Bank details to receive wire transfer payments from Adsense in India

Get all your doubts cleared regarding the bank details that you have to enter in your Adsense account in order to receive payment through wire transfer through.

Google Adsense has finally gifted Indian Adsense publishers a long overdue gift - EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer). Now comes the time to get over the hassles of having to wait for the check to arrive at your home. No more waiting for the courier guy to come at your home and for you to be present to receive your precious check. You Adsense earnings are now going to be directly credited to your bank account. So, even if you liked the check system, Google has not left an option for you and you have to enter your bank details to receive the payment from Adsense.

Honestly, there is nothing much difficult or confusing to fill up the details for wire transfer. The details are easy to find online or if you would rather, from you bank branch. So let's proceed with the details.


This is the form you will get in your AdSense Payment settings page. Here is how to fill each text box:
Account holder name: This has to be the name of the bank account holder and should match exactly as in the bank records. If the Adsense account name and the bank payee match exactly, great but if not, there is the flexibility that you can transfer it in one of your family member's account if you want. The last name however should be the same otherwise the payment would not be made. For example, if your name is John Doe, then you can get the amount transferred in a bank account with the payee name Marie Doe or Alfred Doe but now John Mitch.

However, it is always better to keep the names at both places exactly same to avoid any sort of problems in the future.

Bank name: Enter the full name of your bank in case there might be some confusion. If it is State Bank of India, then enter it as State Bank of India and not as SBI. ICICI, Axis, Andhra, Punjab National Bank etc. are some of the examples how to enter your bank name.

IFSC Code: This code has to be the branch code in which you account is. This is the same code that you will use to receive payments through Net Banking in India. Here is a site to find the SWIFT codes of all banks in India which have them. We are mentioning some of the SWIFT codes for major banks which you can use. These are the central branches which can be used by any of the branches of the particular bank to receive wire transfer payments:

  1. Allahabad Bank- ALLAINBBTDM

  2. Andhra Bank- ANDBINBB

  3. Axis- AXISINBB002

  4. Bank of Baroda- BARBINBBXXX

  5. Bank of India- BKIDINBBNRI

  6. Bank of Maharashtra- MAHBINBB



  9. Oriental Bank of Commerce- ORBCINBBIBD

  10. Punjab National Bank- PUNBINBBISB

  11. State Bank of India- SBININBBFXD

  12. United Bank of India- UTBIINBBXXX

It is suggested that you find the SWIFT code of the nearest branch around you because if you select an outstation branch to receive your payment, it might take 1-2 days in getting the payment in your account. However, you can be assured that you will get the payment.

Account number- Enter you own core banking account number. It will be printed on your bank passbook. If you are in confusion, best way is to go to your branch to confirm it. Do not enter any other account number. Your bank official might give you some other account number too which is actually their account in some intermediary account, but you don't have to enter. Again, you need to enter YOUR OWN core banking account number Only!

If you have an old bank account, your account number may be just 4-5 digits. Such accounts numbers will not work for AdSense wire transfer. Check with your bank and ask for a new account number. As per RBI regulations, all Indian banks have upgraded their accounts numbers to 10+ digits account numbers.

Intermediary bank details (optional)

If you go to your bank branch or if you search online, you will get the details of the intermediary bank branch which handles the currency conversion and transfer to your bank of any wire transfer payment through that country in a particular currency. However, as far as filling in the account details in >a href="/articles/Google-AdSense.aspx">Adsense is concerned, you do not have to enter these. I have had communication from Adsense that the banking partners of Google have sufficient details at hand to find the Intermediary bank details on their own and you do not need to worry about it. They might soon remove it feature all together.

Credit to details

If your bank is having arrangements for receiving SWIFT payment either on its own or through some branch of itself, then you should not be required to enter this. For most major banks this field is not required to be filled as you are giving your account number in another field already.

Time taken to receive payment and charges

In most cases, 5-7 days is the average it should take for the amount to reflect in your account. This is excluding public holidays or any other day your bank is closed.

As for charges, different banks deduct different amounts for receiving wire transfers from abroad. In most public banks this amount is less than Rs.50. However, in private banks this amount can go upwards of Rs.100 excluding ICICI where we have confirmed report of one person getting a deduction of around Rs.35. Please talk to your bank to know the exact amount they will be deducting.

Update: I have received my own payment on 23rd of April, 2014 through Wire transfer in my SBI account. So, if you are still feeling any unease using these details, you can relax and comfortably follow the guidelines above.

Charges taken by SBI for this Wire transfer- Rs.56 only.

Time take- 48 hours.

Read How to approach your bank regarding AdSense wire transfer

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Guest Author: Rolex24 Apr 2014


Thanks for the details. In your opinion, which bank is the best to receive AdSense wire transfer, in terms of low fees, faster processing, better service etc?

Also, do we need a current account to get the blogging income? Or, just a personal savings account is enough?

Author: Ankit25 Apr 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

Banks which have a branch in Singapore will usually have less transaction charges like HDFC and Citi Bank. Both of these are cutting Rs.30 I think.
In Government sector SBI is offering the smoothest payment with Rs.56 total charges and no intervention required from your side. You see, some private banks like HDFC might call you to ask for a purpose code for the wire transfer but no Government bank is doing that.

As for Current account, that too is being done by some private banks only. Government banks are putting the money in savings account only like SBI.

The worst bank for wire transfer is Axis Bank and PNB. They are deducting Rs.500 and $12 for each transaction respectively!

Guest Author: Raju01 May 2014

Really thank you for your help. I have Syndicate Bank account in Hyderabad, New Nalla Kunta branch and doesn't have swift code but Hyderabad central branch have swift code. Called bank and they are saying IFSC code and no response about swift. From your post, I don't need to run to banks. Simply now I am putting nearest branch swift code.

Author: Ankit02 May 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Glad to know that my article helped somebody :)
I have already received my April payment exactly 1 week back through SBI. If you have received your payment through check then you should get that last check deposited in bank and happily enjoy the direct transfer method from next time onwards.

Guest Author: prakash03 May 2014


I have SBH account

Account holder name in SBH: Mendu Omprakash

Payee name in Adsense: Omprakash Mendu

Can i get the amount to my bank account by wire transfer ?

Please help me

Author: Ankit03 May 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

There is no problem at all. When you add a Payment method just make sure to add the payee name as you have given to your bank. Your name in your Adsense account can be different, it doesn't matter. Just make sure to have the same name when you add the Payment method as in your bank records.

Guest Author: Imi05 May 2014

Hi, it is 5th now and still my payment is no where to be seen, it is strange isnt it. I used IDBI bank.

Author: Ankit05 May 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 4

It is not exactly strange to be honest. People have received their payments even today and some are still waiting! Indian banking system is not streamlined for receiving wire transfer except that of SBI. If you have entered the correct details then you should wait more or you can inquire at the bank though that would not serve any purpose either because the details they need to track a payment are not given by Adsense!

Best is probably just to forget about it and be happy when you get a message from the bank that you have received it!

Guest Author: Imi08 May 2014

I would like to know, what to fill in the FEMA form in purpose of remitence field?
Bank is asking for a purpose of transfer

Author: Ankit08 May 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

The purpose code for Adsense is P1007 which stands for "Advertising, trade fair, market research and public opinion services".

You can read more about it here Purpose code for Google AdSense and blogging income

Guest Author: amit saha14 May 2014

Hello Ankit,

I set up my new form of payment as u mentioned above. After setting up, do I need to do anything else? I mean do I need apply for payment from somewhere ? And how to check whether my account is in hold or not?

Thanking you.

Author: Ankit14 May 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

You don't need to do anything else now. If your account would be in hold it would have shown up in the home screen.
From now on Adsense will process the payment on 22nd and it would be automatically credited in your account unless of course yours is a private bank a few of which might call you before crediting the amount.

Guest Author: amit saha14 May 2014

Hi Ankit
Thank you so much for your feedback. I am SBI bank account holder so I guess I wont face any problem.

Guest Author: amit saha23 May 2014

Hello Ankit. Amit again. I have a question. My adsense payment page is showing that they have sent the earning on 22/5/14 at around 9.30pm. I am from kolkata and I entered sbininbbfxd code which is in Kolkata. So can you please tell me how long it takes to show it in my account which is also in some other kolkata branch?
Thanking you.

Author: Bhakti Savla03 Jun 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 3

Kudos to the author for resolving some of the most frequented queries and issues faced by Google Adsense users and publishers in India while changing their mode of payment. I referred your article while changing my adsense payment mode and enjoyed a smooth ride. Also, the fact that my bank was SBI made things easier for me. Thanks a tonne for explaining the process with utmost detailing.

Guest Author: Swaraj03 Jun 2014

Is it necessary to cross AdSense threshold of 100$ every month to receive AdSense payment?

For example, this month I have US$56. Can I get the payment this month or I have to wait until I reach US$ 100 balance?

Author: Ankit03 Jun 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

Glad you found the article to be helpful.

The threshold value remains the same as before. You won't get the payment until you reach $100 or more balance.

Guest Author: Rohit08 Jun 2014

I am new to AdSense and my payment is on hold. So Google send me a pin in my old add. My address is changed, so my question is if I add a new form of payment i.e bank transfer after, should I still do the PIN verification?

Guest Author: shubham10 Jun 2014

hi I am Shubham I am account holder of union bank my branch have no swift code so I entered nearby branch swift code..
now I have doubt that I will receive my payment from union bank or not . because no one is using union bank all are using sbi
so I am confused
pls reply me

Author: Ankit10 Jun 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

It is fine if you have entered the SWIFT code of a nearby UBI branch. In fact, you could have entered the SWIFT code of any UBI branch and you would have received your payment. Relax, your payment will reach you without any issue.

Author: Ankit10 Jun 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

If your account is still asking for address verification then yes, you would still have to verify it through the PIN.

It doesn't matter if your address is changed if you can or have received the PIN. You should just get it somehow otherwise you would have to upload a scanned government issued ID proof for Google Adsense to verify your address. It is a one time thing and after that no matter how many payment forms you add through EFT you won't be required to verify your address again.

Guest Author: Raj23 Jun 2014

Is it possible to get business payment in and individual bank account.. Through wire transfer in India

Guest Author: Raj23 Jun 2014

this is posssible to get business payment on individual account ... I recently saw thanks

Author: Ankit24 Jun 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 3

For the time being Adsense payment can be received in any account even if the payee name is different. As per your question, you will be giving a different name from your business so it should work. However, this is somthing which Adsense is expected to 'fix' and it might not be possible then to receive business payments in personal account. It will be better if you get your business registered if not already done and open a bank account in that name.

Guest Author: Manvir02 Jul 2014

Thank You very much. Your way of explaining things bit by bit is very eloquent and easy to understand. I hate reading but I read your whole article without pause. You cleared almost everything. I learned a lot from you and I am sure that this article must have helped lot of people. Looking forward for your next article Ankit.

Guest Author: Kiran06 Aug 2014

My AdSense account is showing payment issued on 23 June 2014 but till today, 5 Aug 2014, I have not received payment. My bank is saying they have not received funds. How and where I need to contact regarding this issue ?

Author: Tony John06 Aug 2014 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0


Read how to approach your bank regarding AdSense EFT

Guest Author: Danish24 Aug 2014

Hello Ankit,

Thanks for the explanation man.
I have some problem with swift code. My account is in SBI bank. I am from Bihar, district-Darbhanga. But my branch doesn't have a swift code. Infact not a single SBI branch has swift code in Darbhanga. In Bihar, only Patna, Ranchi, Bhagalpur have swift code.

So,which one i can use ?

I am not receiving payment from Adsense, but from another company, having similar form like you have shown in the screenshot.

Author: Ankit24 Aug 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 2

I have given a SWIFT code for SBI bank in my article, you can use that. Otherwise, you can use the SWIFT code of any of the banks you have mentioned in Bihar. Any SBI branch which will receive your payment will transfer it to your bank account by the help of the IFSC code you mention in their form.

Guest Author: Danish25 Aug 2014

Any SBI branch which will receive your payment will transfer it to your bank account by the help of the IFSC code you mention in their form

Thank you for your reply. But the problem is, they are not asking any IFSC Code. Then how to do it?

There is a field asking for intermediate bank code and address. What information should I provide there? Someone please guide me.

Guest Author: Arun Macha01 Sep 2014

I Am From Nizamabad Telangana State

Address Verification APPLIED 12-AUG-2014

Till Now Google Adsense Address Verification Letter Not At Received

Author: amit kumar08 Sep 2014 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 2

Hi, Google send me payment on 30th August 2014 and today is 8th September evening and i haven't got the payment yet. I have filled payment form correctly but had not given swift code of nearest branch. Please help me how many days its takes to reach in my account.

Author: Ankit08 Sep 2014 Member Level: Diamond   Points : 0

It is common for some banks to take around 15-20 days for processing wire transfer, relax!

Guest Author: Ayooj25 Oct 2014

I'am Ayooj from kerala .My adsense payment page is showing that they have sent the earning on 22/10/14 at around 8.30pm.
So can you please tell me how long it takes to show it in my bank account {my bank account:State Bank of Travancore(SBT)}.

Guest Author: Prakash Mishra17 Dec 2014

Ankit sir,
I'm a new user of AdSense and I have my bank account from defferent city. My current address is defferent. Should my bank account and my address be in same city or not?

Guest Author: Vanaja09 Feb 2015

Ankit sir,
In last month I received my first adsense payment through the ISC and Google issued me $392.36 but I received only $382.36@61.08 to my bank account. I am using SBI bank account and when I contacted my branch regarding this they replied that for wire transfer process there will be a minimum $10 fee and Forex commission(Rs.35) and Forex transaction(Rs.35) charged but you are saying that it is only Rs.56/-. Please give your advice on my query.

Guest Author: sandeep ola20 Mar 2015

Sir which account is necessary to receive money from AdSense- current or savings account?

Author: Sagar Gaikwad13 Apr 2015 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

I wish to confirm if I can get wire transfer of the payment in Dena Bank.

Guest Author: sandeep ola13 Apr 2015

Sir please let me know: I have an account in State bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ). Is this account Ok to receive the AdSense payment via wire transfer?

Guest Author: Sai20 Apr 2015

On 21 st of every month after the threshold is met, is there an indication in your payment history after the payment is initiated by google ?

Guest Author: Jeff05 Jul 2015

If you're looking to find a swift code for the bank you're trying to send money to, you can use: It lists all banks in India and their associated swift code, along with a breakdown of the actual swift code so that you can understand what it means.

Guest Author: Ganesh31 Aug 2015

Hi Sir My name is ganesh.
I have completed my PIN verification, still i am not getting any option to add bank account details.I have crossed 15$ alreay.But still i am not getting any option to add bank account...
Please Dear Friends Help Me.....

Guest Author: Sonu Singh Patel27 Jan 2016

Dear Ankit,

My name is S S Patel. Can I add a new payment method to my AdSense account in the name of my spouse (R S Patel)?

Guest Author: Hasnain28 Jan 2016

Hello Ankit, I am in problem now a days. My AdSense account paynee name is "Muhammad Hasnain" and I added my brother's bank account namely "Muhammad Fazeel". After reading your article I added my own bank account "Muhammad Hasnain" and it is successfully verified on 28th January. Can you tell me when I can get my payment - this January or next month? That is, will I get it in February?

Guest Author: Tony John29 Jan 2016

Payments are issued sometime after the 21st of every month. So your next payment will be on February 21st.

Guest Author: raman dedhiya24 Jun 2016

Hello sir. Axis bank and HDFC bank are asking lot of proofs and letters to process the payment. So do SBI and other public centre bank also follow the same process or they just ask purpose code and process the payment?

Guest Author: Megha09 Jan 2018

Thanks, this was very helpful.

Guest Author: VATSAL BHAVSAR27 Feb 2018


Can you plz help me with following questions ?

1. I want to change the Bank Account to get future payments. So Can the Bank Account Name be Different for the future payments ?
2. Will Adsense accept a 10 Digit Bank Account Number ?

Plz Reply :)

Author: Webmaster18 Apr 2018 Member Level: Gold   Points : 0

1. Yes
2. Yes

Guest Author: Sagar Satish Sawant06 Apr 2019

have you entered intermediary bank details and credit to details at that time?

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