Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 5: The Forsaken

Have a look at Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 5. This walkthrough provides you stealthy moves with the location of all the collectibles. Read this walkthrough to know more about the game.

Chapter 5: The Forsaken Walkthrough

Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 5
After going through Thief chapter 4 walkthrough, let's move onto the next chapter. When the chapter 5 starts, you have to move to the courtyard. There will be no trouble while reaching courtyard as there will be no guards on the way. Now, after reaching this courtyard, you will not find any way to continue but don't leave this place. After a minute, the front door will open itself and then go inside it. Now, head towards the Women's Ward but after reaching there, you will find the main door to Women's Ward locked. See the notice which is just above the keyhole of door. When you will see it, your waypoint will be immediately changed.

Now, you have to head for Men's Ward to get the key of the locked door. While on your way, go to the room and read a document titled "The Archivist". Now, after reading this document, move to another room and read the document titled "Room Numbers". After this, finally go to the room which is very close to your waypoint and you will find a crouch space there. Use this to get access to another room. In this room, you will find the key of women's ward locked door. Surprisingly, the key is a toy tower.
Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 5
Now, head back to the Women's Ward and open the locked door. When you will be inside, you will see several ghosts (which seems as if they are calling you) but don't worry as these ghosts won't attack you. You may follow them and collect all the collectables like treasures and other valuables. After collecting valuables, go to the exterior of the room to find a ledge. Climb it and then access the crawl space.

Now, drop down to the room where the waypoint points to. Go to the another room which is just adjacent to this room. In that room, you will find a doc titled "Patient Transfer". Read this doc and head for the other waypoints of this chapter. After few checkpoints, you will reach a generator. Here, you have to first provide power to this generator and then hit the nearby switch. This switch will open the doors of an asylum. The asylum patients are very much aggressive but you can easily sweep them if you use your stealthy skills. Just move with extreme focus until you reach a metal barrier. Pass this barrier by crouching and now you do not have to worry about these asylum patients. Because this barrier will separate you from them. Here, you will have to access the elevator.

This next area is full of mutated humans. Here, you have to move very quietly and slowly to get the advantage to pass them easily. Actually, these mutated humans are blind and move towards the sound heard by them. So it's better to move stealthy if you don't want yourself to be engaged by them. And yes, don't think that sound made by hitting the switches will attract these mutants because it won't. Now, the chapter is about to end, and the rest of the way is quite easy and simple.

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