Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP Double Neck Electric Guitar

In this article I have provided information on Ibanez's double neck guitar- Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP. I have provided a brief introduction of double neck guitars, the advantages and disadvantages and specifications of Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP.

double neck guitar

What is common between two greatest rock songs ever composed- Stairway to heaven and Knocking on heaven's door?

Yes! Both of them had the guitarists (The great Jimmy page and Slash) playing a double neck guitar! The double neck added more tone and austerity to the already awesome song. Our jaws dropped to the floor in sheer amazement and we could ask nothing more from the 'Rock Gods'.

One of the new entrants to the double neck guitar genre is from the Japanese guitar giant Ibanez's XPT-1400 TWGP Double Neck Electric Guitar. Its sheer cool look can make the audience drool before the actual performance.

Double neck guitars

A double neck guitar is not a new thing and it is here since the Renaissance period, although it hasn't been fully harnessed by the guitar players. It is quite rarely used and the audience is always thrilled to see a double neck on the stage.

Advantages of double neck guitars?

As the rock legend goes, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was the first to reincarnate this beast in the rock world. For the song 'stairway to heaven' he had to change guitars, but it would have been a hassle to take one guitar off and put on another one. The solution- The famous double neck Gibson guitar that we see today in the music videos of 'Stairway to heaven.' All he had to do now was to switch the necks and rock on without missing a beat. Indeed it was the first taste of heaven for all the rock lovers.

Apart from the obvious fact that it looks cool, double neck guitars serve several special purpose.

The use of a double neck varies depends on the guitarist. There are various
string combinations of double neck available- 12+6 string (It is the usual configuration and it provides the guitarist with the different sounds of a 12 string guitar and a 6 string guitar), acoustic+ electric, 7+6, 4+5 bass string (For playing a 4+5 bass guitar one needs talent directly from heaven as playing a single bass is hard enough! ) and even the same configuration like 6+6 where the two necks are tuned to different tunings.

Another good thing will be that two neck guitars will give you good biceps and shoulders. It is quite heavy!

Specifications of the Ibanez XPT-1400 TWGP Double Neck Electric Guitar

  • It is a 7+6 string guitar

  • It has a highly sculpted mahogany body. It is available in Grey Pewter colour.

  • Neck configuration
    _'Neck-Through-Body' construction
    _Five Piece Laminated 'Maple/Walnut Wizard II' Necks
    _Bound Rosewood fret-boards
    _'Prestige' Neck Shape
    _24 Jumbo Frets
    _'Sharktooth' Inlays For Seven String Neck
    _'Reverse Sharktooth' Inlays for Six String Neck
    _27" Scale Length for Seven String Neck
    _25.5" Scale Length for Six String Neck

  • Bridge configuration
    _Ibanez "Gibraltar Custom 7" Bridge For Seven String
    _Ibanez "Edge 3" Locking Vibrato Bridge For Six String
    _"Cosmo Black" Hardware

  • Pickups
    _Ibanez 'Gibraltar Custom 7' Bridge (7 String)
    _Ibanez 'Edge 3' Locking Vibrato Bridge (6 String)
    _'Cosmo Black' Hardware

  • whammy bar

  • Accessories
    Ibanez guitar hard case included.

  • Do I need a double neck guitar?

    There are various advantages and disadvantages of double neck guitars.
    The answer to the question lies to you. If you are quite dexterous with the single neck and are bored with the same tone, then you can obviously try the double necks. However one word of caution here is that be sure that you need a double neck before buying it. Double neck guitars can cost an arm and a leg and it is not a good idea to buy it just for show off purpose.

    With a price tag of a minimum $1999 (Rs 1 lakh) this guitar can burn a hole in your pocket. But if you still want a 7+6, then you can go on and get this beast from Ibanez. Any music lover will swear by the beard of Thor, the quality of Ibanez guitars and there is no need to worry about the same.


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