How to get Google PR3 in 6 weeks - a case study

Google PR lost its charm long ago, but I still consider it as one of several factors when I judge a website. If you are a webmaster and like to learn how to reach Google PR 3 within few weeks after starting a new website, learn this case study.

NOTE: This article was originally published at on No 9, 2011.

We registered the domain name "" on 20 Sept 2011, exactly 50 days ago. We officially launched the site couple of days later and eventually started posting some blogs.

6 weeks after the launch, we are at Google Page Rank 3 and an Alexa rank of 1,022,522 Global Rank. Even though the PR is not very important for traffic, it is still considered as a sign of reputation. So, the PR3 badge for this new baby blog is a great achievement.

Now, the question is, how did we achieve PR 3 in just 6 weeks after the launch? Read this case study to learn how we achieved it and how you can follow some simple tips to get great PR for your blog without much effort. Of course, there are no tricks, no cheating and no fraud. Everything we did was within webmaster guidelines and all our traffic is purely organic.

We do own several other websites in our network, but we made a decision that we will not use the support of any of those sites to promote this site and wanted to experiment how a new webmaster can achieve success in promoting a blog, without any support from established sites.

This website is a typical case study of starting a new website and promoting it through available resources in the web. If you are thinking about starting a new blog and not sure how to proceed, read this case study. We started this website from zero just couple of weeks back and we are currently getting hundreds of organic page views per day. We are still growing up and it is difficult to grow without lot of external support, but we are slowly growing.

When a new blog or website is started, there are several options to promote it:

1. Promote it through other established blogs and websites of the same owner. We do have other websites in our network with millions of visitors per month, but we decided not go that route since we wanted to use this site as a case study for new blogs with no external support.

2. We can spend a lot of money in advertising using AdWords and other advertising channels. We did not want to go this route as well.(For the record, we never spent money to advertise any of our websites, except for playing with AdWords to learn how it works)

3. Organic growth through SEO and good content.

This site is a typical example of developing a new blog and making it popular through organic traffic.

When I say, "popular", I really do not mean we are already very popular. We are receiving about 500 page views per day, 6 weeks after launching the site. It has been only few weeks after I started posting any blogs regularly. So, the growth in the traffic is really good sign of progress and the PR 3 achieved in few weeks shows we are the right track.

How did we achieve Google PR 3 in 6 weeks after launch?

When we mentioned the PR 3 in 6 weeks to couple of people, they suspected we are doing some tricks or cheating. We have done absolutely no cheating and no tricks. In fact, we did not target to achieve any high PR at all. We are monitoring the traffic everyday and smiling ourselves looking at the progressing graph. I just happened to notice the PR 3 for this website when I saw a discussion thread in IndiBlogger talking about the recent PR update. Out of curiosity, I looked at our page rank and found we are PR 3.

You can see our progress report in another post where we have shown our progress in terms of Alexa Ranking and Google page indexing. We just included Google PR also in the progress report after we noticed PR 3 for our website yesterday.

Google is still not indexing our pages on daily basis. They are about 4 days behind in indexing our posts, so the latest posts from this site will take about 4 days to appear in search results. That is very normal in the case of new websites and we hope that will improve shortly. (Some of our popular websites get indexed every minutes and any new article will appear in Google search results within 2 minutes from the time of posting.)

What kind of promotions we did to achieve PR 3

To be frank, we did not do anything with the intention of improving the PR. It just happened naturally to this site. There are couple of things that could have affected this:

Consistent posts with unique content

We were posting content regularly and consistently. Most of our posts were my real world experience and unique content.

Lot of backlinks from IndiBlogger, through IndiVine

The only significant promotion we did for this site was, participating in IndiBlogger, which is a community website for Indian bloggers. IndiBlogger allows bloggers to submit their blog posts in a section called IndiVine. If you are not an established member there with lot of "friends" in your network, your posts will not get any votes and it will be pushed to the back very soon. But the backlinks are still valid, which played a significant role in getting a higher PR. I was regularly submitting all of our posts in this site to IndiBlogger, which transferred some PR to us.

There was another benefit in submitting posts to IndiBlogger. Since our blog is very new, Google takes several days to index our site. However, each post we submitted in IndiBlogger was indexed within few minutes due to the backlink from IndiBlogger. This helped some get some additional traffic without waiting for Google to index us in the normal course.

Backlinks from Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a great place to drive traffic to websites. We have used this in the past significantly and promoted some of our sites heavily there. We have used Yahoo Answers to drive traffic to some of our sites successfully, without spamming. What we do is, search for questions that have relevant and related articles in our sites. Sometimes, we just create articles to answer the questions in Yahoo Answers section. We will post a summary of the answer in Yahoo along with referral links to our sites. Yahoo Answers are indexed by search engines and can help you get PR and traffic.

We stopped using Yahoo Answers recently since we have better ways to drive traffic to our established sites. However, since we decided we will not use our established sites to drive traffic to, we decided to go back and try our old promotion technique - posting quality answers in Yahoo Answers with backlinks to this site. It worked well - we got some back links and some traffic. However, I gave up on it after we switched focus to IndiBlogger.

Backlinks from Wikitravel

There was one travel related post in our site which is linked from Wikitravel. The specific Wikitravel page is a PR 4 page and probably that is what helped us get PR3 in this short time. We hardly get any traffic from this Wikitravel page, but it helped us get a good PR.


It does not require any tricks or cheating to get high PR. Focus on quality content which can get lot of backlinks. To get high PR, you do not need a lot of posts and lot of posts do not guarantee higher PR. We do have several websites in our network with thousands of posts but still at PR 1 or PR 2.

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