Review of Asianet broadband: my experience in last few months

I have been using Asianet broadband for last few months. This review is based on my experience with Asianet in past few months. Learn how good is their broadband services.

I have been using Asianet cable based broadband for last 4 months at my home and 2 months in my office. I think it is time to share my experience.

My initial experience with Asianet was pretty good. Connection was reliable and it delivered the promised speed. That's why I went ahead and signed up for the same for my office too.

However, the pieces started falling apart after a few months. My internet connection started giving problems frequently. Interestingly, both my home and office connections started giving problems about the same. Initially, I thought they are just temporary problems but after several weeks later, there are no solution and I am completely fed up with Asianet cable internet. I was told by some of the support executives that Asianet has more customers than the number of IP addresses they can issue and so some customers have to wait for others to get out to get a valid ip address.

Asianet cable internet services in Kerala

Some of the major issues I experienced with Asianet cable broadband are mentioned below:

1. I can't use their high speed broadband as an ALWAYS ON connection. I need to login and keep the browser page active to stay connected to internet. If I close the the page or the browser, eventually my internet connection will time out. I was told that I will automatically get redirected to the login page when I try to browse but that doesn't happen most of the time. So, I have to bookmark the login page and go to that page first before I can start the internet session.

(I spoke to various authorities in the company regarding this login requirement. I was told they are working on some solution and this login requirement may be removed in future. As of now, the only way to disable the login requirement is by opting for an unmetered 512 Kbps plan, which doesn't fit my requirements.)

2. Due to the login requirements, it is very difficult to use WiFi on mobile and tablet devices. Logging in each time is a difficult talk through these small devices. Moreover, the automatic redirect to the login page doesn't work often in the mobile devices, making it practically very difficult to use Asianet through WiFi on mobile devices.

3. Connection is highly unreliable since last few weeks. My broadband connection goes offline every now and then, which is really frustrating for a person like me who uses internet for living. I am using BSNL WiMax and Tata Photon as backup options, out of which Tata Photon is the most reliable, even though it is expensive for heavy bandwidth use. I use Asianet broadband in home as well as office and I need to talk to Asianet customer support atleast once in a week with problems either at home connection or office connection.

Read my review of BSNL WiMax.

4. Frequent connectivity problems: I am experiencing connectivity issues very often. Many times the issue will resolve itself after a few hours but often I have to contact the customer support for the same. Due to the regular connectivity issues, I have decided to get rid of Asianet cable internet and just waiting to choose an alternative provider.

5. Customer support of Asianet is extremely poor. You have to wait for a long time in the tele-queue to get a support engineer on the call. Several times I had to simply hang up because I could never connect to a human. Many times, I get elevated blood pressure when I deal with Asianet internet issues :-)

6. If you are lucky to get to speak to a customer support engineer, many times their recommendations to resolve problems are ridiculous. It starts with clearing the browsing history, restarting computer and go on for ever. At the end, they will suggest that 'it is a common issue in the line and the technical team has been notified about it'. Most of the times, they won't register a complaint saying it is a common issue in the line, which will be resolved shortly.

All is not bad about them. I am very impressed with their speed. If it works, it gives the promised speed. I am using a 2Mbps connection at home and 10Mbps connection in the office. Both performs very well in terms of the connection speed.

Asianet Broadband
My wireless router is supposed to show a blue light when the internet is ON, but with Asianet broadband, I see a lot of orange light on it...

Find some of the best wireless routers.

Overall review of Asianet cable internet

I will NOT recommend Asianet broadband, for few reasons:

1. You need to login using a login id and password every time you need to connect to internet.

2. Connection has become highly unreliable in last few months (since September 2014), which is the case in my home, office and for few friends as well.

3. Customer support is very difficult to reach. The lines are always busy.

This only reason I didn't switch to other service providers till day is, I have invested some money in purchasing their modem and also as setup fees. I was expecting that the problems will be resolved soon but it is going beyond limits these days. I will be switching to some other broadband service provider in the next few weeks.

Updates from the company

I have received a few updates from the company:

1. The login requirements will be removed in the near future. Asianet is working on some alternative approaches to meter the bandwidth usage and you won't be required to login to connect to internet in the future.

2. Company is actively working on resolving the connectivity issues. According to the official comment, most of the issues are related to the metro rail project going on in Ernakulam area. However, some of the customer support executives told me that Asianet has more customers than they could support. I guess this problem will be solved soon because many people like me would soon leave Asianet broadband and then the remaining people can enjoy the available lines!

UPDATE: 21-Nov-2014 - The internet connectivity issues from Asianet has gone beyond my tolerance limit. In last 2 weeks, I had to call Asianet support more than 15 times. Many times, they won't register a complaint saying this is a common problem and will be resolved shortly.

UPDATE on 26-Nov-2014: I have subscribed to Idea Wi-Fi internet at my office. I will share a review of their services in the next few weeks.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including,, and many more.

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Guest Author: John12 Nov 2014

If I use Asianet unlimited Rs 690 plan, do I need to login every time?

Author: Tony John18 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


Yes, all plans except the unmetered plans will require the login. As of now, the only unlimited plans are Speed 450 and Speed 510.

Asianet is working on some upgrades to their system to avoid the login requirements. Once that is implemented, the login requirement will be removed.

Guest Author: Chinky Jain23 Dec 2014

I am using Asianet tv connection from past 10 months. I feel they give the worst service. They dont respond to complaints and they do no do their job properly. I m a customer from Kochi.

Guest Author: Arun29 Apr 2015

Hi Tony,

This is a good review of Asianet broadband. I am switching to BSNL as I will get 100 free calls and at night unlimited calls along with Internet pack. Also, it helps with my surveillance WiFi camera at my home while I am away.

Guest Author: Jeff Varghese01 May 2015

Hi Tony

Do you,by any chance,know if there are any service providers giving FTTH to individual homes.I had asked BSNL.But they said that FTTH was provided to only flats with 35 or so members.Really think FTTH is the only solution to a stable and fast internet.But dont know how to get.Iam residing in Brahmapuram(near to Infopark)

Guest Author: subburaj04 Jun 2015

I have change unlimited plan to limited plan. I exceed the limit in usage, we don't get any notice how much we used. I thought like other private network, they stop the service once exceed the usage. Some misunderstanding i got bulk amount in bill. After next month i requested to change to unlimited plan..They are not taking my request. They are waiting for chance to make me more bill payment. This is worst service in consumer maintenance. If i ask why i don't receive any notification about usage. They are told me to see the in site. I just thought like bsnl and data card. once we reach the limit, our service will stop.. Better avoid asianet broadband. If you selecting asianet broadband, just select unlimited plan.

Author: Tony John04 Jun 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2


I was frustrated with the unprofessional approach of Asianet broadband people. But I am still using it as a backup connection. I switched to the Rs 550 unlimited plan and gave it to kids. In last few months, their service has improved a lot compared to last year.

Guest Author: Sanker08 Jun 2015

I have taken limited plan. Within a day, my usage crossed 50 MB doing nothing except checking my Gmail account. Customer support suggested me to switch to unlimited plan. Are there any other options?

Guest Author: Abz17 Jun 2015

I opted for 625kbps plan. My problem is that I have an irritating log in page issue. I need to do frequent log in to stay online. Till now they have not got any updates. Any solution to this?

Guest Author: anonymous23 Jun 2015

I have a query: is any there fair usage limit for unlimited plans in Asianet broadband?

Guest Author: AjithKumar23 Jun 2015

I am using Asianet broad band along with BSNL broadband but I must confess BSNL is far better than Asianet, in every aspect of a customer required.

The behavior of Asianet employees towards their customers is pathetic, it is same like the govt. servants of 80s (Even govt. dept. behave better now a days). Asianet broad band never provides invocies for the service they are providing. It is cheater number one in Kerala! If you ask a query on email, will not explain properly but on the last para they will mention, no more emails on this subject. I have never ever seen such a pathetic customer service provider.

I am a customer from Trivandrum. Now informed Asianet to discontinue after 12 months. Until now I haven't received the invoices from Asianet, but I must say I got one email single line stating to pay xxxx amount from one person, don't know the designation of the person, whether he is authorized to send such email.

Guest Author: Allan17 Sep 2015

The worst internet broadband provider award in terms of quality of service or continuous connection should go to Asianet broadband. Don't ever buy this heck, if you are getting connection this is okay, Asianaet broadband is never advisable for anyone who needs internet whole day (business or internet cafe or software company) or at least 8 hour continuously. It gets disconnected very frequently. Might be okay for home users, where internet is not that critical. Asianet broadband is CHEAP in all sense. The place where I used (Aluva, paravur kavala where Asianet and BSNL only, Kalamassery )today : 9/17/2015, and 9/16/2015 there was no connection at all. Every time customer care says they will inform service provider. Customer care is outsourced and they don't know anything about what is happening with Asianet service team. The worst case is there is no one responsible to talk in Asianet. I have used Airtel and earlier it was good, never disconnected at Cochin (2009-2011).

I heard Railwire is good, not very sure since I haven't tried it yet.

Guest Author: Sam13 Jan 2016

I have been using Asianet broadband for about 3 years, until I had to cancel their service out of pure frustration. As explained in your post, their connectivity is very unreliable, and prone to frequent outages. Things changed for the worse the past two months, and I could not get a stable connection at all throughout the day. Sometimes, there would be no connectivity for days at a stretch.

However, what infuriates me further is their unbelievably horrible customer support. Every single time that I call them, which was about 3 times a day in the past few months, I would get the same response - "Your complaint has been registered, and sent to the technical staff." The issue would persist after 24 hours, and when I call them about it again, the response would be "We have marked your complaint as urgent."

Inexplicably, the next day I would get an sms saying that my issue has been resolved, although the issue was invariably never resolved. They would not even bother checking with me if I can access the net, before marking the complaint as resolved. I would then have to call them again, and start all over with "Your complaint has been forwarded to the technical staff."

Seriously, these two statements are all that I have ever gotten from the customer care reps. After months of this infuriating situation, I rescinded my connection.

Luckily Reliance is serving my area now, and I got the same plan from them at a cheaper rate, and have not had an issue since then. (Fingers crossed.) Their connection is extremely stable, gives the bandwidth advertised (unlike Asianet), and has lower latency, and is cheaper.


Guest Author: Nishi Noorudeen31 Jan 2016

Asianet broadband connection Trivandrum is providing poor customer satisfaction. They don't respond to complaints and don't even pick up their office phone. I asked for new Asianet plan (free WiFi modem one) and I did not get the connection even after I paid my money in advance. Hence I canceled my request and they are not ready to refund the money. This is the 4th week I am contacting them for getting my refund.They are saying I need to wait for 1 more week. Overall my experience is bad and I do not recommend this to any one.

Guest Author: Kannan26 Oct 2017

Hi Tony, First upon I would like to say thanks for your blog coz I planned to take Asianet WiFi in my home for my parents coz I'm living in Germany the main purpose is to speak with my parents by Skype and Whatsapp call etc. After reading your Asianet issues now I got confused which WiFi I can choose.
Anyone can refer a wifi which is good and reliable coz parents are old people and they can't call the customer service all the time also no one in my home to help them.
Thanks Tony

Guest Author: Yaro15 Dec 2017

First of all, I am requesting you please don't take this stupid connection from Asianet. I am using this for last 5 months it's ridiculous. Frequently fails to get a connection if we are trying to contact with customer care there is no use. It will take weeks for them to detect the error and also they don't even respect customers they will say what they like irresponsible idiots. So I have decided to stop the connection. So please, please don't

Guest Author: Susan06 Jun 2018

Very bad service and very poor internet. Not getting internet mostly. Waste of money and time. While getting, it's too slow and takes too much time to load a page. Will never recommend this

Guest Author: Santhosh25 Aug 2018

Never choose Asianet broadband
I have been a subscriber of Asianet broadband for three years. I've been utterly disappointed with their service. There is no uninterrupted supply of data. There are network issues most of the time. At the same time, the subscriber has to pay the entire amount for services they did not receive. The company is keen only on taking money, and not providing service.

Guest Author: Letmynamebeunknowple21 May 2019

I've been using Asianet Broadband since their Nightbrid days in 2009 - 256mbps unlimited from 2 AM - 6PM, 2/6GB limit per month for the rest of the time.

Then moved on to the 4mbps til 2.5gb, 512kbps afterward connection till 2014. Moved to the 512kbps unlimited plan since 2016, And canceled Asianet when Jio came into the picture with free 4G!

I would give it to Asianet that they have made an attempt to better their plans and customer care since 2018. 100mps connections are available which works most of the time. I also got a discount offer that waived off 50% off my monthly charges.

The good things end here.

They now have properly trained customer service executives who are cordial to you, but the problems customers face still exist. As people pointed out here, their IP leasing system is still insufficient. They have more customers than their systems can take in. They don't intend to increase capacity, that will cost them more. They are keen to increase customers but are not interested in giving proper bandwidth to customers.

If business goes this way, their downward spiral will continue. The only advantage is that they don't have many competitors. I am stuck with them bcz only BSNL exists in my area. I still use Jio as everyone else, so I am not dependent on Asianet either.

And regarding the 100/200mbps fibernet plans they advertise, It is cheating in plain sight. Here's how:
* Advertised Speed = 100/200mbps
*This speed is only for areas where their 'FIBER' connection is available
*Fibre connection is very limited, In Trivandrum only 2-3 areas in the city have this connection
* Rest of the areas, they use DOCSIS 3, this technology has a capacity limit of 50mbps.
* If you use their wifi modem, the modem has 2.4GHz wifi, which is technologically limited to around 24mbps

Everyone I know has a wifi modem, essentially limiting their connection speed to 24mbps, instead of 100mbps. 25mpbs gives actual download speeds of 4MBps (mind the capital MB) which is quite sufficient for 4k youtube streaming, Fast instagram, Whatsapp videos, and torrent downloads (Use TOR browser for accessing torrent sites, most torrent/porn sites are blocked by Asianet).

But the question arises whether the monthly payment you make justifies for the 25mbps speed, if 100mbps can be given for 810rs per month, shouldn't one be paying lesser for the 25mbps that one actually uses?

Guest Author: jimmy thomas06 Aug 2020

ASIANET is WORST BROADBAND  if you are looking for profession or gaming  in Kerala, specifically in Kochi and Kannur.

I used their 200 mbps and later had to change to DEN(Far better than Asianet).

Never ever go for them if you are using it for high end graphics or work related .    Surprisingly  they dont have dedicated bandwidth for customers,  which produces latency(Ping) as bad as 160 ms n above.   Day time speed is a night mare, around 1 mbps or below.

NB: They will trap you by showing the nearest server speed in OOKLA.  But actual performance can be seen only in google speed test or

WORST customer service.

Guest Author: R sasikumar23 Sep 2020

Worst ever customer service.Complaint lodged for not getting regular net on 14/09/20 still left unattended. No answer except press 1,2,3...9. Hopeless asianet broadband.

Guest Author: V Narendran14 Dec 2020

Asianet Wi-Fi is a cheat. The speed is absolutely poor. Complaints registered are never cared for. Phones of persons above regular customer care are never attended. Customer care when contacted more than 25 times gives the stock answer of your complaint will receive a call back shortly. A disgusted customer when requests a termination of connection and refund no action taken even after weeks. What a service and what a ridiculous organisation. Is it owned and managed by a group of thugs or cheats?

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