AdSense Policies: Can we place AdSense ads on fixed or non-scrolling layers?

In this article, you can find the Google Adsense policies regarding placing AdSense ads on non-scrolling portions of a web page like a fixed DIV.

"Can we place AdSense ads on a non-scrolling DIV of a web page" - this is a common question in the webmaster communities. I have seen some websites placing AdSense ads on fixed layers, which will stay stationary while the rest of the web page scrolls. It may take a while for Google's automated systems to detect such placement violations. That is the reason you may see some sites are using it for a while and not yet caught by Google.

There are couple of policies violated in such stationary ad placements:

1. It draws unnatural attention to the Ads

2. Google has made it clear that "sticky ads" are not permitted.

Placing AdSense ads on fixed, non-scrolling portion of the page

When the user scroll a page vertically or horizontally, if a portion of the page remains without scrolling, that will be pulling attention of the user to the non-scrolling area. If you place AdSense ads in a layer that doesn't scroll along with the rest of the content, that will lead to "unnatural attention", as mentioned in the AdSense program policies.

Here is the relevant text from the policies published here:

Unnatural attention
Publishers are not permitted to bring unnecessary or unnatural attention to their Google ads

Also, there is another place Google has explicitly stated "Sticky Ads" are not permitted, you can read it here

Here is the relevant text:

I sometimes see ads that are fixed on the left or right side while scrolling down. Are they policy violation?

These ads are referred to as "sticky ads" and they are not permitted. We will take action when we come across this kind of implementation.

AdSense on fixed layers that do not scroll


As per the Google AdSense program policies, you are not allowed to place AdSense ads on non-scrolling, fixed layers and on floating boxes. Such placement will be considered as violation of policies and your AdSense account may be at risk of disabling.

Just like fixed Ad units, floating AdSense ad units also violate Google policies.

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