Watch Dogs: Was it handicapped on PC on purpose by Ubisoft?

Watch Dogs is finally out in the market and you can get your hands on it right now. But if you are going to buy the PC version, you should know that it was downgraded intentionally. Why? Let's find out here.


Watch Dogs is the game most people were talking about after E3 2012 was concluded. People were talking so high of this game as it was taught as the next big thing scheduled to come out in 2013. And why not? Everything from graphics, gameplay mechanism, hacking mamba Jamba to the flapping coat of Aiden Pierece looked absolutely groundbreaking – something unprecedented we were not used to seeing 2 years ago.

But to our surprise, by the time the game launched back in May 2014, it looked like a poor second-thought game produced by Ubisoft. Scheduled to launch in September 2013, when this game was delayed for more than 6 months, everyone including me, thought that they are doing it to spruce it up and brush off all the bugs of the game. We were led to think that this game would look more dizzying than compared to what we saw back at E3 2012. But everyone knows what happened as soon as the game launched. Needless to say, it was a rushed and disastrous launch, especially on PC. Most of the players on PC were locked out from being able to play this game. Most of it has to do with Uplay, an obnoxious DRM service of Ubisoft, preventing players from getting in and playing the game.

But the tragedy is behind it. Almost a month has lapsed since this incident. So let's analyze why it actually transpired and what could be Ubisoft's motive behind intentionally downgrading the PC version.

PC version is the pain to play

If you have tried the PC version, you already know what I am talking about there. It runs and plays horrible. The frame rate dips below 30 so often that I find it near impossible to play it without immersion being broken. There are loads of other issues besides that. Frame rates aside, there are crashing issues that people like me have been dealing with ever since I have brought the game. Although the official patch is out proclaiming to fix most of the issues, it has actually made things a bit worse than it was before.

The issue still persists. The thing is, Ubisoft doesn't care about PC gamers. They just had to put it in just another platform to sell a few more copies of the game. That's all. If you bought into all their lies that PC is the lead platform and the game will be well-optimized for it, well I got bad news for you – the game is just the worse port I have ever played on PC. Heck, I am lucky to even being able to play that game as some people are finding it hard to even log in into the game. So all the rage and anger of people is justified here.
Listen Ubisoft, if you are going to make a PC version of your game, at least make sure that it runs well. Don't rob us off our money and give us false hope. You are going to be the one paying off for it in the long term. You will reap whatever you'll sow.

The E3 2012 drama

Remember the E3 2012 footage of Watch Dogs? How can one forget about that. It was one of the most graphically impressive game being shown at the Ubisoft stage and damn, wasn't that impressive! I for one was really impressed by the smoke and wind effects. It looked as if it's going to be the next gen stuff. But the launch tells a whole another story. It turned out that the game was not what was showcased back in E3 2012. It was intentionally downgraded on PC for a purpose. What you saw back at E3 2012 was the game that it could be, if Ubisoft wanted that. But no, they were after something else.

Why it happened?

Now that you know what actually happened, you'd believe that whatever Ubisoft did, there would have been a reason behind that. Well, there was one indeed. But I am not sure that it's going to please any PC gamers. The reason was that they were paid by Sony to downgrade the game so that PC version looks on par with console versions and people don't jump on the PC bandwagon. Yeah, apparently they paid Ubisoft a huge sum of money to make PC version look worse. It's a cold harsh truth of console business. You have to be on the top all the time. Hate Sony as much as you want for this step, but I would say that it was really a smart move on their part. They had almost pulled it off, if it wasn't for a file digger who found a way to re enable all those shaders and special effects from E3 2012 demo.

A ridiculous reasoning

The fact that Ubisfot is adamant on it that they didn't make any mistake and it was for the better of everyone, just makes me want to boycott them forever and never buy any other game from them, even on consoles. I mean, come on, if you have done something unacceptable, at least have the balls to admit it and move on. Instead, they are saying that it was for the better of the PC community and enabling those effects would make the game unplayable. It's all bullshit. It's better to stay quiet from now on Ubisoft and let this matter slip over. Now you have a lot of stuff to make up to PC gamers. It's going to be a huge task. So you better bring you're a game here to charm the PC gamers as it only takes a second to sabotage all the reputation you have built over the years.

Ubisoft, you silly

This French company had a lot of stuff going on in their mind when they were developing Watch Dogs, but doing something like that is so uncalled for. Why would you want to annihilate a user base that amounts to more than 50 million people. You are going to lose more than 10% of people who actually read the news and know what's going on.

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