Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough: The Lost Bastille

Have a look at Dark Souls 2 Walkthrough of The Lost Bastille. This walkthrough provides you combat and melee moves with the location of all the collectibles. Read this walkthrough to know more about the game.

After passing through the 'Forest of the Fallen Giants', you will head towards 'Heides Tower of Flame'. If you are struck somewhere in this area and are not able to complete the objectives here then read the following walkthrough which provides you all the collectibles, easy access routes and how to defeat enemies easily.


Go beside the talking cat house in 'Manjula'. Access the cave which you will find here. Now go down the stairs until you find a room with a locked gate. For opening it, use the chain lever situated right to it. Go through some more tunnels and soon you will be in the 'Heides Tower Of Flame' which is also the home of 'Dragonrider' boss. Once you are in Heides Tower Of Flame, you will have to overcome several 'Old Knights'. These knights are slow but very powerful. They attack with very strong swings. Generally, here you will find two kinds of enemies - one are swords & shields wielders and another are single-blade wielders. These both types attacks with their own strategy. Swords & shields wielders attacks with his combo which have maximum of four strokes. And single-blade wielders launches a single-power sweep or downward pile driver. For evading the attacks of both of these kind of enemies, just move in a circular direction and try being behind them. While doing so, don't forget to raise your shield up for your protection. Another thing which you may do is to lure these enemies. Luring them towards the edge of the pathway will make them very prone to fall off. After defeating the first Old Knight, move towards the descending stairs which will take you to the behind of the 'Giant Eagle Statue'. Here, you will find 'Bonfire' towards your right.

When you will kill the second knight, you will be able to get 'Sublime Bone Dust'. Now you have to kill the third knight because he is guarding a switch which you have to use. So kill him and then use the switch which will result in the raising of floor in the 'Dragonrider' boss arena. After this, just continue your way till you are near to the wide-open circular chamber. This chamber contains another hidden switch for you but at the same time it is guarded by three knights. Now, kill these knights one-by-one by luring them towards you. After beating the first knight, if you are able to sweep unnotice past the second knight, then do it. For doing this, just stay towards the right and dash past the second knight. After using another hidden switch here, another area of floor will rise to make the Dragonrider boss arena. But it is not necessary to defeat the Dragonrider boss. When you will clear the circular room then here you will find two paths of different destinations.

The path on your left will take you to the 'Cathedral of Blue' and the 'Old Dragonslayer' boss. This path also has a useful item - 'Ring of Binding'. And the path towards right will take you to the Dragonrider boss and this path also has another Bonfire. So, first let's go to the right path and defeat the Dragonrider boss. Now go towards right and kill the guard which will be guarding a misty gate. After killing him, make sure that you have collected the treasure from the chest here. Now after you have collected the treasure and all set to face Dragonrider then enter through the mist. This mist will lead you to the boss of 'Heides Tower Of Flame' area - 'The Dragonrider'. If you want to know how to defeat the Dragonrider boss easily then click here.

All the areas/levels in Dark Souls 2 are very competitive. But if you will follow the instructions provided in the above walkthrough then 'Heides Tower of Flame' will be completed easily.

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