How to make money through Flipkart affiliate program?

Read the review of the Flipkart affiliate program and see if this program is worth trusting or not. See the features, commission rates and highlights of this program and decide whether you should opt for this program or not.

Have a website that drives home a lot of traffic? Well, you could be in or a pleasant surprise if you chose a Flipkart affiliate partnership. The e-commerce major is driving its affiliate business strongly in India to generate more revenue and higher sales volumes. The simple idea is to share commission with the person referring to generate more revenue.

Now, quite obviously – Flipkart has managed to keep very high credibility in the e-commerce market today. Almost everyone who spends time on the internet knows that Flipkart is India's leading e-commerce vendor and manages the online electronic sales quite well. So the credibility that pops when you are selling through your website is always there.

The Flipkart affiliate commission rates are as per industry standards and you typically get 15% on a referral that leads to a sale. The commission depends on product and category but round about revolve around the industry standard. The commission is highest in Fashion products and lowest in the Electronic category.

Very large list of products

You can choose the products from the entire Flipkart categories, but a good breakdown of products is a must here. You need to understand the products that match with your website target audience and the transactions you can hope for. The banners that can be created for each of the products are customisable and can be made for each and every category and product. You can create these Flipkart product ads and have them pasted on your website. This would require a separate code or link to be generated too and this can be done on the Flipkart website. At the same time, buttons can be made also to push for more sales.

Each time you have a referral from your website, sophisticated tools monitors if the referral converts into business on the website and thus you would be able to notice your earnings on the website within 3 to 4 days after the order is placed.

EFT payment method

One of the highlights of affiliate marketing through Flipkart is the payment methods that are initiated. You can pull out your earning either by Flipkart e–vouchers or by EFT. This means you can pull out an e-voucher at a minimum of Rs 250/- or you can use the EFT for upto Rs 1000/-. The vouchers can be used on thus making it a very good bargain later.

There is no doubt that the e-commerce major is leading the way when it comes to electronic sales on the internet today. A strong affiliate marketing scheme is the best method to keep their momentum in place and keep their sales driving more than ever. With innovative schemes and marketing methods like this, sellers are always in the seat to make a good percentage of profits. With growing competition from Amazon, Flipkart is constantly improving and innovating with its affiliate marketing schemes. However, if you compare Flipkart with Amazon India, I would suggest you better focus on the Amazon India affiliate program rather than the Flipkart one. Recently there have been many complaints from bloggers about its affiliate program. During the sale of Moto E, Flipkart conveniently reduced the commission rate from 4% to 1%. Similarly, they reduced the commission rates on Storage devices to very low. With such variations in the commission rates depending on the popularity of any product it is difficult to trust the affiliate program of Flipkart.

Further details about the Flipkart affiliate marketing program can be found at the link below: Flipkart Affiliate Program

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Author: Raghav Kapoor11 Jun 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

The best method that I have tried and made a sale of an IPHONE 4s is that you make a blog with lots of images of the products which are available on Flipkart Affiliate Program.
Now all you have to do is repost your blogs image to, your blog will receive traffic + more chances of sale.

All the best. : )

Author: Paresh Gujarati15 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Can members of Flipkart affiliate program buy things from his own affiliate link? How Flipkart can identity such issue?

Author: Amit15 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Paresh, it is against Flipkart's policy to purchase products using your own affiliate links and is clearly mentioned in their Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

They can track such purchases in a number of ways: IP address, mac address, physical home address, bank account used to purchase product and lots more.

Please refrain from doing so and don't let them ban your account.

Author: Vikas Srivastava16 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

I was considering the Flipkart affiliate program to be the best but since the Moto E was launched they have reduced the commission rate from 4% to 2.5% for Smartphones and mobile device. This is one of the drawback of Flipkart affiliate program. While I could see no change in the commission rates of e-bay or which makes it better than Flipkart. Anyway nice presented article on Flipkart affiliate program.

Guest Author: Tushar20 Aug 2014

Has anyone received their flipkart affiliate payment for the month of June 2014? Usually the payments are dispatched well before the 15th of the month so payments for June must be made before the 15th of August, however, I haven't received the payment as yet this time and they are not replying to any of my emails.

Their affiliate supports is really terrible.

Author: Shravan08 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 4

I am an affiliate of Flipkart since past 6-8 months. However, I haven't promoted the products there actively and once in a while I get a sale from one of my blog visitors. However, I am sure that I start recommending the products and increase my promotions; I would be able to make quite a few bucks in form of affiliate commissions.

@ Ankit, I think they have reduced the minimum payout option for NEFT mode to Rs.1000/-. However I am not too sure about it. I would request you to check it out and make the necessary changes to this post too.

Guest Author: Nishant Arora11 Nov 2014

Or you could go the easier way using this awesome chrome extension


Author: Ankit25 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 2

Thanks man, I have updated the amount. I have been earning from this program and yes, the payout through NEFT is Rs.1,000. However the bad thing is that they deduct TDS of 10% on NEFT payment.

Author: Timmappa Kamat23 Feb 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

FlipKart, though the topmost Indian etailer, is exploiting its affiliate members by reducing the commission for the most favoured categories like memory devices and smartphones. Most of the bloggers are now moving or planning to move towards Amazon affiliate programme.
Informative article for those of the website owners who want to monetize their sites by signing up for affiliate programs.

Author: z i n ! paya15 Mar 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

I have been member of flipkart affiliate program since long time but due to less traffic I am not earning much and don't access the account for longer time.

Your post is wonderful and it motivates me to update my blog regularly with new offers and keep on my blog address for more earning.

I would like to understand about the API and Product feed and offer feed in CSV. What are the uses of such CSV file?

Author: Timmappa Kamat15 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Why don't you opt for Amazon affiliate program? Of late, Flickart has been found to lower commission for affiliates. They have been frequently reducing commission rate for most of the items. Amazon has been rated as the better option in affiliate marketing strategy. I would suggest you to go for it and check if it improves your earning.

Author: Timmappa Kamat22 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

Flipkart is understood to be planning to be an app-only platform. They are shutting down their mobile website in a couple of months and have decided to shut the website down soon. Will this affect the affiliates? Since there will not be website to link to, where does the question of earning come?

Author: Aman22 Mar 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

According to me we should go for Amazon to get good amount from the affiliate program. As the FlipKart had reduced the commission amount. No matter whether the FlipKart shuts down or not because many number of the people would like to use Amazon's affiliate programme now.

Guest Author: durai28 Apr 2015

My friend Advin is saying that he is getting money from Flipkart internet private limited often, like 44990 and 36990 and on 28.4.15 got 50000. How it is possible? Is he doing through any agent?

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