Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets

Have a look at Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 3. This walkthrough provides you stealthy moves with the location of all the collectibles. Read this walkthrough to know more about the game.

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets Walkthrough

Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 3
Before going further, I recommend you to check my chapter 1 walkthrough and chapter 2 walkthough . Assuming you have gone through my first two part's walkthroughs, let's concentrate on chapter 3 - Dirty Secrets. In the beginning of the chapter, there will be 2 guards just ahead of you. To sneak past them use the shadows on the left side of the map to move. Soon, you will also see another guard with a gentleman. Be alert and follow them. You may also pickpocket them if you want some cash.

While following them around the stairs, be sure to see left on the starting of the third set of stairs. There you will see a vent, access it and move to its end point. On the other side of the vent, again look towards left to see a wooden beam. Move on this beam until it ends and then jump down. Now, access the lower level hallway on the left side by sliding down. When you are about to exit the hallway, see towards right and you will find a grate there. After climbing on it, you will also see a lever which will lead you to the Xiao Xiao's brothel, "The House of Blossoms". You will see a woman when the entrance door will open. Here, you will find several guards but don't worry as this woman will help you to sneak past them. Follow her and wait for the moment when she starts to flirt with the guards. Soon this woman will start to get those guards attention. Take this moment as your advantage and move towards the stairs.

Go upside of these stairs and turn left. This area is well lit, so it's better not to take down any guard. Now, you will see a door in front of you. Open the door and wait for the guard in the room to go away. Get inside the room and you will again see the ascending stairs at the opposite side. Before accessing these stairs, you will have to quietly slip by. For doing this, just move quietly along the right side until you reach those stairs. There is one guard who will be at the top of the stairs but do not fight with him. Move upside the stairs and wait for that guard to turn his back at you. Now, move towards right and access the room. In this room and as well as in the adjacent room, you will find good amount of valuables to loot. Now, search for the hidden switches near paintings which are just next to the bed. After finding the switches, you will gain access to a secret passage.
Thief 2014 Walkthrough Chapter 3
Here, your objective is to find the four symbols and these will be found in the walls. Simply look in the tiny holes of the walls to get these four symbols. Collect and align those to unlock another passage which will lead you to the ancient ruins. Now, just move to the narrow passage. This area has several traps to stop you, so use your vision ability to see all the traps and move safely. Go near to the shattered window and find the beam near it. Then move on the beam and you will find stairs. These stairs will lead you to the small library. Once you are inside this small library, find the switch using your vision ability. This switch will give you access to the library towers. But before you can climb the tower, you will have to solve one puzzle regarding the stairs of library towers. This puzzle will seem to be difficult unless you follow my guidelines.

How to solve Library Towers puzzle:- First go to the first dial of tower and spin the stairs completely. After spinning, move to these stairs to reach another part of Library Towers. Now, when you will spin another set of stairs, you will see that the stairs are marked as 'II' and 'III'. So, be sure that first you spin the stairs marked as II and then III. Now, when you have finally got the solution to this puzzle, you will be headed towards another waypoint. Here, you have to simply use your vision ability to find the symbols in medallion. Now, you have to escape that area. After escaping, chapter 3 will be completed.

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