The Numerous Benefits of Selling Cars for Scrap

There are many reasons why your car may no longer be drivable. Maybe its been involved in an accident or failed its MOT and repairs will not be worth the trouble. However, you could earn a little cash by selling the car to a scrap yard; an industry which deserves a better reputation.

Helping the Planet
For one thing, sending your car to a decent scrap dealer will mean you will doing your bit for the environment. Because these days a decent scrap dealer will not only be fitted with good recycling facilities but they will also make sure that just about the whole of the vehicle will be used for recycling.

In fact, the vast majority of cars are made up of at least 65 percent steel, the remainder being made up of materials such as rubber, plastic and glass. The process of recycling this large amount of steel actually uses up to 75 percent less energy than is used when fabricating new steel. Therefore selling your scrap cars for cash will not only help your pocket a little but will also be an environmentally friendly option.

Furthermore, recycled steel is considerably cheaper than new steel and with some products being produced now entirely from recycled steel the economic benefits for many an industry and, of course by extension, the world's industrial infrastructure, are huge. Indeed, scrap cars for cash both makes environmental sense and has become a pretty lucrative business proposition as well.

How to Proceed?
Now you understand the benefits to having your car scrapped professionally, you will need to know how to go about it and what the process involves. Fortunately, it doesn't require much effort on your part. However, it may be a wise idea to shop around a bit. Scrap dealers usually pay by the 100 pounds of scrap material so phone around to see what each dealer is offering.

Next you need to identify which parts may be of real value and if you can, remove them. For example, parts such as the alternator or starter motor and any other major electrical parts tend to be of most value and most scrap yards will pay more for these than an equivalent weight of pure steel. In addition, it is often a good idea to remove the battery as most scrap yards will pay a set fee for these and removing the catalytic converter, if you can find it, will definitely be worth it as the dealer may pay anything up to 30 for this alone.

Next you may need to drain the fuel tank, transmission oil or even the engine oil while this often depends on the particular scrap yard. Call them first to see if this is required, many will probably do it for you.

The Paperwork
Finally, there will, unfortunately be some paperwork. These days all scrap cars have to be given an official Certificate of Destruction (COD) that must be approved by the DVLA. Some of the better scrap dealers will help you do this if you are unsure while they have to be Authorised Treatment Facilities that are DVLA approved.

Unfortunately, if you do not obtain one of these certificates then you may be liable for a fine. With this in mind it is vital that on receiving your Certificate of Destruction you ensure that it carries the official DVLA logo, which should be printed at the top left hand corner.

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