How to prevent Facebook from tracking you online

You might have heard it in some news channel or read it in the newspaper that now Facebook, just like Google is going to track your online activities. So the question arises what can you do to stop this tracking? Well, we have got your answer right here in this article. Read to know how you can stop Facebook tracking you even when you are not on Facebook.

It is a fact that Facebook can track your activities on internet even after you have signed out from your account. From the basic information like who are your friends to things like what you watch, listen or buy etc. The Facebook teams can even access your other browsing history that is not Facebook related. This is a great way for them to exploit your privacy and many Facebook users are still unaware of this in spite of quite vast media coverage a few days back.

If you are wondering how it is possible to track all your online activities, there is nothing to be surprised about. They use various tracking cookies, social plugins, Facebook connect etc. that are able to track your information including your network IP address. These cookies will be automatically installed on your web browser when you use share or like using Facebook buttons from various online websites. They can collect your data even after logging out from your Facebook account or restart your computer. This means that any site which uses any Facebook content is harboring data for Facebook.

Even though they are tracking your online activities, they have no use other than to providing you with the better ads that suit your liking and interest. By tracking various activities they can keep records of information such as what you like most on internet, what you love to shop for etc. Facebook provides you with suitable ads. You might have noticed the same sometime or the other.

Methods to stop Facebook from tracking you

If you don't appreciate Facebook being violating your privacy or what they do in return for you, you can stop their little nasty activity by following the methods given below. Give below are some of the popular as well as useful plugins that can be used on your computer's web browser and block the Facebook from tracking you.

1. Ghostery (
Best privacy tool for your browser to block trackers from tracking you. Moreover the plugin can even have capability to learn how they track and modify according to it. The Ghostery plugin will also show the companies that are trying to track your personal information. They can never collect your data without your permission. The best feature regarding this plugin is that, it is available for you at free of cost. Most of the plugins can contain many adware and spyware, but this great plugin has none of those things.

2. Disconnect (
One among the best plugin that provides real time trackers. This is also available for free to download on your Chrome browser. The plugin will make your browser run faster and will also secure your privacy. Up to 2000 third-party websites can be blocked by this little plugin called Disconnect.

3. Adblock Plus
The popular plugin available for your browser that offers you best service in blocking ads, trackers, malwares and other irritating social media icons. They can even block pop-ups, frustrating ads while watching Youtube etc. Moreover the plugin is free to use and is available for your Chrome ( as well as for your Firfox ( browsers. However, as this plugin is a curse for us bloggers which provide you with the best information from across the globe in the hope that you might see our ads; we suggest you to skip this one.

4. Facebook Disconnect
Another great tool for your Chrome and Firefox browsers to prevent Facebook from tracking your online activities. You can seamlessly access your Facebook account without them tracking what you are doing online. You can download the plugin for your Chrome from here ( and for Firefox users they can download from here ( for free.

So if you don't like the fact that Facebook is tracking you then you should go ahead and download one of the plugins. From our side, we suggest that you go with the Facebook Disconnect plugin which I myself am using. This will not log out you from Facebook but would disconnect any on your browsing sessions on other websites from Facebook.

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