Top 3D printing websites in India

Have you realized the significance of 3D printing technology in India? 3D printing services are provided in India by few companies and websites. In this article, we shall take a look at the popular 3D printing websites in India that offer 3D printing services to customers.

One of the most popular technology that is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in 2014 is 3D printing. It is now possible to have a 3D printer set up at home and make use of it's awesome services. Three dimensional printing is the future and it is slowly catching the attention of people all over the world, including India. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that there are few Indian websites that provide 3D printing services and even customized 3D printers. Below, I shall try and list out few popular Indian websites that deal with 3D printing.

Best Indian 3D Printing websites


    This website provides comprehensive content-to-print solutions consisting of 3D printing equipment such as 3D printing materials, 3D printers, scanners, accessories, etc. Their business is based in Chennai and is a Redd Robotics subsidiary. They are able to print real parts directly from digital input and thereby reduce the new product designing expense. As per your demand, they can even deliver custom designed 3D printers to you. For people who like experimenting, they are able to provide DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits for managing 3D printer set-up at home. With the help of services provided by this website, you will be able to design, scan, modify and print high-quality content in 3D. They don't have fixed pricing model and so their rates vary depending on the customer demand. By holding 3D printing workshops (in Chennai), 3Ding is able to spread awareness about this latest printing technology. They do not get involved with the design part and always expect a STL file (based on FDM) from their customers for any printing order.

    You can visit this 3D printing website at: 3Ding


    This is a simple online business based out of Kolkatta and run by a person named Prateek Lohia. Their online interaction is minimal, but, they do interact a lot with customers over social networking sites like Facebook. The website owner has some 3D printing equipment (probably, two 3D printers). Designs are sourced from other online resources like that belong to other designers and can be customized with some text additions. Prateek Lohia designs the text tags himself before printing the designs.

    You can visit this website at: 3DLabs


    They claim to be India's only one-stop shop that meets all your 3D printing requirements. Based in Noida, they have a firm belief in Open Source Design Hardware.
    They deliver varied desktop 3D printers, 3D printer components (materials and DIY kits), etc. and provide high-quality 3D printing services. They help you to make your own 3D printer at home using their pre-tested RedRap components along with Do-It-Yourself kits. They are open to accept customized 3D printing projects with minimum design input. 3Dprintronics even organizes free workshops to help people understand the basics of 3D printing and make their own 3D printers.

    You can visit the website at: 3DPrintronics

  4. acts as an on-demand 3D printing portal that is operated from Mumbai as well as Bangalore. On the website, you can get an instant quote for your online 3D printing requirements. As an authorized reseller of 3D systems, they have 2 models of 3D system's line of printers for sale. They are even open to customized 3D printing orders. They are not involved too much with the designing aspect. Also, one of their prerequisites is a STL file from the online customers for 3D printing orders.

    You can visit the website at: 3DigiPrints

  5. and

    The company behind this website is Cycloid System that is based in Bangalore. They are involved with development and manufacturing of 3D printers along with running a 3D printing service called C4L. They also provide a wide range of 3D printing materials in different colors. Their unique advantage is that they accept customer orders with SKP files (in addition to STL files). Even this company organizes 3D printing workshops for better awareness related to 3D printing phenomenon.

    You can visit the websites at: Cycloid and C4L

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Guest Author: Raja Sekhar30 Oct 2014


There is another startup - think3D which can be considered India's largest 3D printing startup. It isn't covered in your article. It will be great if you cover think3D as well in your article.

Guest Author: 3dprintdelhi.com04 Oct 2019

3d printing is a great way of getting your proto printed in no time.

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