Why your blog suddenly lost traffic from Google?

Did you suddenly lose lot of traffic on a fine day and your blog disappeared from Google search results? Learn the reasons and solutions for sudden losing of traffic in your blog.

Hope you have been you reading my blogging tips series. Today, I am going to discuss a very common problem faced by many bloggers, especially for the new blogs created by experienced bloggers.

If you are a seasoned blogger, you will know how to promote and market a new blog. When you create a new blog, you will do everything to get your website rank high in the search results. If you build a lot of links and fill your blogs with lot of keywords, you will get lot of initial traffic to your blog. Google will love to see lot of keywords and links and will happily send lot of visitors to your blog. All is well but only for few weeks!

Honeymoon period for new blogs

Every new blog will get a special consideration from Google for the first few weeks after the launch. This is called "honeymoon period for the blog". During this period, if you have filled your blog with keywords and have built some good number of links to it, your blog will get high ranking in the search results for those keywords. Bloggers will often get over-excited seeing the search results and will continue the mistakes they have been doing - over optimization and unnatural link building.

Quality analysis by Google

Google has a super fast indexing system, which will index the new webpages quickly and show in search results without much additional checking. However, they have several background systems that will slowly process and analyze the web pages for quality, link building, over optimization, relevance and other signals. Within a few weeks, Google's additional quality analysis system will find out the real worth of your web pages. That is where it detects all the keyword spamming, unnatural links to your blog and other over optimization strategies you have implemented, including the unnatural use of keywords to manipulate the search rankings.

If Google's advanced processing systems find out that your blog is not worth the ranking and traffic it has been receiving in the initial days, Google will adjust the ranking accordingly and your blog will suddenly lose the traffic it has been receiving.

How to get back to higher ranking and better traffic

I have heard many bloggers complaining that they lost the traffic it has been receiving from Google. One thing to understand here is, you are not losing any genuine traffic. Only thing happened is, you lost the extra traffic you have been receiving and you still have the traffic your blog actually deserves.

In many cases, the traffic reduction is very significant. Today, one of my blogger friends told me that his traffic was suddenly changed from 4000 visitors per day to 400 visitors per day. This big change is a clear indication that Google has found your blog is not worth the traffic it has been receiving so far and so it decided to reduce the ranking. Google failed to correctly estimate the worth of the blog during the initial days. The current traffic - 400 visitors per day - is the actual traffic it deserves based on various quality parameters of the site, according to the Google algorithms.

The only way to get back to your earlier traffic is to improve the overall quality and link profile of your website. You just have to work hard, add high quality, unique articles to your blog and wait patiently. Irrespective of what traffic you had in the past and what you have now, continue adding unique articles and valuable information to your blog. Eventually, Google will recognize the real value of your blog and start sending higher number of visitors through search results.

Penalties from Google

Another reason for sudden reduction in traffic is the algorithmic or manual penalties from Google. If Google detects that your blog is part of some link scheme, article spinning, over optimization or other black hat practices, Google's algorithm will apply some sort of penalty to your blog. These are automatic, algorithmic penalties set by the Google algorithm and can be revoked only by correcting the mistakes your blog has been doing. Unfortunately, in case of algorithmic penalties, you will not be able to figure out the cause and solution for it. You will not even know if there is a penalty and whether your blog lost the traffic for some other reason.

Your only option is to analyze your blog carefully and revise your strategies. Check your existing articles and ask these questions yourself:

1. Have you been doing excessive blog commenting to build links? Google doesn't like any sort of artificial link building and it could be one of the reasons your blog is penalized. Explore the options to revert the impact by deleting comments in other blogs. If you are able to edit and delete those comments or remove the link to your blog from those comments, go ahead and do it. Or, contact those webmasters and request them to remove those links.

2. Have you been doing a lot of guest blogging? If Google detects that you have been doing guest blogging for the purpose of building links to your website, your site could be penalized for the same reason. If you have been doing excessive guest blogging, especially in low quality websites that accept a lot of guest posts, try to get rid of those articles.

3. Are you doing over optimization by filling your blogs with keywords, and making them in bold? Google could detect over optimization for manipulating the search results leading to over optimization penalties. If that sounds like the case of your blog, it is time to sit and get rid of all those extra keywords and remove the bold tags around the keywords.

4. How unique are your blog posts? Are you taking ideas from other blogs and rewriting the content based on other sources? Google likes unique content and hates reproduced topics. If the topics covered in your blog appear in several other sites, it is time to revise your strategy for finding topics. Try to find unique topics based on your own ideas instead of taking topics from other sites. Spend a few days and check the traffic to your existing blog posts. If you have very low quality articles and they have no traffic to it, delete those posts. They are not going to do any good for your blog, instead, those low quality posts could be the reason for losing traffic to your entire blog.

5. Login to your webmaster tools account and check if there are any warning messages. If there is any manual penalty from Google, you will see the warning messages there and also you will see the possible actions. Go through the suggestions to resolve the problem. Once you resolve the problem, then submit a request to Google to review your blog again.

Read how to choose the best topics for your blog.

How to improve your site's ranking and restore the old traffic

If you have done everything you can to bring back the original traffic to your blog and still there is no improvement, don't get panic. There is still hope, provided you have the patience and you are ready to work hard with some long term goals in mind.

If a blog is penalized by Google, it is not easy to get the ranking back. In fact, if your blog is very new, it may be better to abandon that site itself and start all over again with a new blog. In many cases, building traffic from scratch is found to be a lot easier than bringing a penalized site back to normal ranking, especially if the traffic has gone down to almost zero. However, if your site is very well established and you are still receiving lot of visitors, then it is not a good idea to abandon it. Instead, cleanup your site by removing excessive keywords, removing unnatural links and deleting low quality articles.

And finally, read how to rank your blog rank first in search results.

Article by Tony John
Tony John is a professional blogger from India, who started his first Weblog in 1998 at Tripod.com. Tony switched to blogging as a passion blended business in the year 2000 and currently operates several popular web properties including IndiaStudyChannel.com, Techulator.com, dotnetspider.com and many more.

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Author: Shravan08 Oct 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Thanks a lot Tony for sharing this article. I was wondering why my newly launched micro niche blog lost traffic suddenly. I think the main reason for it was excessive backlinks building by commenting on other blogs and also doing a few guest posts. Your articles solved all my doubts regarding it and now I will take the required steps. Thanks once again for sharing.

Author: Manoj Prajapati10 Nov 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

Thanks for "Sharing" ? did you mean approval for this article ?

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