add new passwords and other personal data. Generally, when you force the browser to save the login info, the software automatically files those details into its passcard list, and by default uses it to automatically fill the login details when software find the appropriate login form. It can also use the identities that created and stored for auto form filling, which let's you save a lot of time when you try to fill in online applications.

This password management software can protect your login information as well as your personal details while keeping it away from phishing attempts and keyloggers. It can handle passwords 512 characters long and protects them with 256-bit AES encryption so, even if you lose your device, your passwords will not be accessible to anyone unless they know your master password to view the encrypted details. The application also comes with the choice of several encryption algorithms to choose from, so that you can decide which encryption algorithm to be used to protect RoboForm database. You can even configure the application to only log you in if your fingerprint is verified by biometric equipment.

It can also generate new complex passwords of up to 512 characters to make sure your online accounts get maximum security. Generally, the arbitrary series of letters, symbols and numbers will be really difficult to hack and keep in mind. The good news is, since the login details are filled into form automatically, you will never have to type them again or remember them. Plus, you don't need to worry about Keyloggers since your password are inserted into login fields by the software itself.

Another useful feature RoboForm offers is its SafeNote function. With this feature you can securely store important documents and notes among other personal information. This software comes handy especially you need to scribble some important data. It also offers a bookmark manager, which allows you to save URLs of you favorite websites you frequently visit. Finally, there is an editor available for editing existing data, managing logins as well as your safe notes and contacts. Another one helpful feature you can find here is its ability to log in to multiple web accounts from the editor window itself.


RoboForm Everywhere is one of the efficient password management software which makes internet usage more convenient and secure at the sane time. It let users to generate lengthy and complex passwords to ensure the security of online accounts from dangerous Internet threats, and also it can be configured to remind users to change them often. With Everywhere license, users also get the option to save passwords and other personal data to cloud and makes it easier to sync between multiple computers or devices. Above all, this application is portable and extremely secure. Overall, this one is absolutely perfect password management software you can trust.

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