Assassins Creed Unity preview: Cheat, tips and tricks to play

Assassins Creed has been an annual franchise for quite some time now. So, how the next installment in the series is going to fare? Let's find out in this article.


You can put all your speculations and rumors to rest now as Ubisoft has finally come out and spewed out a few details about the next Assassins Creed game following the footage leaks by Kotaku and Eurogamer. Is it a surprise that we are getting an Assassins Creed game again this year? No, not by a long shot. But here is the thing; we are going to get two games this year instead of one game. So, there you go. If you thought that they are overusing their internal studios to work on Assassins Creed franchise, you couldn't be more wrong. It seems that they were underutilized so Ubisoft is going to bring two Assassins Creed games this year. Talk about efficiency and using resources optimally. Well, props to Ubisoft for that as we didn't expect it at all. So, how is it going to fare on next-gen and current-gen consoles? Is it going to take a graphical leap from the last year's Assassins Creed 4? What about the settings? Let's delineate more as we decipher the recently ousted trailer of the game -

French revolution setting

French revolution setting has never been used in any game prior to Assassins Creed Unity, so it will be really intriguing to see how they are going to integrate of the most underrated revolutions of all time in their game.

Previous games have either been about American Revolution or the prates ear, but none of them have ever tried to tap into anything else. So, it's really great to see them striving for uniqueness. Moreover, they know that if they don't want to lose any identity and keep this annual franchise afloat, they better keep doing innovative things. So it's only fitting to see them doing something unprecedented this time around.

The return of Connor

Believe it or not, Connor, the deadly protagonist from Assassins Creed 3, is making a comeback this year. Connor had almost been killed in Assassins Creed 3 when his ship wrecked in the middle of ocean, but it seems that he somehow survived against all the odds and will be back to take his revenge. It will be interesting to see as to how they decide to bring him back into picture as the time we saw him, he seems half-charred and was on the brink of death. So did someone actually come to his rescue? Was someone keeping an eye on him? Well, the latter seems like a real possibility to me as the Captain was keeping a watch over him from the inception. He was apprehensive about the fact that Connor is a real assassin and that's why he was chasing him in the woods last night. But knowing Connor's scampering and disguising abilities, he disappeared all of a sudden. It seems that captain saved him and helped him escorting the town.

If that's what happened, we should brace ourselves for the Russueal and Captain tussle. This one is really going to be one of the most captivating plots of all time. So, let's see what their storyline is going to be this time around.

Exploring the world during revolution

Exploring the world in a way that is unique to the feel of the game is the gist here. You see, if you have read about this revolution, you know that the whole France was polarized into two groups. There were two popular groups of rebellionaries. The same is going to happen in the game. One part of the game will be free for you to explore. It will be a friendly area. While the other part will be a hostile area which depends on which group you choose to root for.

No matter which group you choose, there will always be a hostile area waiting for you to try and invade. Once you enter this area, you'll be met with a lot of pissed off soldiers and hideous creatures adamant on killing you. They are really perplexed over the fact that you chose to be with other group instead of helping them getting France back.

So make sure that whenever you are trying to infiltrate and snoop in on that specific area, you are full equipped. Otherwise, they will maul you and burn your corpse. They use your ashes as a part of the ritual to resurrect their master. That's something new. The supernatural side of things is a new addition to this franchise which is going to be really intriguing to see how they tackle it and keep from influencing the otherwise solid lore.

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