List of PC games releasing in May & June (2014)

Want to know the list of PC games releasing in May & June (2014)? I have provided you with the upcoming PC games releasing in May & June of this year with a brief description of each.

The month of April saw the release of some cool games like Dark Souls 2 and Amazing Spiderman 2. But to your surprise, May and June will be packed with even more cool and most awaited games. The eagerly waited "Wolfenstein: The New Order" and "Watchdogs" will be out on May of this year while the month of June will see the release of most success sequel "Sniper Elite 3" with some other graphic demanding games like "Murdered: Soul Suspect" and "Company of Heroes 2". So, to know more about the upcoming PC games, read the following list of PC games releasing in May & June (2014).

PC games releasing in May

Bound By Flame
Bound By Flame is an action genre RPG game, published by Focus Home Interactive and developed by Spiders. In this game, you will be given the role of a mercenary who is possessed by a flame demon. Due to the influence of these demonic powers, players will have to either choose between the powers of this evil or have to reject them and develop their own heroic talents. But as you progress through the game, cruel and gruesome enemies will force you to leave the heroic soul and acquire the power of the demon inhabiting you. Apart from this, Bound By Flame is believed to offer many side quests with a great epic adventure. So, be ready to improve your basic combats, fire magic and the other demonic skills in order to face the blood thirsty enemies.
Bound By Flame will be released on 9 May, 2014.

Killer is Dead
Killer is Dead is an action genre game, published by Deep Silver and developed by Grasshopper Manufacture. This game features Mondo Zappa as the main protagonist who is hired by a reputed execution agency. Mondo will have a Japanese sword in his right hand and brandish interchangeable weapons in his left artificial arm in order to fight criminals scattered around the world. This game is believed to feature good graphics and visuals with unique and stylish actions in a hope to provide the gamers with an unprecedented gaming experience. Moreover, this game will feature a "Theater Mode" where players can watch the cutscenes which will be unlocked in the story as you progress.
Killer is Dead will be out on 9 May, 2014.

Wolfenstein: The New Order
Wolfenstein The New Order is an action genre shooting game, developed by "Bathesda Studios". This game's plot is based on the alternate World War 2 scenario with an alternate reality of Nazi winning the war. The main protagonist of the game is BJ Blazkowicz, a returning hero who plans to destroy all the brutalities of the Nazis and free this world of their cruelty. The game is believed to be rated 18+ due to the gruesome violence and strong language. Besides all this, the game shows excellent graphics and a variety of weapons to choose from. Moreover, this game features a lot of actions with stealthy moves. Wolfenstein is definitely going to attract a lot of gamers and will get a good rating. Regarding its release date, Wolfenstein: The New Order will be released on 23rd May of this year.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs is an action genre adventurous game, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is an open world game with seemingly good graphics. This game features extensive car chases, hacking and of course shooting. Watch Dogs is set up in the near future Chicago where all the electronic devices, whether it be traffic lights or ATMs, are interconnected. This enables the player to hack and exploit all these machines. So, you can switch between the traffic lights to crash the vehicles. The Watch Dog's gameplay features mind blowing actions and excellent graphics with brilliant textures.

The release date of this game is believed to be 27th May of this year. So, when it is in the market, don't forget to look for this action, adventurous and shooting game.

1849 is an economic simulation game, published and developed by SomaSim. Like SimCity and other simulation games, 1849 also provides you the challenges to build a enormous mining empire in 19th century California. So, 1849 is a classic city management game which enables you to build towns and populate them with workers and provide extensive production so as to make sure your towns thrive. Moreover, this game is believed to feature a campaign mode which will contain around 20 city scenarios, each with the unique starting conditions.
1849 will be out on May of this year.

PC games releasing in June

Murdered: Soul Suspect
Murdered: Soul Suspect is an adventure genre game, published by Square Enix and developed by Airtight Games. Murdered: Soul Suspect is a supernatural detective thriller where the mystery you are solving is none other than your own murder from the afterlife. The protagonist of the game is a police detective - Ronan O'Connor whose life was put to a brutal end by a killer. As he is trapped in a limbo world known as "Dusk", his soul will not find peace until he discovers and put his killer to justice. Besides, Ronan will feature supernatural abilities enabling him to read the minds of the living and fight the dark spirits, ultimately leading him to his killer.
Murdered: Soul Suspect will be out on 3 June, 2014.

WildStar is a role playing game, published by NCsoft and developed by Carbine Studios. This game will allow the players to choose their representative as soldiers, settlers, explorers and scientists and throw them into an epic high adventure. Besides, depending on a list of factors, this game will provide gamers with unending surprises, mini-quests and several challenges in order to fill the players with fun and fresh experience. WildStar's "Momentum Mechanics" is believed to immerse gamers into a deep world which will be packed with a lot of challenges and side quests.

WildStar will be out on 3 June, 2014.

Enemy Front
Enemy Front is a first person shooter game, published and developed by Cl Games. Enemy Front is based on the story of a soldier who is dropped behind Nazi lines to engage in dangerous and serious missions ranging from quick assignments to sabotage activities. The main protagonist of the game is an American war correspondent Robert Hawkins who deeply engages in fighting the Nazis and destroying their plans of creating a lethal weapon. The game is believed to feature breathtaking graphics and textures with a highly detailed environment. Moreover, this game will accompany brilliant blockbuster actions across many resistance missions featuring World War II scenario. And what's more? Its campaign mode and multiplayer mode are powered by the most stunning CryEngine technology, well known for "Crysis game series".

Enemy Front will be out on 10 June, 2014.

Sniper Elite 3
Sniper Elite 3 is a first person shooter game, published and developed by Rebellion. This game features American OSS agent Karl Fairburne as the main protagonist, who takes assignment in North Africa during World War 2 so as to assist his squad and Allied forces by providing them his sharpshooter skills. It will have greater and more open area than its previous parts and will have more highly detailed graphics. Due to the increased difficulty, you will always need shadows and darkness to accomplish the mission without undergoing any re-try. Besides, this game will feature weapon and character customization, co-op multiplayer, and competitive multiplayer. For the first time, this game will feature X-Ray kill-Cam, which showcases even more more details including circulatory system and muscle layer.
Sniper Elite 3 will be out on 27 June, 2014.

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies
Company of Heroes 2 is a real-time strategy game, published by SEGA and developed by Relic. The Western Front Armies includes two unique forces - the US forces and the German Oberkommando west, each featuring their unique weapons, infantry, tactical gameplay options and skills. Besides, this game gives you access to 23 existing maps and over 1000 community created maps which will be available online on the Steam. With this game, experience the brutality of frontline warfare and control the battle by commanding your squad. This game will feature an intense online combat with every battle telling you a story.
Company of Heroes 2 will be out on June of this year.

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