Far Cry 4 game initial review

If you have played Far Cry 3 game, you'd be really craving for more of it. Fret not. Far Cry 4, an open-world game, is here to quench your thrust. Let's talk about it a bit more here.


Far Cry 3 was like a dose of Aspirin on a summer vacation with your friends. Admittedly, they were no good guys, but they still were friends like. That was a story about a group hang out gone worn in the island which was a really captivating and investing story. It had you intrigued all the time as to what's gonna happen the very next movement. You never knew when they are going to start chasing you and cut your head off. It was pretty tense stuff overall with Vaas being cemented as one of the best characters ever that made you root for villain in a game for the first time ever in the history of gaming.

He was a cool crazy over the top hipster nonchalantly taking people's life without a hitch. But something was really right about the game that set the tone for one of the best games in the making today. What was it though? Was it the great voice acting or the Rakiyat's huge dizzying places to explore? Probably not any of the above.

You see, games like GTA and Watch Dogs have always impressed us with their vast periphery of diversity, but what's lacking in those games are the lifelike feeling in the characters. They all are stale and you won't even remember them after a while. But it's not the same with Far Cry series. While the world is comparatively smaller and more compact than those blockbuster series, the game and all of its characters are crafted to keep you engrossed and emotionally invested in the game till the end. It's more like an emotional roller coaster, if you would prefer to call it.

The uniqueness and anomalies of this game attracted tons of people and it sold millions of copies across the world. It wound up being insanely popular among the masses. And Far Cry publishers recognized the potential of this series and the number of copies it would sell if they were to make a sequel really soon. So that's why they decided that they are going to develop a sequel of this game.

While everyone knew that there is something in the making here, we didn't expect it to arrive as soon as it really did. I mean, Far Cry 3 launched back in November 2012 and Far Cry 4 is coming to us in September 2014. It's less than 2 years which I don't think is enough to make a big AA game. Heck some indie games take more than 4 years to develop. So this game is going to suck, right? If it's not nurtured well, it's not going to give good results.

Well, time to change how you perceive gaming industry, especially Ubisoft, the publisher behind Far Cry 4. Apparently, they have a different system in place for the development of games. They don't resort to a regional studio to make a single game all by themselves. Other studios under the publisher also collaborate an make the game at the same time which results in quick development time and less burden on customers.

They have admitted themselves that more than 10 studios work on the same game at any given time. For example, Assassins Creed Unity is being developed by more than 10 studios together scheduled to be launched this year. This is actually how they manage to make a pretty solid game in less than a year. For outsiders, it may look like that they are milking the franchises, but when you delve in deep, you actually find out that they have been putting in some vigilant effort to keep all their games afresh and innovative so that it sells more and customers like it. The focus on consumer satisfaction and crating quality games are the reason why they are one of the biggest publishers today. Granted, they are not doing anything particularity flooring for us PC gamers, but if you are playing on consoles, almost all their games are worth being played. So, let's die in and find out what Far Cry 4 is all about.

Set in India

The best part about this game is the fact that it's set in India. And that's not enough, the voice acting of local soldier who talk in Hindi is really impressive to say the least which showcases Ubisoft's attention to the little details that adds to the impression of the game. The little utters like 'Maar de', 'Udaa de sabko' was so real as if they were mumbled by an Indian soldier for real. Props to Ubisoft for that. I bet that the game is going to be really popular in India for that as it's the very first game set in India.

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The villain is looking awesome already

People always tend to fall for the cool bad guys these days as compared to the old days. Just like Far Cry 3's villain Vaas, the Far Cry 4 antagonist is really cool. If you have seen the trailer from the game, you probably still remember the unsettling demeanor about this guy insisting to have a click with his victim. That was just .. sick! There is no doubt that his uncanny talks are going to really hit it off with gamers who always crave for something as crazy as this in games.

Far Cry 3 vibe

I have heard some people moan that this game looks similar to Far Cry 3. Well, I tell you what, this game looks like on, because it's a Far Cry game. What else do you want it to look like? A poker game?

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