Moto G not recognizing the SIM - How to solve SIM problems?

Are you experiencing any problems related to SIM connectivity on your Moto G smartphone? Read my experience and how I resolved the SIM recognition problems on my phone.

I recently received a Motorola Moto G phone and I really loved it. Yes, it has been a few years since I said that about any phone. Its sleek design, dual SIM capability, clear display, very good performance are some of the main factors that made me love my Moto G, than the Google Nexus 4 phone I have been using till then.

Just a few weeks after I started using it, I got a Google update and soon after that I had to move the phone back to the shelf. The reason was, it stopped recognizing the first SIM on it. One of the main reasons I started using it was because of its dual SIM capability. The phone took rest in my shelf for about 2 weeks since I read in many blogs that the latest Google update caused Moto G to give SIM related issues. So I thought I would wait until a fix is released for Android or Moto G firmware to fix the issues.

Today I took the phone out from the box and decided to troubleshoot it myself. I opened the case of the phone and inserted the SIM to the slot 1. As expected, it showed a red color cross symbol and it wasn't recognizing the SIM. Then I went to the settings, disabled the SIM and re enabled. That did the magic. Phone instantly recognized the SIM in the slot 1. I made few phone calls and made sure it is working perfectly fine.

How to solve SIM recognition issues on Moto G

If you are experiencing problems in recognizing the SIM card, then try the following steps to disable and enable the SIM slot:

1. Slide down from the top to the bottom and click on the icon in the top right corner.

2. Touch the "Settings" to open the settings screen

3. Select "Dual SIM settings"

4. Touch the SIM 1 option and disable it.

4. Touch again to enable the SIM.

Moto G SIM recognition problems

Hopefully, this will activate your SIM slot again.

Troubleshoot your Moto G

If you are unable to resolve the problem, then try the following options:

1. Repeat the above steps after restarting the phone.

2. Remove the SIM that is not recognized and try it in the other SIM slot. See if that works.

3. Your SIM may be damaged. Borrow a micro SIM from a friend and try inserting it in your phone.

4. Check if the SIM is inserted corrected. Try taking it and sliding it in a few times and make sure it goes in smoothly.

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Guest Author: Divya24 Apr 2014

I am getting problems with Moto G after the Android KitKat update. Many people are reporting similar problems with the Android update. Is it really a problem with KitKat or with the phone itself? I am not able to figure out. I tried to contact the customer support and they too have no clue.

Author: Tony John24 Apr 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


I was able to solve the problems with my Moto G by simply disabling and enabling the SIM from the settings. Did you try it? I think that will solve your issue.

Guest Author: NAND07 Oct 2014

Disable option is not going as the is not recognised. It works every time I re insert it but after a while. Please help

Guest Author: Hrudai deep22 Oct 2014

I've also got the same problem with Moto G. In the 1st slot, I am using Airtel and in the 2nd slot I have recently inserted Docomo and it's not getting recognised. Except this SIM, all are recognised. What should I do to overcome this problem? Please suggest.

Guest Author: Wayne vought23 Oct 2014

My Moto G has only 1 sim slot and no mention of it in settings about disabling or enabling SIM. Any answers would be helpful.

Guest Author: Abhay Singh27 Oct 2014

I am not getting the option to disable or enable sim 1. SIM 1 is grayed out.

Guest Author: shivansh16 Nov 2014

Same problem. When I touch the enable/disable option in dual sim settings nothing happens.

How to solve it?

Guest Author: Suraj Kumar12 Mar 2015

I also got the same problem recently, i just changed the SIM slot i.e. i flipped the SIMs within respective slots and it worked well.

Guest Author: surendra02 Apr 2015

I bought a Moto G 2nd generation from flipkart 3days back. The SIM 1 slot does not recognize the SIM. I also tried 2-3 micro SIMS, but no use. Nowadays China made mobiles also not working properly! It is a brand new Moto G and I really hate this. I would like to draw the attention of the Moto service people to this - we don't have that much money to buy 2-3 mobiles!!

Author: Paresh Gujarati20 Apr 2015 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

I too faced the above problem. I am using single SIM instead of using both SIM facility. When one SIM slot has any issue, I normally switch SIM location to other and restart solves the issue. Now there is no problem with my first generation Moto G.

Author: DR KRISHAJIT BARUAH20 Apr 2015 Member Level: Silver   Points : 0

Tony Sir, you are really the best for solving the problems of smartphones! I have changed my SIM from the nearest store.Now again I facing the problem of networks my both sim is reliance, sim no.2 internet connection is not working for change of 2G to 3G Networks said to me reliance store.
I waiting from a months for data connection to my sim no.2 and tried all the possible of my knowledge but I have failure connection to my Android. I get an information from customer care about my data balance as follows: Your 3G Net bal is 515.22 MB(valid till 15-02-2016),Your 3G Fairusage Net bal is 0.00 MB(valid till 15-02-2016), Now my both sim is Roaming mode but Roaming charges are free.

Author: ram07 May 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2


I have Moto E phone. I am using BSNL in 2nd slot, AirTel in 1st slot.

1. From last 2 day airtel is not working, BSNL is working

2. I observed that cross mark like as above discussions.

3. I changed my sim and place new one. No luck

4. I swapped the sim cards, now they work fine.

Anybody know the what / where is the problem? Please letme know the solution.

Thank you

Guest Author: SSR25 May 2015

Dear Tony,

My Moto G2 is not working, since I am not able to enable both the SIM. Quite a few times I have switched on & off still the same. Could you please share your response.

Guest Author: shashank03 Jun 2015

I am using Moto E. Today, the mobile was not working because of low battery after one hour and both simcards are disables. So what should I do? Please guide me.

Guest Author: Vishal Kumar Nayak16 Sep 2015

There is a problem in SIM Slots from manufacturing time. The SIM needs to be cut more on the bottom side (Chip ~ Facing Front and placed horizontally) and then inserted into the slot. It will definitely work. It worked for me in both the slots which was disabled.

Guest Author: prashant21 Sep 2015

Moto G2 sim card gets disabled and whenever I restart the phone it is enabled. After some time again this problem occurs. This phone is really creating problems for me!

Guest Author: S.Balakrishnasamy02 Oct 2015

I bought & received a Moto G 2nd generation from flipkart on 01.10.15. The SIM 1 slot does not recognize the SIM. I also tried 2-3 micro SIMS, not getting the option to disable or enable sim 1. Please guide what to do.

Guest Author: MANDAR30 Nov 2015

I have a Moto E smartphone. Since the last few days "no sim card" error is showing on the mobile. Please let me know how to solve the error.

Guest Author: jaideep jadhav21 Jan 2016

Moto G2 sim card gets disabled and whenever I restart the phone it is enabled. After some time again this problem occurs. The Authorised Service Centre - Global Services in Pune - replaced the Network cable charging INR 750. but still the problem persists. Now message states that the program is corrupt, that you need to replace the motherboard. What is the real problem? How to fix it?

Guest Author: Rupali17 Aug 2016

Thanks for post, I enabled sim slot 1 in settings->sim cards-> sim slit 1 option. It's working now. 👍👍

Guest Author: Rajesh16 Oct 2017

Sim 1 slot in my Moto G2 not working since last evening. Please help to suggest to resolve this issue. I have checked my both sims and found working in sim 2 slot.

Guest Author: daniel10 Jan 2019

I am SO tired of all these "experts" and the useless advice they give out.
PROBLEM. Number one sim slot not recognising ANY sim card.
ANSWER. Switch off the slot and switch it back on!!!!
HTF can you switch OFF a sim slot And then back on again IF IT IS NOT being recognised!.
This is the equivalent of "How do I change my punctured wheel with STUCK wheel nuts. " ANSWER "You must jack up the car and then change the wheel" (Idiot!..= Same)
Phone worked fine.
Bought a new sim card
Now the sim 1 slot no longer works. and it IS NOT SEEN so it cant be turned on or off as a result!
FAULT Used to be. SIM SLOT2 did NOT function.
NOW it does but sim slot 1 does not.
Also these peiople advise "Slide down screen to settings and tap icon top right.
There is NO option to tap ANYTHING at the top right after swiping down the screen.

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