Will handheld devices ever replace mainstream consoles and PCs?

Handheld devices will always co-exist with other mainstream devices, but those people proclaiming that console days are over couldn't be more wrong. Here is why.


The talk has been going on for last 2 decades that handheld device will replace all the bulky consoles and PCs. It's going to happen someday as we all know how rapidly everything is evolving around us. But is it going to be in near future or is it going to take some more time?

Well, I think none of the above is going to happen at all. You know, when they say don't expect too much from something that is hot right now. It wouldn't take too long before everyone settle down again and dwell over these devices. Are they really the future of gaming? I don't think so.

Yes, I believe there is a market for handheld devices as well, but as far as taking over the mainstream business is concerned, I don't think it's ever going to happen. If anything, they would hurt their business in an effort to do something which is impossible right now. There is a huge demand for next-gen consoles as well as PCs right now. So, it would be absurd to even think that this business is going to be replaced by handheld business. Yes, we find it a lot easier to play games on the move, but that's about it. There is nothing else about these devices that attract people to them except for their mobility.

The end is neigh

Ever since the inception of handheld devices by Nintendo, analysts have predicted that one day, handheld gaming will outstrip mainstream gaming as it's easier and portable. But how true is it? Is it really going to transpire in future? I doubt that. Conversely, I think that handheld gaming will fail to flourish like they have presumed. It's never going to happen in reality, because predicting something is easy, but morphing your plans into action and actually delivering upon it is really an arduous task, and in some cases an impossible one.

Unfortunately, in this case, it seems that the latter is going to happen. Console is a whole different ball game. Not only they offer more quality games, but everything seems to be more organized over there. I for one would always root for something that is premium quality and provides the best bang for the buck.

Apparently, handheld devices are not powerful enough to offer the same kind of services mainstream console or a gaming PC can offer. They lack the sheer power of aforementioned devices. And in the market driven by customers' choices, I doubt that handheld gaming would ever topple the mainstream gaming. One can see the end of handheld devices' regime from afar. They say the form is temporary but the class is permanent. The same is true for PlayStation and Xbox devices. What they offer to their customers cannot be matched by mobile devices.

A sea of free games

As always, there will never be a dearth of free games to play on mobile devices. You'll always have a pool of games waiting for you to get your hands on them. Everyone is seeing the benefit and a brighter future in mobile gaming as such, they are jumping on the bandwagon as soon as they can. From veteran developers to novice individuals, everyone is willing to venture into this unknown territory and offer what they have.

But the downside of these offerings are that you won't find a lot of good games worth your time. The truth is, if you exclude certain exceptions, there isn't much to talk about in terms of quality in mobile games. Can you compare something like Skyrim to Dungeon Keeper? The latter doesn't stand a chance against the former as Skyrim outstrips Dungeon Keeper in every department.

The thing is, no matter how hard they try to be as good as Skyrim or any other game on consoles and PCs are, it's almost impossible to delver such quality and demanding games on portable devices, at least for now.

Lacking in depth

While there are tons of games available for you on mobile as everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, you'll notice that almost all the games lack the quality and depth – something that is abundant on consoles and PCs. You play mobile games for a while and then ditch them forgetting you ever had them installed on your mobile. It happens because there is always something new for you to try and the entry cost is nothing most of the times. It seems like a win-win situation but it isn't. Do you realize that it's hurting the mainstream business significantly?

Read Google's new Android 4.4 Kitkat OS for handheld devices

Some talented developers have already left the mainstream business in order to make more for doing less, but if you dwell over it for a moment, you realize that it's nothing more than daydreaming.

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Author: Korra22 Apr 2015 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 6

I agree with you that handheld devices can never replace traditional PCs and Video Gaming Consoles.

If that is not true, then what happened to N-Gage?It was a handheld gaming device as well as a mobile phone. It had a vast number of video games including Java ME, Symbian as well its native games. It could also emulate GBA games. But what happened to it? It was a huge flop. It was unable to compete even with Game Boy Advance.

Handhald devices lack quality gaming. They have lots of games, but most of them are just time-wasting and crappy.

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