AOMEI Backupper 2.0.1 free: Review and Features

Read the review of AOMEI Backupper, a great software for creating backups for both your files and system. See what this free and featured pack software can offer and what makes it such a great choice to keep your system and files safe.

Most of us realize the importance of having a backup of our files and system only after we have suffered once or twice. And even then once we have a stable system for a while we forget how important is to keep an updated backup of our data. I had bought a laptop the previous year and realized this only after crashing my hard drive permanently a few months back. Now however I was not going to make this mistake again and so I searched for a software that could not only backup my personal files but also my whole OS along with the drivers and softwares installed on it. My requirements were fully met by AOMEI Backupper version 2.0.1. It offered me the capability to separately backup the system data and my files and the best part- it's FREE! Whether you are looking to clone one or more of your partition, backup your data or restore it, all is quite easy with AOMEI Backupper 2.0.1.

Let's take a look at its different features which you will definitely find quite useful.

Home AOMEI Backupper

As you can see, its homepage keeps a track of your previous backups and this helps you easily restore to a backup whenever you want to and make a fresh backup if the previous one is now quite old.


Backup using AOMEI
File Backup: You can backup selected files or whole folders and create a backup of them in your hard drive itself or a separate HDD or USB drive. The backup gets stored as a file with .adi extension which can be restored back only with AMOEI Backupper.

System Backup: This creates a backup of your operating system, installed drivers and softwares along with all the configuration details. My backup was of a size of 10 GB and it was created in less than 10 minutes on a 3.0 USB port connected to a 1 TB external hard drive. This speed is quite fast even if it was a simple file transfer.
System backup
Disk Backup: This feature creates a complete copy of your hard drive along with all of its partitions. You can use this if you have a lot of customized folders and files and you do not want to take the effort of going through all your data to find the files worth backing up. No doubt the size of the backup created through this option will be quite large and you would need a HDD to store it. You can use it to backup some other external storage device too which you have connected to your system.
Backing up
Partition or Volume backup: Partition or Volume backup can be used to backup a particular partition or a storage device connected to your system.

All these backup options come with a Scheduler feature with which you can set automatic backups of files, folders, partitions or complete drives. In case you are setting up automatic schedule for backup it is better to select one of the partition of the internal hard drive so that the backup process doesn't require any work from your side. Even if your OS corrupts, your partitions will mostly remain safe and once you have installed a new OS you can again install AOMEI Backupper and restore your system to its previous state.


Use the Restore feature when you want to switch back to your previous backup. If you have made a backup using the same software it will show you the details where the backup has been stored and if you have installed a fresh OS in that case you can navigate to the backup file. If the backup is stored on some removable drive then plug that in before using the Restore option.


This is the section where you can copy the data on your hard drive without it being compressed into one single file which can only be read by the software. Using this option you can copy your one or more partition or the complete hard drive to another partition or hard drive.


This section contains a few useful features like creating a Bootable Windows PE or Linux disk, Checking a Image backup to see if the data integrity is fine or not and to browse through the files in the backup image file just to check something you want.

  • Export/Import backup tasks in XML format

  • Schedule backup

  • Check the data integrity of back up as well as browse through the files in it

  • Windows 8.1 supported

  • Very fast and efficient

  • Making bootable disks did not work in our tests

  • Many advanced features like Merging multiple incremental backups are paid

Wrap up

You may not always get the chance safeguard your files before your hard drive goes corrupt or crashes. Creating a backup of your system and files using AMOEI Backupper takes only a few minutes and is something you would only thank yourself later for doing so. With so much flexibility in choosing the files, folders, partition or the whole drive that too for no price at all, AOMEI Backupper really makes it a much have software in our list. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download it now.

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