Brave Heroes coin and exp trick: Android & iOS game

Struggling to cross after certain stages in Brave Hero Android/iOS game? Read this article to find out the easy trick to raise coins and experience points. Use this trick in your Brave Hero game and complete the stage faster.

Brave Heroes: It is a tower defense genre strategy game. In Brave Heroes, you have to defend your tower as well as protect leader from invading enemies. You will be provided with little army consisting of one leader and three soldiers. Additionally you can form allies with maximum of five heroes and can use them during game play. Allies and additional soldiers can be used only by paying gold coins. Attack the enemy tower before the time runs out for victory. Victory is not possible without analytic thinking.

You may feel like completing the game in single day but it takes time to train your heroes to defeat enemies in higher level. Here I am going to give you a trick to train hero and get gold coins faster.
Brave Heroes trick

Trick to get coin and exp faster

To defeat enemies in higher stages your hero level should be higher. Hero level can be increased by gaining experience (exp). Completing game become difficult after stage 20. So use the following strategy to gain hero level and coin.

1. Select any stage between 1 to 9. The best stage to implement the trick is stage 25 or any stage without enemy hero.
2. Choose any hero from distance category (Nina, Jin, Titan) as leader.
3. Make the leader to stand near your tower. Whenever the enemy invade your tower, leader will destroy the enemy automatically. So your presence is not needed.
4. Don't attack the enemy tower, lose purposefully. Winning the game will make enemy heroes and soldiers stronger. If you keep winning a stage continuously, enemy armies would get extremely stronger. Trust me I struggle to defeat enemies in stage 3 where there is no enemy hero.
5. Attack as much enemy soldiers and hero until time runs out. For each enemy destroyed you will get exp plus coins.

By this trick you can get 100 - 600 experience and 200 - 6000 coins for the stages below 20. In stage 25 you can get 19,980 coins. Use the coins to upgrade other heroes.

Tips for clearing stages

This game sounds simple for first ten stages. Later stages you need to react fast in forming party for the speed of incoming enemies. Here are some tips that you can use to clear stages.

1. Form allies with new party. You will be rewarded with new hero after completing some stages. Train that hero and form ally. New heroes have tolerance power plus good hit points. Use coins to raise the exp point. Training hero by your own takes lot of time.
2. Equip the hero with items. Items like sword and shield will be available in store. Purchasing it gives the hero good hit points.
3. Always use the same hero as leader. Keeping same hero as leader for the whole game makes mightier.
4. There are three categories in hero: near, distance and magic. Use two heroes in each category. This combination makes team stronger.
5. Don't hesitate to buy ally during battle. Spend the whole amount to make ally. Have 20,000 coins before starting a game.

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