Fairy Farm, the cutest farming game tips and tricks

Are you looking for a cute farming game that runs without an internet connection? Fairy Farm is more than just a farming game. It's a totally enchanted fairy land full of magical plants and cute animals. Read below to know more exciting features of this game.

App Description

Fairy Farm is one of the cutest farming games in Android. It can be downloaded from Google Play store. The size of the game is roughly 73MB but it varies with device. It is best for you to use WiFi to download it. Once it is installed it runs without an internet connection. However, you may connect it with Facebook to gain some additional benefits, but that is not mandatory. It supports Android 2.3.3 and upper versions.
The game is totally free to play, but offers in-app purchases for enhanced gameplay.

Fairy Farm, the cutest farming game Tips and Tricks

Game Basics

After installing the game a little fairy guides you and gives you a tutorial of the basics. After that you can play the game in your own way or follow the series of quests given. As it is basically a farming game, there are three common tasks to do, which are – to plant and harvest magic plants, tame cute animals and harvest from trees. Fairy Farm offers a vast number of plants, trees and animals to buy. However, most plants and trees can be bought by gold, which is pretty easy to earn in game. But most of the animals need the crystals, the premium currency. I'll tell you about tricks to earn free crystal later in this article.

What's so different from other farming game?

After reading so far, you may certainly ask what's new in this game that makes it so popular and unique. Well here is the answer. Besides farming, the game offers a unique range of recipes for cooking. Almost each plant gives you a by-product besides gold and XP. These by-products go straight into the inventory and can be utilized whenever needed to make different kinds of recipes. These recipes are full of surprises. I was so amazed when I discovered I had made a prince using some recipe!

There are many tools like magic cauldrons, wizards table, glass blowing machine etc to make different types of magic potions that will give you free energy. Energy is generally a premium item and can be bought from store using crystals, but the potions are just the life-saver.

Benefit of connecting to Facebook

As I have stated earlier, there are certain benefits if you connect your Facebook account with the game.

First of all you will get 5 free crystals for connecting.
There is a feature called 'Magic Words'. These words are nothing but some random spells which you'll find from fortune cookies by just playing the game. If you find any fortune cookie, you can open it and get you own unique magic word. What you have to do is you have to copy the word and share it in the Facebook page of Fairy Farm community. If someone cast your spell in his own game, both you and he will get special rewards. You can also copy another person's spell and cast it in your own farm. This feature is mainly for networking purpose between the players.

Overall Features

The summarized features are given below in form of lists.
  • Internet connection is not required to play. Download it once and play as much as you like.
  • More than 100 kinds of magical plants and trees to discover.
  • 100 cute animals like unicorns, peacock and dragons are available in the shop.
  • Make hundreds of magical potions using enchanted cooking equipments.
  • Some premium items can also be prepared by processing regular equipment.
  • The game is updated frequently, each time it is updated and enhanced with more quests and recipes.
  • You can decorate your farm in your own unique way by numerous number of decorations available in shop.
  • Help other farmers and get benefited by Magic Words.

  • Multiple quests and achievements to accomplish. Some quests offer premium items as reward.

Tips and Tricks

  • The plants give drastically variable amount of gold or XP. It's better to use your brain before planting them. Some plants give no gold or XP at all. Some offer huge amount of gold but no XP. Choose according to your need.
  • There are another option provided to earn free crystals without any real money. All you have to do is to click on the crystal icon and select the 'free crystal' option. It will take you to an offer page. You can install free apps from Google Play to complete the offer. These are actually no hard job, and it's completely legal. If you don't have internet problem, I'd suggest to go for it.
  • You can upgrade your farmhouse for gold to get a random reward every day. Gold is not very hard to earn in this game.
  • If you don't buy crystals very often, I'd suggest that you save it for better uses, rather than spending them on speeding up plants. There are some quests that require a few crystals to finish, but gives nicer reward.
  • It's best if you follow the main quest line, not all quests gives nice reward. But the main quest lines are the easiest and they give you premium items even animals for free.
  • Make energy using the magic cauldron and save them from emergency. These will give you backup energy when needed and you don't have to buy it from store using crystals.


The game has certain drawbacks too. Some users have reported that the game crashes too often. I myself have experienced the crashing problem a few times. Some players claim they have lost their progress after an update. However I didn't experience such issues. My own problem is the game updates too often and the updates are all large in size. So I have to wait for few days to go to a Wi-Fi zone to update it, but it's really a minor problem.

There are plenty of more details about the game. If you are stuck on any particular quest, or need more information, post it in the comment section below.

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Guest Author: Reckhim chu23 Feb 2015

Please help how can I find the magic flame in the decoration tab.

Guest Author: Leonie Dillon21 Mar 2015

I am also looking for the Magic Flame. It's driving me nuts. It is not in my decorations tab, nor can I find it anywhere. I had no problems locating items on the mobile version, but I am playing the computer version now & there are items & features missing. Please let me know if you locate the magic flame.

Guest Author: sungfire08 May 2015

How can I get the sugar chest?

Guest Author: michelle09 Aug 2015

I want to know: How do you find the cow in order to get the chocolate milk so you can make the lottery tickets?

Guest Author: ree scheamm16 Dec 2015

I cannot not find the cow to get the chocolate milk. Please help out.

Guest Author: Nicole08 Jan 2016

Yes, how do you get the chocolate milk? Or the cow, rather?

Guest Author: Liz Wade16 Jan 2016

How to get musical coins other than note bush? Snow men cost too much energy, as does the harp and piano.

Guest Author: Jay22 Jan 2016

Any answer on the query about the chocolate cow?

Guest Author: Kelly26 Jan 2016

I have gotten the hen and rooster but they do not recognize each other. I'm new to the game. The hen keeps dreaming of the rooster so I got one but nothing changed. How can I get them to interact? Very frustrating!

Guest Author: sashya28 Jan 2016

How to get chocolate cow for chocolate milk?

Guest Author: Nicole30 Jan 2016

For the hen and rooster, try switching them around. They need to be right next to each other. When you have it right, they will start having little hearts float off them.

Guest Author: raeesah28 May 2016

What is BGG in fairy farm which is near to Facebook login?

Guest Author: Fairy Farm Pro28 Jul 2016

How to get water for dough? P.s: Go to star then end, repeatedly place tin man, lion, or scarecrow, put them in storage, keep on doing it, voila, lots of coins, gems, high levels, achievements, and more! Also how to get the traveller achievements?

Guest Author: karenet23 Aug 2016

how to get the chocolate cow for chocolate milk?

Guest Author: Michelle24 Dec 2016

They give you the cow after completing a quest

Guest Author: kiss07 Mar 2017

Can't harvest Dragon queen. Says ready but won't let me harvest her.

Guest Author: Lanita22 Jan 2018

Is there an answer for the chocolate milk and the cow?

Guest Author: lisa19 Jul 2018

This game desperately needs a better community to answer its questions but it won't work for itself. I made a help community for fairyfarm and not a single soul joined!

Guest Author: lisa19 Jul 2018

The chocolate cow for chocolate milk is found in the wizards table. You have to make to get the tickets. the golden goose for magic water is found in the wizards table as well.

Guest Author: KathleenTx09 Jan 2019

Move matching animals closer to each other, almost touching. That will stop the dreaming, and start the loving, which will increase your odds of getting something more from them than XP or coins.

Guest Author: Amy Lambert24 Oct 2019

I use to play it years ago and when I was connected to internet a shop like would pop up most items were for real cash but there be a few items like earth, mars plants a few things you could buy with game coins what happened to that

Guest Author: Ladyscifi28 Oct 2019

They haven't updated the game in over 2 years. I think it's a dead game.

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