Hidden features in Google+ Pages

Did you start using Google+ Pages? I have been exploring them last couple of days and here is some cool features I found so far.

Google+ Pages feature was rolled out couple of days ago. I have been busy creating few pages for my websites and business. I signed up for the Google+ Platform Preview and started using some of the features like Google+ Badges.

Here is some interesting features I found about Google+ Pages so far:

1. Google+ Direct Connect

You can type big brand names prefixed with a + symbol in Google search and go directly to the official Google+ Page of that brand.

For example, go to Google search window. Type +Amazon and press Enter. You will be taken directly to the official page of Amazon.com - https://plus.google.com/110356773655474889799/posts

This feature is called Google+ Direct Connect

2. Verified Pages

Google verifies big brands and businesses and will add a "verified" label to it. Take a look at the screen shot below, which shows the official page of Dell.

Google plus direct connect

The top image shows the check mark near the Page name, indicating it is a verified Page of Dell. If you hover the mouse, the check mark will change to the label "Verified".

3. Suggestion to add Direct Connect pages to your circles

If you use the + prefix and land directly in to a Google+ Page through the Google+ Direct Connect feature, Google will recognize that you are interested in that Page and will prompt you to add the page to your circles.

You will see a prompt like this:

Google plus direct connect

You may click on it to add the Page to your circles to get latest updates from that brand/business.

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