How To Take Over the SERPs by Ranking Social Media Profile Pages

Getting the top position in SERP is important but if it's not possible then social media about that company or site should be optimized to get the social media accounts being listed in the results page along with the site which is not top ranked.

The days when traditional ways were followed for a site's SEO and that optimization leading to good rankings and traffic generation are long gone. With new updates in webmaster rules of search engine giant Google it is necessary to do something out of the box to get better rankings in the SERPs.

There are still many SEO firms present which continue to optimize the performance of the site while they fail to expand the keyword real estate which in turn can give them more than one listing in the SERP's Page 1.

The backlink generation and on-page optimization is the main techniques which play the most important role in maintaining the visibility in the SERP. But as we already said doing something out of the box is the need of the hour in the field of SEO. There are few of the innovations carried out by SEO agency in London to get the most out of the SERPs. Social media is such a medium which increases visibility for queries if used and optimized properly.

There are no extraordinary measures needed for optimizing the social media sites. It doesn't take much time to optimize these social media networks even. It is not a question of buying fabricated likes on Facebook or tweets on twitter. There are some simple steps which are to be taken to maintain the social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and others along with the backlink strategies.

Every SEO strategy is carried out keeping in mind the 1st spot of the SERP for the particular query. Every company wants their site to be the first listing seen by the people when searched for a particular keyword so that it has maximum chances of being visited.

But there are usually 10 results present on a single results page. So what happens with the other 9 results which are not at the top? What are the chances of those results being clicked upon by the users? Will the chances increase if the company's twitter profile or the Facebook page of the company was present in those results? If this happens you can have 30% of the real estate space on the front page of SERP compared to the 10% when only your site was listed.

Getting twitter account listed

Staying active in Twitter is the key to getting your account listed in the listing. An inactive Twitter account won't push the rankings down it will just inhibit the URL from ranking up. Few steps for optimizing twitter account to get listed are:

  • Make updates frequent through original tweets.

  • Keep a tab on who tweets you and respond to them.

  • The description which is used in twitter profile should have few keywords.

  • A link to the website you are promoting should be added.

  • The profile picture should be such that it showcases the company, brand or the service you are providing.

  • Follow other accounts which have something in common with your services to increase your follower count in return.

Network of twitter accounts

A group of stand-alone twitter accounts should be set up. These accounts should be having everything distinct in their profiles whether it is the likes and dislikes, political affiliations, religions or anything else. These accounts are not connected with each other in any way except that you would be handling all these accounts.

Once the accounts in the group are created and updated for sometime then these accounts should have social interactions with the original twitter account you are intending to promote.

Facebook Pages

The Facebook page created by you for the company's site promotion requires some SEO as well like twitter to get listed.

Title of the page

The name of the page is something that becomes your brand's identity and thus it should be chosen carefully. If you want users to find you by some particular keywords or your brand through it then include the keyword in the title. It is your identity so choose it carefully.

Meta Desc

A 140 character description is allowed on Facebook page. Optimize it just like the meta description of a webpage is optimized for a particular website.

For these two social networks these are the most important optimization one can do. But the process should not stop here. The link building techniques should be used for the social media networks to gain more visibility. Links should be built which point to Pinterest accounts or Google Plus pages.


Social media optimization plays a vital role in getting the social network account listed in the SERP along with the site being listed. This increases the chances of the site being visited by the user.

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