Best upcoming RPG games for 2014-15

Role playing games are shirking as developers are more inclined towards first person shooting genre. But here are some upcoming RPG games that will soothe you for some time.


RPG stands for 'Role playing Game'. What role playing means is you play as a character totally immersing yourself into him or her. You build up your character from being a no one to a force to be reckoned with. That's the beauty of these games. The freedom with which you can operate in these games can be a bit dizzying at times as there is a lot of content to consume. That's why I love playing RPGs. Not only they are best bang for the buck as it ensures hours upon hours of gameplay for just $60, it also is the best genre out there.

You kind of get attached to your created character throughout the journey. Like any other year, there is no dearth of role playing games coming this year as well. If I were to enlist every game exhaustively, it would take me a lot of time to find each and everyone. So, I am going to list only a few monumental ones that I am sure are going to be quite successful when they launch alter on this year or in the very next year. Now, without further ado –

Kingdome Core: Deliverance

I am sure you would have heard about this project by now. They had a Kickstarter crowdfunding setup which was immensely successful and ended up getting them more than what they could have ever imagined. Now, I am sure their investors would be happy with the Kickstarter results and it's pretty apparent from the backing up of more than 40,00 people, it's going to be insanely popular once it launches in the market.
Set in medieval era, this game takes cues from other games like The Witcher 3 and Gothic series, but the scale of this game is not as huge as something like Skyrim. You have to keep in mind that it is not a big AAA project being started by a big studio. Instead, it's small project headed by couple of over ambitious guys in Slovakia.

Scheduled to launch in 3 parts, the first part is going to launch sometime in 2015, and the second and third chapters of this game will follow soon thereafter. I am sure this game is worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3 is one of the most fabled games of last year, Unfortunately, they had to push the release date from September 14 to February, but I am sure they did it to polish up the game. CD Project Red, the studio behind this game, is one of the least hated developers out there. So, I am sure they are not going to take any chances with this game as they would like to keep their reputation unblemished.

South Park: The Stick Of truth

South Park: The Stick Of truth is a RPG based on a popular TV show called South Park. From what they have showcased us thus far, it looks exactly like the TV shows. The character roster, their activities, their working schedules and everything else is carefully taken from the TV show to be integrated in the game.

Playing as Kenny, you'll have your fair share of laugh during the whole playthorugh, but that's not it. Surprisingly, there is a lot more depth in this game as you'll have to build up your character from the scratch and always stay on your toes, like a hardcore RPG.

Kingdome Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts series is final making a comeback people! Yes, they showcased some footage of this game back in E3 213, but since then, they haven't said much about the game. Here is hoping that we have some kind of final say about the status of this game from the creators or publisher of this game. What have they been doing for the whole year? We are still being kept in dark as the lack of communication is certainly apparent. It's really starting to worry some fans. But I reckon everything will work out just fine. It's a really huge franchise and I am sure they have their plans to launch this game sometime this year, or maybe the very next year.

Wasteland 2

I am no sure about this Kickstarer game to be honest. Granted, it was really heavily funded and now they have all the resources in the world to deliver a perfect game, but deep down somewhere, I know that there is something wrong with this game. The early alpha built was not really bad, but it's not what you'd expect from someone like Trusion. There I still some time to do everything right before they launch this product, but I doubt they will do it. So, buy this game only after taking a good look at this game.

Child of Light

Ubisoft likes to call it their baby project as it's more of an independent game despite being backed by Ubisoft. It's really one of a kind. Moreover, it's not a 3D game. If you were expecting something like that, you are going to be disappointed as it's more like Rayman series where you head on over to a straight direction in 2D. So if you are up for some kinky stuff like that, I am sure you'll love what this game has to offer. You won't have to wait longer as this game is scheduled to launch in early 2014.

Lords of the Fallen

When The Witcher publisher culled some of their talented staffs back in 2011, they didn't give up on their future and formed a new studio by themselves to create something new and give t their best go as it was their only chance with a limited amount of cash.

They decided that they would rather work on an orthodox RPG rather than taking chances with any other genre. And there you go. We have gotten one of the most anticipated titles of this year. You'll have to choose one of the factions in this game and side with them for the rest of the gameplay. Once you decide to root for a particular faction, the other faction's door will be closed for you forever. Unlike Skyrim, you can't regroup with other faction once you betrayed them.

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