Is the Evil Within game going to deliver on its promises?

The Evil Within has manged to get under everyone's radar despite being one of the major AAA releases scheduled to launch this year. So, is the game going to be any good? Let's find out.


Resident Evil has pretty much bossed the horror genre before games like Amnesia: The Dark Decent steeped in and took the crown from the Resident Evil. There was something so spooky about these games that it gave tough people like me nightmares for next couple of weeks. Yes, I consider myself tough as I don't easily get frightened, not even by movies. But this game had something so unnerving about it that it still gives me chill as I am writing about it. The creepiness, sense of someone else being around you was always there to haunt you in the whole Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil games going downhill

Unfortunately, the whole series went down the drain and started going downhill with Resident Evil 5. It was not a bad game by any means, but it was not that spooky at all. They blatantly stated that they are targeting the mainstream consumers now who prefer shooting zombies instead of playing a proper survival horror game. Now, as ridiculous an altercation as it may sound, it actually is true. How could they eve think that we are going to buy into their new gimmick which is nothing more than an ordinary shooter? Well, we voted with our wallets and gave them a clear message that we are not going to put up with these kinds of games. But they did the same thing with Resident Evil 6 and now they are on the brink of bankruptcy. This is nothing new in the new era. If you fail to listen to the outcries of gamers, they are going to stop buying your games altogether and you are going to go down in no time.

Well, if you were one of the gamers who were disappointed by the new direction Resident Evil series has taken, there is a good news for you.

The good news

The good news is that the guy who created Resident Evil series is back with another game. Yes, it's the same man who helmed original Resident Evil games. Wasn't those games amazing? Granted, they were disturbing, they were tons of fun to play with. Now that he is back in the scene after a long time, we can finally hope for an amazing survival horror game he is renowned for. He isn't going to let the game go in wrong direction as he is too experienced to let it happen.

Other Good news for you is that Bethesda, a publisher known for giving all their games enough time to cook, is going to publish this game. So rest assured, this game is not going to be rushed at all. They are going to launch it only when it's going to be ready. If you look at their track record of publishing games in the recent past, you'll find out that all their games have been ace. They have not published even a single game that has gotten bad reviews. Pete Hines, the senor head of Bethesda, is pretty clear in his head that if the company has to survive in this harsh market, they will have to continue to excel and improve the quality and scope of their games. Simply put, it's going to be a decent game when it comes out.

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