How Fedora Linux is better than Windows OS?

Are you planning to shift to Linux operating system? Want to know about Fedora OS? Here are the features of Fedora OS that outperforms Windows. Read the article to get the pros and cons of Fedora OS.

Fedora VS Windows: My point of this article is to encourage using Fedora Gnu/Linux Distribution. Many feels that using Linux based OS is difficult but it is different. People face issue in Linux only when they are about to install new application. It is because installation process is different in Linux. I have dual OS in my laptop Windows 7 Ultimate and Fedora OS. I felt Fedora Linux as boring in the beginning. After learning installation process I felt it is pretty easy. I have been using Fedora OS for five years. Let me share the feature that I feel better than Windows.

OS Installation

Fedora offers OS installation by memory stick and CD. Installation is no harder than before. Insert the Fedora OS CD and the OS boots up right from the CD also called Live CD which shows a Live OS instance. After you reach Live Desktop, there will be a installer, double click to start installation. Installation process is similar to Windows OS, guided by graphical content. It hardly take 5 minute to install the OS. Minimum hardware specification required to install Fedora OS are:

1. 20 GB Hard Disk space
2. 512 MB RAM

Driver installation is not required which is an added advantage when compared to Windows. Fedora utilizes GNOME 3 Desktop Environment as its default user interface. All the applications and files were available under Activities.

Available Software

By default Fedora is packed with few software which is sufficient for everyday use. Below are the list of default software.
1. Cheese for web cam operation
2. LibreOffice as an alternative to Microsoft Office.
3. Gedit as a Notepad replacement.
4. Totem video player and RhythmBox audio player.
5. Okular PDF reader
6. Evolution email client and Empathy chat client.
7. Boxes virtual machine
8. Firefox browser

Apart from the above list you can also download popular software like VLC media player, Chrome browser, Eclipse IDE, Wireshark, Torrent client and lot more. However software list is limited when compare to Windows, Fedora does posses large number of commonly used software.
Fedora software


I recommend Fedora OS only because of its performance. Its take only 15 seconds to boot up, while Windows take 30 seconds in my laptop. It is proved that Fedora is faster than Windows. Limited software running on the board makes Fedora faster. Since driver installation is not required, it detects USB devices like mouse, pen drives, mobile phone faster than Windows. File transfer is way faster in Fedora. In fact it is the fastest of all Linux distro.

Fedora is also stable than Windows. Stability issues I faced in Fedora OS are very less. Chrome browser crashes whenever I open rich website. This doesn't drags down the whole PC performance which happens in Windows. So it is the top choice if stability is an essential.
Multitasking in Fedora
Multitasking in Fedora

Pros and Cons

Pros of Fedora OS are:
1. Fedora outperforms Windows.
2. Exceptionally stable, very minor crashes.
3. No drivers needed.
4. Boot up is faster.
5. No worries about virus, malware ect.

Cons of Fedora OS are:
1. Very limited software support.
2. Software installation require knowledge in command line.
3. Practically it takes long time to work around an issue.


Fedora is best for routine usage of laptop like internet usage, email checking, watching movies and listening songs. If you do something apart from this then obviously Windows is the best.

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