Review and features of 2014 Audi S6

Are you looking to buy the 2014 Audi S6? Audi has recently introduced Audi S6 which is the performance version of the A6. Read the article to know its features, ride quality and a detailed review.

German automaker, Audi has recently introduced 2014 Audi S6. The original model of Audi A6 was launched in 1994 and Audi has definitely come a long way since then. The new Audi S6 is the performance version of the A6 launched in 2002. The S6, a perfect package of performance & practicality is one of the best cars in its segment.

audi s6

Style & design

The new Audi S6 is the performance version of the A6 and thus, it looks quite similar to the A6. Instead of the anticipated sportiness, the exteriors look much composed & demure. The dimensions are so meek that you will wonder if the S6 is really a serious performance sedan. However, with its sleekly contoured sheet metal and tightly drawn details, I have to say that in terms of styling, there is no comparison to the Audi S6. The 19-inch chunky looking S-Line cat aluminium wheels and the massive 5-armwing are enough to grab your attention. The main attraction is the beautiful V8T badging on the front fender. Apart from this, you will find numerous S6 badges on brake clippers, boot and front grille which give the S6 its muscular look. The QUATTRO badge is beautifully placed in front of the co-driver. Needless to say, Audi has top notch overall quality and looks rich from all angles. It comes with two chrome bars on the front grille and matte aluminium finish on side mirrors, doors, centre console and dashboard.

Interiors of all Audi models look similar due to the shared parts. However, there are some changes in the interiors of Audi S6. Rather than the dual-tone inlays seen in standard cars, this mid-sized saloon has carbon ones which give it a sporty look from inside. The interiors look bigger than what they actually are, thanks to the way the dashboard extends to the doors. The car is extremely spacious, especially at the rear. Seats are comfortable and their feel is excellent. To add to the comfort, the front seats have ventilated function with heating and cooling options. The upholstery used is Alcantara leather which perfectly matches the sporty theme. The centre console is lined up with a number of buttons which look complicated but are easy to use. The BOSE audio system gives excellent sound output but I doubt that it would come to use as V8 makes its own music.

Unlike the 4-spoke steering in A6, the S6 has a 3-spoke steering wheel which bears an S6 badge with aluminium paddles and looks sportier. However, it lacks electric adjustment. Even the moonroof has to be operated manually. The highly magnified right side mirror hampers rear visibility. With the price tag that Audi A6 carries, all this is sheer disappointment.

Ride quality

The S6 might look like just another luxury sedan but don't be fooled by its appearance. The performance version of A6 stores a monster of motor inside. The new Audi A6 comes with a very silent & high performance 8-cylinder engine that churns a power of 420 HP and a maximum torque of 550 Nm @ 1400-5200rpm. Turbo lag is almost zero. Just floor the pedal and the car will very ferociously rush to 6500rpm in no time. The S6 comes to life post 4000rpm. Though not as powerful as in the Audi E63, the engine is great. The NVH levels or Active Noise Cancellation is so good that one can't hear the 420 horses galloping at force between 5500-6400rpm. ESP kicks in when you dial in full revs or in poor road conditions and this keeps the car pointed in right direction.

The 4.0-litre V8 engine is coupled with a seven-speed S tronic gearbox. The gearbox offers smooth shifts but there was a scope of improvement here. It requires an upshift just seconds before hitting the ton as the 100 km/hr speed comes in third gear.

The S6 comes with continuously variable transmission (CVT). There are 5 customizable modes to choose from: Efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual. In the Efficiency mode, the S6 stretches around 6.5km per litre, thanks to the cylinder-on-demand technology. The technology shuts 4-cylinders when driving normally and fires them back when there is pressure on engine. For sporty handling, switch the car to dynamic mode. Put the car in comfort mode in poor road conditions and the suspension will absorb bumps. It is only on really bad roads that the car gets a bit bouncy. Credit for high-speed stability goes to the electro-mechanical steering wheel used in the S6. It remains light at low speeds but quickly weighs up at high speeds.

The suspension is well adjusted with the engine to provide a great drive on highways as well as city traffic conditions. The Audi A6 maneuvers in city traffic comfortably & efficiently. In fact, this luxury car can be driven daily, under any road conditions. Driving it feels so composed that one has to wonder whether this car can actually do the 0-100 km/hr in 4.6 seconds, as claimed by the company, with just a nudge of the big pedal. Once the car hits 100km/hr, its height automatically lowers down if you have adjusted it to a higher level. It has low profile 19-inch, 40 profile tyres which make you think that this car can't be very quick. But mind you, the top speed is whopping 250 km/hr. The grip on road is terrific. The big discs ensure terrific braking performance. Unlike the competitors Mercedes E63 AMG and BMW M5, tackling speed breakers is easy. The S6 does not even touch the speed humps and glides over them.


With the new Audi S6, you get superb engine performance, braking performance and comfort. It won't be wrong to call it an all-rounder. The best part is that unlike BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 AMG, the more practical S6 can be used for daily-driving on any kind of road. The super-fast car not only allows you to pass through scenery in a blink of an eye, it also allows you to effectively deal with congested city traffic. This is what Audi hopes to appeal the customers with as it doesn't match the speed and handling of other performance saloons in the segment. The price tag of Rs.11165300 (ex-showroom, Mumbai) is kept very low if compared against prices of other German luxury cars. Undoubtedly, the value proposition is high and this will attract customers.

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