Watch Dog's striking resemblance to GTA V: Is it a good thing?

As the launch of Watch Dogs is inching closer, we can't help but get a feeling that the game looks more and more like GTA V. Is it really the case though? Let's find out.


For those who don't know what Watch Dogs or GTA V really is, it's not worth perusing this material. I suggest you to take a look at Watch Dogs and GTA V reviews to find out more about it and then come back here for more perusal. Okay, let's delve deep and delineate more.

GTA V creating the buzz

As we already know, GTA V has created quite a stir in the market ever since it launched back in September 2013. If anything, it was one of the most hyped games to this date promising to be the next best thing. And unlike other hyped games, it delivered on its promises. Heck, what we experienced was a bit more than we could have ever imagined. It was an ultimate open-world experience where one could do whatever they wanted to do in a gigantic open world. Once you are in the game, they hurl the keys to you and you are the one in charge. They have deliberately done it to always make you feel free from the game narrative. You could go hiking, participate in a bike race, or better yet, you could decide to embark on the path of redemption and right your own wrongs by diminishing and disrupting the city's underworld network. Simply put, there are tons of things to do in GTA V which can be pursued at your own will and pace. None of them is forced upon you.

What Rockstar Does best

The open-world environment, dynamic weather and the freedom in the game is the forte of Rockstar, the developer of GTA V. That's why they are one of the most renowned game companies in the world. So, it's only fitting that other companies take a cue from them and learn as to how they create games and sell millions of copies in the same launch day. It's not a rocket since. The dedication and determination it takes to make something like GTA V perfect, is astounding to say the least. And for anyone to replicate this kind of success, it would meant that they need to be as good as Rockstar is in creating games, perhaps a tad better than them. If they simply copy and paste stuff, they will be labeled as copy cats. So, imitating them is not an option, but implementing some of their stuff in their own game is something that would be appreciated by everyone. Why not? If a game like GTA V can inspire some other open-world games like Watch Dogs, it should be done by all means.

Watch Dogs delay

Scheduled to launch back in November 2013, Watch Dogs was delayed and pushed to May 2014 to give it some time to add some more content and polish this game a bit more than. Game delays are nothing new in this industry. What's surprising is the moment when they decided to delay this project. It was at the very last moment when the game was about to launch that they realized that it's not ready yet.

Needless to say, they were clearly feeling the heat of GTA V which launched just a few months back from Watch Dog's scheduled launch. GTA V left such a mark on Ubisoft that they had to alter their plans. They must have realized that what they were going to serve is not going to make a lot of people happy, especially in the light of GTA V being launched recently. Obviously, people's expectations would have swollen up after GTA V as they would be expecting something similar or even better from other open-world games. Ubisoft couldn't afford to get on the bad side of the gamers. So they made a very brave yet untimely decision to delay this game so as to make some necessary modifications and improvements.

The GTA vibe

Now that it's heading to the launch, it looks eerily similar to GTA V. The recent showing of this game where it showcased the whole Chicago city was more like a reminiscent of GTA V than anything else. But is it a bad thing? Hell no. It isn't.

From what they have showcased and promised us so far, if they could fulfill even 50% of them, I will be more than happy to get a copy of this game on the very first day. It's not going to be easy though as there are going to be obvious analogies between Watch Dogs and GTA V once this game is ready to roll. You see, imitating this game or even implementing some of the GTA v's ideas into Watch Dogs can go awry at any time if they fail in doing it perfectly.

They took a big risk delaying this game, but the recent gameplay footages are testimonial to the fact that they did it for a good reason. Now the city looks brighter, sharper, less fuzzy and clutter-less. They have clearly worked on the jagged edges and have spruced this game up for a roll.


One of the other aspects of the game they worked upon while they got some time is hacking. As we all know, the whole Chicago's city is at your palm. Just use your phone to tap into the city's networks, invade people's homes, rob them of their money by hacking their ATM and do more. Just like GTA V, you can run round and go frenzy shooting anyone you like as your prey.

There are some obvious similarities that draw us closer to the conclusion that Ubisoft has finally admitted that GTA series has been doing better than their other open-world games. That's why they have finally started looking for some innovation and integrating some the features of GTA V. Apparently, it's coming off well for hem. As to how it will work when it will launch, we would only be able to tell that once it launches as there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the online counterpart.

Although they have stated time and again that things are going to work out just fine and online gameplay is going to be awesome, we already know that their words are not to be believed until we see it for ourselves. Anyone can hack into our game just like in GTA V, but the difference is, GTA V did it to perfection while it's still in conceptual stages when it comes to Watch Dogs.

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