Google Nexus 360 concept: an innovative smartphone that slips around the wrist

Google Nexus 360 concept phone is a smartphone and a wristband from 91 Mobiles. Check the details of this groundbreaking creation that has the potential of becoming a fad.

The Google Nexus 360 concept phone, conceptualized by 91 Mobiles provides a sneak peek into what smartphones might evolve into, in the future. 91 Mobiles, a pioneer in gadget research has fashioned a futuristic mobile phone that while being avant-garde, offers a sleek design, functionality and style. The Google Nexus 360 concept may possibly appear an idealistic vision, but the revolutionary idea is sure to grab attention, and become a reality.

Concept phones are often ingenious designs with a wow factor, and nothing else - they fail to deliver, in terms of practicality. Only a few concepts go beyond the initial wow, to being actually viable - they create a blue print for future innovations. The right attitude behind concept creations is to design gadgets that can shift from drawing boards to production floors, without a glitch. The Google Nexus 360 concept phone is one such gadget.

Merging of technologies

The aesthetically smart Google Nexus encompasses two trending technologies (smartphone & smartwatch), into one smart device, without undermining the operation of either device. 91 mobiles collated ideas, considered existing archetypes and revolutionary technologies to form a multi-processing smart device that can be worn on the wrist, and function like a smartphone. It is a realistic concept with a single device having the capacity to carry out multiple functions; much like the phablet, but with a great deal more convenience.

Flexi design

The flexi design is perhaps the Nexus 360 concepts biggest USP – it allows the user to wear the contraption around the wrist; much like a watch or a wrist band. Another positive feature is that the device doesn't lose its functionality when it is turned into a wrist band!

To enable the device to change its form 91 mobiles has envisioned it to be made using unique polymers. The material envisioned by the developers at 91 mobiles is malleable, featherweight and resistant to water, scratches and dust. However, this is not some imaginary material; an analogous substance invented by Dai-Nippon Printing quite similar in properties is being used to build the LG G Flex. The Nexus 360 of course will require further advanced technology that produces a more pliable material.

The hi-tech device that bears a resemblance to smartphones switches into a wrist band effortlessly. With retractable straps concealed at the back of the device, strapping it on the wrist is simple.

Amazing Features

The futuristic design of the Nexus 360 is an intelligent coalesces of technology. Smart combination of functions in this concept device indicates its practicability. So, what are these smart combinations?

The concept device fuses a smartphone with a fitness tracker, by incorporating a heart rate monitor within the device, making it ideal for people always on the go.
A 5" Polymer OLED- based display with High-HD resolution guarantees desired flexibility and outstanding image clarity.
A separate OLED display is integrated in the Nexus 360 which enables access to alerts and notifications, without having to power the main display, thereby improving battery life.
The detachable Bluetooth is another smart inclusion on the concept device. It is designed for use when the contrivance is shifted to the watch mode.
The Bluetooth ear piece is innovative too, with an easily bent ear hook that adds to the comfort of the user. The ear piece can be made straight and placed inside a designated recess for recharging and easy storage.


A ground-breaking concept will involve nothing short of the best innovative technology to operate.

A 2.5GHz quad-core processor runs the Nexus 360.
Add to that a 3GB RAM which makes multitasking a breeze.
The device is designed to meet different storage needs -32GB, 64GB & 128GB
Single –SIM GSM connectivity along with 4G/LTE networks support.
Wireless connectivity can be obtained through Bluetooth 4.0 & dual-band Wi-Fi in conjunction with NFC for trouble-free and flawless experience.
The home button is also a biometric fingerprint scanner and acts as a security feature.
The device is IP67 – certified and intended for all-weather use.
The 16-megapixel camera is the icing on the cake.

The tube camera

The camera on the Nexus 360 needs to be described in detail, since it is unique. It is a rotating tube camera that encloses all parts of the camera constituents, within it. It is a clever design where the camera can be swivelled to face the user. This is an interesting feature that comes in handy for video conferencing and clicking HD selfies. Furthermore, camera angles can be altered with ease using the swivel, especially when the device is worn as a wristband. The 4K video recording ability gives the camera more juice.

The final word

Here is a concept that has the makings of becoming a reality. In creating the Google Nexus 360 concept phone 91 mobiles incorporated several technologies and kicked them up a notch. The end result is a smart device that is sure to get the attention of major smartphone manufacturers. It won't be long before they begin vying for rights to this awesome concept. How long will that wait be is the only question!

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