Review of Net Nanny 7: The best Internet filter software

Are you looking for an efficient Internet filtering software, which comes with advanced protective features that would help protecting your kids from highly potential Internet threats? Then may be, Net Nanny 7 is the thing you are be looking for. Read the latest review and features of Net Nanny 7.

Nowadays, Internet is turning out to be a dangerous area for kids. That's the reason why most of the parents are looking for an efficient way to control their children's online activities. The necessity to keep kids from potential threats turns into the demand for Internet filter software by the conscientious parent. If you have kids and are searching for an efficient Internet filter, Net Nanny is the one you might be looking for.

Net Nanny 7 is one of the best parental control applications now available in the market. It features advanced Internet filtering tools, which equip you to decide what Internet content your kid can access. The application comes with just about every thing a parent could expect, alongside powerful filtering system and robust security. It means, this software can provide the complete control over your kids online activities, and makes sure your kids are safe online. It can show you what your kids doing online and lets you limit their usage. For that you don't have to be on the computer that Net Nanny is installed, in order to manage this application, all you need to manage the Net Nanny account is a computer with web connectivity and a web browser.

Interface and Features

This is one of the efficient Internet filtering software, which is primarily designed for those parents who are technologically challenged. It means you really don't have that much technological knowledge to make it work. The installation is really easy and user-friendly, no need for complex and advanced modifications, as soon as you complete the installation procedure you can start using the application.
Parental Software Net Nanny 7
The interface is simple and well organized to use, with everything you need right on the display, and it can be accessed via remote login or the application's control panel. There are well-labeled categories that let you access the features without moving around here and there. The categories are placed under Family Settings and User Settings, where you can personalize your profile, Reports, Notifications, etc. Setting up the application is relatively easy. Here you can set up new separate profiles or same default profile for all of your children. It also let's you associate created profiles with Windows user accounts, so that every individual user account can be monitored by its own profile.

With Net Nanny, parents can log into the online account and verify all alerts and reports from anywhere. The application can monitor instant messaging services, web searches and all social networking activities. For each Net Nanny profiles, it can restrict websites in 35 categories, based on keywords such as Violence, Pornography, Gambling, Adult and so on. Even you can add new words as you wish, however yet there is no option available to delete predefined word list. The keyword list and the list of websites not appropriate for kids gets updated through the servers of Net Nanny. Simply, by default, the application only shows some generally blocked categories on the front, but rest of them can be viewed if you want. The software can also warn kids about potentially dangerous and restricted websites rather than keep preventing access to them. In case your kids try to visit any of the blocked websites, the software will instantly let you know via an alert. Most of all, as far as I know, this is the only Internet filter software that let your kids to request permission to visit any blocked websites. Once you login to your account, you'll be notified with alerts and requests, so that you can take appropriate action on right time. Also, it provides you with detailed report listing the websites your kids visited, tried to visit, used searches, etc. Most of the time, kids try to bypass the restrictions by downloading a new web browser, but they can't do it with this software since this software works across multiple browsers.

Finally, I would like to talk about some add-on features which come with this application. Coming to the use of Social Networking websites, every parent wants to control and monitor their kid's access to them. With this application, parents can obtain detailed report about their social networking account, including their profiles, friend list, photos, messenger talks, etc. Also, here parents can restrict inappropriate video streaming too. You can even set a time frame so that you can limit your kid's time on the Internet and prevent them from getting addicted to it. The application has the potential to restrict certain PC games as well. Here you can restrict games based on specific titles, categories or rating level. For instance, if the game contents any violence, adult content or any other inappropriate material, it'll restrict from kid's access using the ESRB settings.


Net Nanny 7 is an amazing easy-to-use Internet filtering tool, which goes beyond target sites and filters specific contents. This software lets you personalize the level of filtering you expect from this kind of application. Most of all, no doubt, this is an ultimate solution for parents those who don't have much technical knowledge. Though, some users may find it a tad frustrating while using it first time. The reason behind this is that there is a chance that it might reduce the connection speed. Obviously, it happens since the software is looking through the web content for potential threats or inappropriate content while users surfing the web. But, this will not be a problem if user performs the web search with a high-speed Internet connection. In terms of support, Net Nanny does provide a good support for their clients through email and telephone. On top of that, users get a useful FAQs section as well as some application related documents to refer. And of course, this application can't replace the real-time parenting, but it does its job when it comes to keep kids from online threats. Overall, I would like to say, this will be a good buy if you looking for an effective solution, which comes with a good collection of protective tools, to keep your kids from potential web threats.

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